Man Who Lost Lawsuit Against PSP, Picked Up On DUI Charges

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WYALUSING — The man, who filed a lawsuit against state police in Bradford County and lost, has been picked up on suspicion of DUI.

Robert Leone, of Vestal, New York, was arrested on Tuesday at the Dandy Mini-Mart in Wyalusing after troopers received a call that he was acting “visibly impaired.”

Back in May, Leone lost a lawsuit he filed against seven troopers after he claimed they used excessive force when arresting him after a chase in 2010.


  • I'm so SORRY

    I hope they have a tracking device on his vehicle and they arrest him every chance they get, people like this who live of the system and claim they can’t work because of their trauma usually die you anyhow. I just hope no one in my family ever gets hurt from this mans actions to get behind the wheel drunk or he won’t need a lawyer, nor will he need anything but a coffin

  • Yo bro gimme

    He should’ve been beat harder I guess he didn’t learn his lesson , lol. He’s probably running meth from NY to PA that’s why he’s making so many trips. I hope he gets a good beat down in jail

    • William

      Actually the article makes it clear that the police were called by a citizen, just as they were for the other incident after he damaged property and fled the scene. Lets see you make excuses for this CRIMINAL when he kills your family next time.

  • it's all downhill from here

    Just goes to show what type of chitbags the cops have to routinely deal with. Probably try and sue again and the media will make him look like an angel.

  • redhawk 44

    Like the song says. It’s the New York state of mind L. O. L. Now he will see the PA. State of Fines.

  • William

    This goes as a reminder that he’s a career criminal, not the poor innocent little choir boy all the cop haters made him out to be. I can tell you right now that if he ever hurts someone I love during one of his crimes, you’ll all be replacing your “free leone” signs with “RIP leone”, and there won’t even be a need to edit the video in his favor.

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