‘Inspiration Mural’ Nears Completion In Pittston

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PITTSTON -- Inspiration is coming to one Luzerne County community. Pittston's new 'Inspiration Mural' is being painted right now in the city's downtown.

City officials say when it's finished, it'll be the third-largest mural in the state.

The five-story mural is about a third of the way finished, but when it's done, it'll cover most of one side of the Newrose Hotel building on Main Street.

“This is great! You know, it covers a lot of history from the area,” said Helen Masaros of Exeter.

The mural features dozens of national and local figures, like Lois Burns, who played Miss Judy in Hatchy Milatchy. The TV show played on WNEP from the 1960s to the 1980s.

"I didn't recognize her, but I do know her! I used to watch her when I was a kid,” said Richie Makauskas of Pittston.

Folks easily recognize other familiar faces, too.

Carmella Dixon is the sister of Michael and Sandy Insalaco. They are well-respected area philanthropists seen in the mural wearing suits.

“It just brings back memories, how hard they worked and how successful they were,” said Dixon.

“We recognize that there have been a lot of people out in our community who have been inspirational,” said Mike Lombardo of the Pittston Redevelopment Authority, adding when the mural is finished, it will feature forty historical figures, all with ties to the Greater Pittston area.

The mural is expected to be finished later this month.