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Controversy over Lion Hunters

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SALEM TOWNSHIP -- The uproar continues over the reported illegal killings of two African lions by two American doctors.

Kids watched in awe as George and Henry, two African lions at Claws "N" Paws near Hamlin, did their thing behind the fence.

Officials said two similar lions were recently hunted down and illegally killed in Zimbabwe by doctors from Minnesota and Pennsylvania. One of them is identified as Jan Seski, a gynecologist from the Pittsburgh area.

"I don't like that people hunt lions, I'd rather see them alive than dead," said Pamela Voglino.

As animal keeper at Claws "N" Paws, Voglino takes care of Henry and George, feeds them and cleans up after them. She's hopeful the recent cases in Africa will draw attention to the problem of illegal hunting.

Definitely people are outraged, they didn't realize it still happens and it does," she said.

Baby snow leopards are a new arrival at the wild animal park near Hamlin. Their species is endangered. They're also hunted in their natural habitat. So for a lot of people who visit Claws "N" Paws, the African lions are in the backs of their minds.

"You wonder why anyone would want to go and kill something like that for a trophy?" said Corey Schmidt of Willow Grove.

"My opinion I don't think it was the right thing to do a wild, beautiful creature," said Carolyn Klein of Nanticoke.

Klein wasn't the only one trying to pass along a life lesson to a younger generation. Some support hunting big game if it's done by the rules, but in the case of Cecil the lion and Dr. Walter Palmer, parents and grandparents alike believe he made a big mistake.

"We're talking about taking care of lions. They're part of our earth. They deserve to live, grow and be safe. Isn't that what we want?" said David Tager to his grandson Oakley.


  • Look, Ma!

    I went to the zoo this weekend and I farted right in the lion’s face…in memory of our beloved Cecil. How can we ever continue?

  • Yay

    You people all need to get a life, and get your priorities straight. Yes, shooting the lions sucked, but we have some REAL problems in the world(such as wars). This administration, along with congress, is watching gleefully, as you allow yourselves to be distracted from what THEY are doing. Seriously, think about how foolish your outrage over these lions is. If the media didn’t tell you about it over and over and over and over again, it would have had ZERO impact on your lives. You are all being purposely duped, and they are laughing at you. You’d better believe it.

  • richen

    Women’s rights ? 55 million terminated. How many were female ? Maybe one of those children would have grown up to be a Qualified Presidential Candidate

  • Robert Hudson

    There is no reason to hunt any animal today, particularly those half a world away and within the confines of a preserve. The urge to kill these majestic creatures as trophies is akin to being a serial rapist or pedophile. Those engaged can’t resist the underlying violent urges. ‘Hunting’ is not a sport. It may require a measure of skill but certainly not any athleticism.

    • Go away

      Are you this obtuse and radical in real life, or just because you have a forum you thought you would insult millions of Americans that hunt? Of course, that would imply that you want to be taken seriously and based on your comment, we know that’s not true.

  • Magic Mike XXSM

    Being an ex hunter I agree big game animals shouldn’t be hunted in this day and age…but that being said, with all the out rage and women protesting holding signs is crazy.
    Ask any of those protesters even ask Voglino about the recent video’s about planned parenthood ripping and tearing apart fetuses 5 month old to sell body parts, totally disgusting, but where is the out rage from all the women’s groups in this country over that, oh no they are more in an uproar over hunting African lions…One planned parenthood person on an upcoming video even talks about how they sometime get full intact-ed whole 5 month old babies, yes she called them babies…..people you better get your priority’s straight..this country is going to hell in a hand-basket fast, brought to you by Obama and the DNC socialist.

    • Wait a minute!

      There’s protests over this lion? Don’t these idiots have jobs? Probably not, they’re probably on disability for some back injury, but they can stand out there in the 95 degree sun and wave a 40lb sign around.

    • Bigbrother

      I agree, why waste those dead fetuses on research trying to save actual living humans, when they would make excellent appetizers for the hungry lions.

  • jim

    Three weeks ago 99% of the people outraged by the hunting of lions didn’t know they felt so passionate about it.Good to see the media is doing its job,picking causes for these half wits.

    • Yep

      Exactly, Jim. Pay no attention to what our government is doing, or the fact that innocent people are being blown apart in places like eastern Ukraine. NO NEED for moral outrage there, huh? No…now that the Bruce Jenner story has subsided a bit, we something REAL important to occupy the SIMPLE-minded fools.


    No outrage about body parts being harvested from the unborn but extreme outrage about an animal being killed. I wonder if that lion would kill it’s young and if that would make people love it even more.

    • Joeblo

      Those fetuses aren’t harvested. That would imply their sole purpose was to be sold. They were being sold to help educate, use in child surgery, and for other scientific research.

      • Bernie Sanders Love Doll

        Man, you really are dumb. I don’t think you are aware of the full details of what was taking place.

  • Jesse Jones

    As part of the celebrations for his 91st birthday next Saturday, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe will be served a feast featuring five impala, two buffalo, two elephants, two sables, and one lion. According to a report in Zimbabwe’s The Chronicle, the menagerie was donated by Tendai Musasa, owner of the prominent Woodlands Farm near the Elephant Hills Resort at Victoria Falls, where the 20,000-person shindig will take place.

    “This is our way of supporting the function and to ensure a celebratory mood in our community as well,” Musasa told The Chronicle. “The total value is $120,000. This reflects the money we get annually and we thought this would be a perfect gesture. At the moment we are making arrangements with the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority to slaughter these animals a few days before the day. We are also liaising with the hotel that will keep the meat.”

  • Sad

    He paid $50,000 dollars to illegally kill this lion. While 50,000 children in Africa went to bed hungry. Priorities ?

    • Vinegar and water

      And what have you done during your time on this earth to help feed those 50,000? Hypocrisy? Who’s to say that the good doctor hasn’t made substantial contributions to the locals? Lastly, what business is it of yours how he spends his money?

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