Dozens of Marijuana Plants Found in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- Scranton police say they found 46 marijuana plants growing in the backyards of two homes on Alder Street.

That is right in the middle of a residential neighborhood on the city's south side.

One of the homes is vacant. Police say the man who lives on the other side admits he grows the marijuana, but strictly for medical use.

In Pennsylvania, that's illegal.

Stephen Richter was arrested and is now facing drug charges.


  • Poonus

    here’s a funny fact- the constitution was amended for prohibition of alcohol- and amended again to end prohibition making alcohol legal again…this amendment process has never been done for a weed. …and if the constitution trumps the other laws at a federal level how can this be so?

    if I have to sit on this guys jury, so help me- I’ll send him home, and ask they return his plants…JUST because there is no law- just policies that the police are incarcerating people over and generating revenue using fines. I don’t use drugs, but if you want to destroy your life- that’s your business. the laws were never made to protect people from their own stupidity! .. I can’t deny the government fooled people on juries paying word games to throw people in jail -that is the real crime here.

    every one sitting on a jury has 2 jobs- one is finding out if someone was harmed, and bringing a harmer to justice- the other is denying the penalty process of a bad law…if no jury will ever again convict someone of possession of marijuana, no police officer will ever waste their time, and our money going after someone possessing marijuana. it’s really simple- so simple the court system will never tell you your are to judge the LAW-

    so- gay marriage is legal in every state- um, I don’t really care- but hooray for them, they can be as unhappy as the rest of the married folks now- woop-de-do.
    weed is legal in a few states -and people are working on making it legal everywhere-
    my drivers license works in every state yet my concealed carry pistol permission slip isn’t respected across state lines…yet 2A is one right that explicitly says ‘shall not be infringed’.

    got liberty? you either have rights or your rights are denied.

  • Joe

    Why can’t people be like every other law abiding American and just go get a prescription for opiates from your local family DoctorDealer…..

  • Kneel Young

    I got stoned and i missed it.
    Now i vote for Billery.
    Just look at my life, i look like i’m 90.

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