Penn State University Unveils New Logo

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UNIVERSITY PARK — Officials at Penn State University announced Tuesday a big change at the school.

For the first time in about three decades, the university will have a new logo.

The lion logo with the 1855 shield is out, replaced with a new updated look.

Photo Credit: Penn State

The old logo (left) has been replaced with a new “more contemporary” look (right). Photo Credit: Penn State

According to the university and the logo’s designers, the new logo will show up better on the web, in social media, and on video.

Officials stress the new logo applies only to the academic shield and the athletic logo will remain the same.


  • VermontLass

    Spare a thought for tiny Vermont Tech that paid $250,000 for a logo that wasn’t kerned until it was pointed out. And then they didn’t have any money to implement it. The students had to buy a new sign for the road because they were too embarrassed.

  • Vicki M.

    It’s sad that people believe whatever they are told instead of reading the facts for themselves. If these people would take the time to read the facts. they may stop crucifying innocent people. There will always be the Penn State haters because they will never read the facts. Sandusky is guilty!

    • Pennywise

      And if it wasn’t for his Penn State enablers, he’d have been found guilty much sooner.

      Putting Sandusky in prison only leaves a void for the next pedophile to step in and take advantage of the sports culture taking priority over everything else on campus. The university has to change.

  • meep

    1. Shut up with your comments about the University, I’m sorry one person did a horrible, unforgivable action. THAT DOES NOT REFLECT WHAT PENNSTATE IS! I don’t see all of you out there in the bitter cold raising money to cure cancer and help families. I especially don’t see any of you being part of your community, at all. You won’t even dare say good morning to your neighbor.

    2. The Penn State community is beautiful, we pour our heart and soul into our education, and our alma mater. We’re not just a drinking school with a football problem. We’re one of the top schools in the nation, we strive for greatness. All the programs the school offers, the opportunities are almost endless.

    3. This logo is really ugly and I personally don’t like it.


  • Sally Kramer

    The new logo should be the silhouette of a horrified child. Let it reflect what the informed public really thinks.

    • MisterPL

      I’m always amazed when people are voted down for being right. This is why I’m leery of the democratic process.

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