Former Teacher Accused of Having Sex with 13-Year-Old Student

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BUTLER TOWNSHIP -- A teacher in the North Schuylkill School District was arraigned late Friday afternoon on charges she had a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old student.

Court papers say Melinda Trezise, 39, of Cressona was involved with the boy since December 2014.

Before she resigned, Trezise used to be a sixth grade teacher at North Schuylkill.

"Who is teaching our children? What are they teaching them? What are they telling them? I am very worried,” said Tara Rabbits, who has young children in North Schuylkill Elementary.

According to court papers, Trezise got into a crash on Fountain Street in Butler Township in April and her former student was with her at the time and spotted running from the scene. Authorities said when they talked to him, he admitted having a sexual relationship with Trezise.

He told police they had sex more than a dozen times.

Investigators said Trezise would even take the teen to her home on Front Street in Cressona.

"I think that's horrible. She should have more sense. That makes me want to cry. I don't know what's going on in this world,” said Shirley Laurusevage of Frackville.

Investigators said another teacher found a disturbing note in Trezise's desk at school, which read, in part:

"If anything should happen to matter what, I love my daughters more than life itself. I love my husband..I've always tried to be a good person. I need help. I can't trust. That is my problem."

"What she did was wrong and I feel so bad for that little boy and his family,” said Rabbits.

North Schuylkill School District Superintendent Dr. Robert Ackell released a statement.

"The North Schuylkilll School District is aware of the charges filed against Melinda Trezise. Upon first learning of the allegations regarding Mrs. Trezise, district officials took prompt action to maintain the safety and welfare of our students. The District reported the allegations to law enforcement officials and Childline. Mrs. Trezise was also suspended pending the outcome of the investigation before her decision to resign. The District has cooperated fully throughout the criminal investigation and will continue to cooperate with law enforcement officials. The safety and welfare of all students is our top priority. We will continue to monitor this matter closely and will take any and all additional steps necessary to keep our students safe."

Trezise is facing charges including institutional statutory sex assault and indecent assault.

She was released on $50,000 bail.


  • Vincentia

    You know, I known her since I was in 1st grade and she wouldn’t do stuff like this, she has three girls and a husband, this is just something strange to happen /: What if the note was planted there… just think…what the heck… I even used to visit her house and everything…

    • Sweeney

      Here is a person that claims to know this lady and calls into question her innocence…. In AMERICA we are INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty. As bad as it looks for this teacher…. It looks much worse for AMERICA when people abandon the building blocks of OUR foundation. Feeding right into the hand of the MAN. Maybe this is why AMERICA, (the land of the free), incarcerates more of its population than ANY other country in the WORLD!!! I don’t know if this lady is or is not guilty, but I certainly know that a jury of her peers will be very hard to find…

      • Vincentia

        You know I could easily say you raped me, then people would believe it, and jump to conclude you did it and bring in false evidence…

  • S

    I don’t know this woman and I, like all of you don’t know the whole story about what if anything really happened between these two…that’s what the courts are for. Last time I checked the accused is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Who are you to pass judgement without having all the details. For all I know the child may be telling stories or making it up. It wouldn’t be the first child to do that to a teacher just because he didn’t like her or the grades she gave him. If I recall correctly didn’t a similar situation just take place at a blue mtn school? And that teacher was found not guilty so criticize after the trial. Not before.

    • Vincentia

      IKR Whats with people quickly judging because of some “kid” saying they had sex, when it could all just of been a set up because he hated her!

    • donewithdirtbags

      Does “S” stand for stupid? Can’t you read? “According to court papers, Trezise got into a crash on Fountain Street in Butler Township in April and her former student was with her at the time and spotted running from the scene,”

      • s

        No it doesn’t stand for stupid… but there can be innocent explanations as to why the kid was with her in the car…tutoring perhaps or he had detention or a club meeting and he needed a ride home. Sometimes teachers go above and beyond what they’re paid to do and sometimes it’s even without even thinking how it looks. It’s kind of sad that everyone wants to pass judgement on this woman without knowing the full details or even her side of the story. I hope she has a good lawyer and the whole truth will come out. I’m not saying she’s innocent but I’m not saying she’s guilty either until it all comes out. I’m just tired of all the band wagon jumpers that want to crucify teachers when this sort of thing comes to light. Half the time the allegations are false but their lives are still ruined because of it even if they didn’t do anything they can never get out of the shadow of the charge.

  • A

    Wow seriously lady you can’t find someone your own age your disgusting and need help too bad you will never be a teacher again . A sick child molester

    • Bren

      And….cue the creepy comments from the closet pedophiles who find the situation amusing……right on schedule.

  • Jon Snow

    When the boy’s parents found out: That wicked woman, how dare she defile our son!
    When the boy’s friends found out: Dude, niceeeeeee *fist bump*

      • Jon Snow

        Bren, it’s called a joke. Let me guess, you were offended by the Confederate flag and the lion being shot as well, right? Get over yourself, nerd.

      • Bren

        Nope. But I am offended by someone who thinks molesting a kid is a laughing matter. Some things are too serious to be joked about.

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