West End All-Stars head to Babe Ruth World Series in Tennessee

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"I'm just excited to go to Tennessee now and try to win a couple of games down there," said Hunter Webb.

15-year-old Hunter Webb just finished his freshman year playing varsity baseball for the Loyalsock Lancers. Now along with his 14 West End Babe Ruth teammates he plays for a World Series title.

"We definitely care a lot about each other. We just really want to win for each other. We got this far we just want to see how good we can do down in Tennessee. Hopefully bring one back," again said Hunter.

After winning the district and state title this 15u team walked off with the Middle Atlantic Regional crown on Ethen Stryker's grand slam for the 7-3 win.

"All I was looking for was a normal base-hit, and then I hit the ball and fortunately it went over the fence. It was so exciting everyone was happy at the end of the game hugging and stuff and I loved it," said Ethen Stryker.

"Oh! My gosh. I ran around the bases with him. I knew right when it was hit it was gone. Umpires had to yell at us a little bit because we almost didn't let him run around the bases all the way," said Tanner Esposito.

Talk about perfection. This 15-year-old age group has a perfect record heading to the Babe Ruth World Series, and there not the only West End all-star team in one. The 16 to 18-year-old age group currently playing out in Oregon there are also perfect on the season they haven't lost a game.

"I think because they've played together for three years. I think also what's really kind of nice is that they come from a lot of different school districts, so before they got to West End they would have considered each other enemies from the other school districts, and now that they play together for three years they consider themselves teammates, friends, compadre's," said George Lepley.

"Talk about these practices. How important are they in getting ready to go down to Tennessee and play? Oh! They are so important. We need to put in 100 percent effort everyday to make sure we are ready for Tennessee," said Chase McNulty.

"Team on three..1, 2, 3 team," said the West End All-Star team.

The opening ceremonies for the 13-15 year old's take place in Tennessee on August 13th and the first game set to start on August 14th vs. Ohio Valley.