10-Month-Old Baby Dies After Being Left in Hot Car Outside Waffle House

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AUSTIN, Texas -– A 10-month-old baby boy is dead after being left alone in a hot car outside a restaurant in Texas.

Authorities say the baby was found unconscious and not breathing inside an unlocked car that was parked outside of a Waffle House in Austin. Police told KXAN employees spotted the child and were able to get him out before they arrived.

“The car was not on, they didn’t have to break a window or anything like that,” Cpl. Chad Martinka with the Austin Police Department told KVUE. “They were able to unlock the door and get the child out.”

Investigators say the car was not running, the windows were rolled up and the boy was in the back seat, according to The Statesman.

An employee called 911 and brought the child inside where he or she tried to perform CPR. When medics arrived, they also performed CPR, but were unable to resuscitate the child.

“With the heat like it is, going through this heat wave, it only takes the temperature in a car 10 minutes to rise 20 to 30 degrees,” said Cpl. Martinka.

Officers are still working to establish the relationship between the driver and the child. As of Friday, no arrests have been made.


  • You kidding me?

    Accidents DON’T happen , they are CAUSED!!! And your wife’s neglect “ponder” almost killed your baby ,that’s right your wife’s NEGLECT wasn’t a accident she assumed you was responsible therefore her FAULT not a accident you dumb IDIOT

  • MeMe

    Every day there are tons of these awful stories. What I don’t understand is if the parent meaning mom or dad leaves the child in the car. They are arrested on the spot. Anyone else aunt, friend, whoever they are given a citation. Why is the punishment different?
    What I do to make sure my child is never left behind is, put my purse in the back seat as well as my phone it is impossible to get them without seeing my child. Small things make a big difference.

  • Ponder this folks of NEPA area

    Hey valletfreyja I can tell you accidents do happen ! When my daughter was 4 weeks old, she was in back seat in car seat turned around so she looked out the rear window, me and my wife came home, I had to pout oil in, I got out and thought my wife would take our baby girl in, popped my hood so I could not see, my wife got out and went in upstairs to the bathroom, I found out after the fact that she went in assuming I was going to pour oik in, and then get our daughter.

    Well the wife went in I heard her, but did not see her from the hood. I poured oil and went in, it was a 90 degree summer day. So after I went in and shut the door, after 2 minutes my wife came down stairs from using the bathroom, I asked her “Wheres the baby ?” – She then replied, I don’t know didn’t you bring her in ? I screamed NO !!! As I thought you did ! We both panicked ran over to front door and saw out little baby slumped in her car seat ( She was in the car about 5 minutes total from when we pulled in ) She was wet, red and very sweaty but alert and alive, we raced out, got the doors open brought her in the house with AC and gave her a bottle to hydrate her, she was fine !

    No, just 5 or 10 minutes more she might of been dead ! As it was getting as hot as an over, and she was awake but a little more limp than normal just from 5 minutes and read as a tomato !

    My point is accidents legitimate accidents do and can happen ! ME and my wife love our children and would walk in front of a mack truck to save them, and this was a true freak accident, and thank goodness my wife came down the steps quickly from the bathroom, if she ran vacuum, got laundry ready, caller her Mom etc. we would of had a dead baby that would of been a complete freak accident !

    And devastated us both ! And I would not of appreciated comments about me or my wife need the death penalty for a freak amount of circumstances that made us not realize the baby was in the car !

    So all of you, lighten up on the parents that are heart broke, and genuinely made a mistake, I mean our baby was small, quiet, and turned around in a seat where we could not even see her when we looked back normally let alone getting out and thinking each other were bringing her in !

    Some people, are careless, the purposely go in stores and know there kids are in the car, but I know many of these parents just simply didi not do it on purpose

    • donald Fox

      Hey ponder, you can’t say many people don’t do it on purpose. They can claim i forgot he or she was in the car because they are afraid of going to jail. How many people in jail claim innocense when they are truly guilty? Yes accidents do happen but there needs to be someone held accountable for this. Case in point here in Scranton like 20 or so years ago kids were throwing snowballs at passing cars, a man stopped a block up the road after being hit by a snowball walked a block with a loaded gun in hand, from the stress of everything he pointed the gun at one of the kids. He had a heart attack and accidently shot the kid. They both survived but the courts deemed it accidental. My point is how is it accidental when you walk a block carrying a loaded gun. Same as how is it accidental you forgot the child well you go in a waffle house? What’s next I forgot to feed the baby cause they don’t eat what I eat?

    • ginny austin

      I can understand what happened in your case, but if you had gone out to eat somewhere, wouldnt you have missed her right away? no excuse as far as i am concerned

  • Valfreyja

    You know, it’s a hard sell in this country to convince people that the law, and the ways in which we administrate it, cannot be handled with a dogmatic blanket approach, regardless of your partisan predilections. Calming the angry swarms on either side of the isle enough to have a shot at convincing them that there is an important difference between justice and vengeance, prosecution and persecution, is rapidly becoming a losing battle. But sometimes you have to fight the losing battle simply because it’s right, simply as a matter of absolving yourself of culpability.

    And then some horrible person kills a new born with neglect. Why does anyone need to be told not to leave a child in an unattended car at this point? And what are people like me to say to the angry mobs? “You’re not right to be outraged”? Whoever comes to this person’s defense in the court room is a straight up hero. I hope to be as just as that person some day.

  • Bonnie

    How many defenseless children need to die before people wake up. Anyone who is this irresponsible should be charged with murder, whether is be a child or a pet !

    • Gregory

      Yes, let’s lock people up for life, better yet give them the chair because they forgot the new beta they won at the carnival was left behind in the back seat by little Johnny. Do we execute Johnny or mommy or daddy? All three?
      Animals lives do not matter in America, if you eat any noon free range noon organic meat you are hurting a lot more animals than letting one die in a car.
      I do agree we need new laws specifically covering child abandonment leading to death, to call it an accident is to ignore responsibility. If you can forget you have your child with you…

  • deborah

    There really is no excuse for this. This topic has been out there every year for years and people still do it. It is just a total disregard for the care and safety of children and pets. No arrests? What, they haven’t determined who is responsible? So very sad for this little cherub.

    • enough

      I agree, but one would hope to think that any common idiot would know you don’t leave an animal alone in the car for any great length of time no matter what temperature it is and especially a child never should be left alone in the car?! It’s like “The 10 Commandments for Dummies!” We need laws simply because that’s how depraved some people just are. They choose coldhearted monstrous indifference. The fact that no charges have been filed is shocking to me. Makes no sense at all. Whoever does this to a child should have the same done to them. Whoever does it to an animal should have the same done to them just shy of death but let them live I guess because that’s now quite in line with an eye-for-an-eye, but they should be punished for their cruelty.

  • p.dale

    Are you f***ing serious????? No arrests have been made! This poor excuse for a human left a baby in a hot car in summer!!!! They deserve to be put to death,this is common sense….NEVER LEAVE A BABY IN A CAR UNATTENDED!!!!! NEVER mind during summer with the windows up!!!!! Lowlife should be put to death!!!!! God bless you baby boy

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