Annual Block Party Draws Big Crowds to Billtown

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WILLIAMSPORT -- In light of recent violence in the city this year, church leaders hope to use a huge block party to help bring their community together.

Members of Antioch Baptist Church unloaded and set up tables along Cherry Street in Williamsport.  Pretty soon the pavement will be packed with people. The church will welcome thousands to its 22nd annual block party.

"Every year it just seems to get a little bigger and a little better,"

"And everybody knows it's a religious Christian thing but we also know how to party," said Rachel Fatherly.

Church members tell us for two hours every year the church and community provide free games events and homemade food for the crowd of about 3,000 people. Volunteers worked outside and others were busy in the kitchen.

"God provides. I do believe for us to be such a small church and for us to be giving back so much I'm like it has to be something greater,” said Latoya Frazier.

This year will be a little different. Church members will be stepping out in support of families affected by recent violence in the community.

"It's really sad because you are seeing people you grew up with pass away and I think that it violence needs to stop and a way to make it more safe," said Fatherly.

"Members of Antioch Church are focused on bringing the community together during this event. An event this weekend is focused on stopping crime in the city.

"The community needs it I mean we are the biggest block party out there ,3,000 people, so why not do something like that stop the violence," said Darrick Rizzo.

Darrick Rizzo helped set up at Antioch Church. He's also helping to set up stop the violence basketball tournament this Saturday at lose park in the city.

"Join together to stop the violence and be like family. I mean that's how a community should be,” said Rizzo.

The Antioch Baptist Church block is held Wednesday night.

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