Police Arrest Two for Pottsville Homicide

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POTTSVILLE -- Pottsville police charged two young men with first-degree murder on Friday for a stabbing death in the city.

Joshua Lukach, 18, and Shavinskin Thomas, 21, are both from Pottsville. Police say they were arraigned Friday night on charges that also include aggravated assault and robbery. They are locked up without bail.

According to Pottsville police, the two used a kitchen knife and a box cutter to stab John Brock, 59, early Thursday morning inside his home on South 12th Street. Brock was found lying in the street outside his home.

Police say Lukach and Thomas went to Brock's home around 3 a.m. Thursday in order to rob him. But, when Brock saw their faces, Lukach and Thomas decided that they had to kill him.

The two then fled with about $200 and Brock's ATM card. Police say the suspects later used that bank card to withdraw $60, which they used to buy food and lottery tickets.

Pottsville police say Lukach and Thomas have each confessed. Police have not released why exactly Brock was targeted by the two men.

We first introduced you to Shavinskin Thomas back in 2012 when he competed in the high jump at states at Shippensburg University.

Both Lukach and Thomas have been in trouble with the law, but nothing to this extent.

Up until last year, John Brock owned a bike shop in downtown Pottsville. That`s where people in the area say he kept to himself, but also gave away free bicycles to kids who needed them.

"Very generous man," said Ada Damico of Pottsville. "And a very quiet unassuming man I knew of. Whenever I was in town and said hello and we'd chat about bikes for about 10 minutes."


  • Chimp Nightmare

    This “Take them alive ” thing is NONSENSE.
    Where I’d like to “take them” is out into the middle of the street and plant one in their nappy heads.

  • jim

    How many times have they been arrested before? Maybe we should be be dishing out weekends of hard work instead of probation..Just might make a few thugs stop and think.

  • Lloyd "love me or hate me" Schmucatelli

    Shavinskin? You have GOT to be kidding me!

    Is that one of those names they come up with when they play Yahtzee with scrabble pieces?

      • Lloyd "love me or hate me" Schmucatelli

        Ah yes, Lloyd Schmucatelli, the satirical manifestion of everything that is right and wrong with this area. The good and the bad.

        Lloyd to envelope the rediculousness of it all and Schmucatelli to stay with the valley heritage including, but not limited to: corruption, shallow gene pools, inbreeding activities, completely flawed logic, family values, bad voting history and the ability to completely bust out laughing at some dumb names like in the story above.

  • enough

    A man is dead and these two young men screwed their lives up forever! Unless of course some bleeding heart liberal judge goes light on them because they “made a mistake!” I am sure they didn’t realize that breaking into someone’s home, stealing things that don’t belong to them, and then killing the rightful resident and owner of said belongings was wrong.
    This is sick stuff and these two should be locked up for as long as possible!


      Death penalty is needed they gave the resident a death penalty for being home.
      If someone decides to end another’s life then they made that decision for us
      it should be a no brainer.

      • enough

        Oh, I agree with you 110%, however, this country has gone soft on the death penalty. If it were up to me individuals like this would be hunted down like trophy animals instead of hunting for trophy animals which i detest hunting animals for the sole purpose of saying hey lookitt this lion or bear I shot for sport! Hunting dirtbags down; now that’s sport!

  • Theresa

    Its sad these young kids today turn out to do such horrible things these parents today need to get off their asses and do something about their kids spend more time with them… that poor man lost his life because of these selfish brats!!! what’s this world coming too

  • Eric Lord

    Thomas was an excellent athlete in high school & a nice kid. I would never have guessed he would be involved in something as horrible as this. It’s amazing how far he has fallen in a few years.

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