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New Businesses Expected in Mount Pocono

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MOUNT POCONO -- Plans are being made to bring some new businesses into the Mount Pocono area by spring.

Several businesses are eying the Mount Pocono Plaza off Route 940 in Mount Pocono after Kmart closed earlier this year, leaving a big empty space. But some big name stores could be moving in very soon.

The windows are all fogged up, and the doors are locked where Kmart in Mount Pocono used to be before closing in July.

Now commercial property developer Heidenburg Properties has confirmed Planet Fitness, Marshalls, Petco and Sleepy's all are interested in moving into that old space.

One woman from Tobyhanna says she's looking forward to the change.

"Yes, actually, I am, I mean, I miss Kmart because that was the only place we used to go mostly," said Gloria Ocasio.

Bringing in Planet Fitness is important for Gloria Ocasio's family. She says the closest gym is a half hour or more away in Stroudsburg. Her son plans to look into a membership.

"Definitely, definitely, i think a lot of people should."

Even businesses are looking forward to what changes are planned.

Workers at Bruno's Pizza say bringing more stores could mean more dough for them.

"Bring more people, better for business," said Giuseppe Mujovic.

One of the reasons these new stores may be attracted to this old Kmart location could be the fact that Kalahari Waterpark is just a short two miles away.

Miriam Demasi lives in Mount Pocono and says she's excited she could be getting pet accessories for her Yorkie right here.

"I have to go all the way to Bartonsville, Stroudsburg, sometimes the regular retail store, they have pet toys."

But she says most of all, she hopes any business that comes is here to stay.

"I hope that in the future something will become stationary, it will stay for a while, you know, and not, you know, close down."

The development company says although all of these companies have expressed interest and are planning to move in this spring, the deal is not entirely finalized. But plans call for renovations at the Mount Pocono Plaza to begin by the end of this year.