After Woman’s Body Found, Neighbors Say They Saw Signs of Trouble

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Neighbors near where a woman's body was found in a trash can in Williamsport insist there were warning signs indicating trouble between the victim and the suspect in her death.

But was enough done to try to prevent the violence that occurred?

Neighbors and people who saw the couple around Williamsport say there were signs of an abusive relationship.

People say they reached out, but the couple just wasn't looking for help.

"She was a beautiful person with a really terrible life," Jane Gallagher of Williamsport said.

Gallagher was tearful while sharing memories about her friend, Kristina Pope.

Police in Williamsport say Pope's boyfriend, Hasan Gooden-Reid, admitted to stabbing Pope several times earlier this month and then keeping the body at his home in a housing complex on Sherman Street.

"I don't know if she got to receive love fully without any level of abuse, but I know she wanted that," Gallagher said.

Court papers say Gooden-Reid wrapped Pope's body in a blanket and put her in a closet. When the neighbors at Michael Ross Homes eventually complained of a smell, Gooden-Reid put the body in the trash.

"It's very heartbreaking, especially with her being as young as she was. It's vicious that something like this would happen," said Shawnda Eiswerth of Williamsport.

Many neighbors said they are feeling remorse and guilt after this killing. Some of them said they saw signs of an abusive relationship, but just couldn't do enough to stop it.

"She was sitting there with bruises everywhere and I asked her was he putting his hands on her? She, of course, wouldn't say anything, dropped her head," said Eiswerth.

Grady Walker of Williamsport said he spoke with Gooden-Reid one day before he allegedly killed Pope.

"'Mr. Walker, I'm not beating her up. She's lying.' I come to find out on the seventh, the girl was killed. I just wish Ii could have did a little bit more," said Walker.

Jenny Hull works for Family Promise of Lycoming County. The non-profit in Williamsport helps homeless families, including many with domestic violence issues.

"If you see a neighbor that's in trouble, it's our responsibility to be better then. We all have to be better," Hull said. "I think there is a lot of stigma and shame that is associated with domestic violence and so I would suggest you not give up."

Hull says if you or someone you know is being abused, you are urged to reach out for help.

Gooden-Reid is set to be back in court in August.


  • I'm in shock

    I am in complete shock. I dated him he never beat on me but he had threatened to even threatened to kill me. When I tried to get pfa on him I was denied to even file for it since I had no evidence of actual abuse. He can be the sweetest person to reel woman in but when he gets too comfortable with u than he will show u his other sides. He isn’t all right in the head but won’t show u at first. he isn’t a bad boy. He is just crazy n can hide it very well. I am mortified he actually did this. It could had been as easily me as it was her. The way I read the story when someone confronted him about the abuse it prob made him snap. I feel for her and her family. Whether she worked or whatever she did she still a human and doesn’t deserve to die. No one deserves to die like that

  • Jason

    It’s a shame that nothing gets done about domestic violence. Maybe the laws need to be higher for it, or maybe there should be cops that deal with it at a higher rate. It seems that, most of the time, it’s shrugged away and never dealt with until it’s too late. The people (women or men) are scarred for the rest of their lives, and nothing gets done?

    • Rebecca

      I think that unless the person being abused asks for help, there’s little anyone can do unless you actually see one person harming the other person. At least in that case, there are witnesses, and steps can be taken, but many times the abused party drops the charges or refuses to file them at all. Protection from Abuse orders can be served, but many abusers just ignore them, and at least if they violate the order, perhaps they can be incarcerated with a high bail amount, that is if the victim isn’t killed.

      This whole situation is so very sad.

    • Rebecca

      What a callous remark! Whether Kristina Pope had a job or not is not germane to this situation. She was abused and murdered. A person’s worth is not determined by their employment status.

      And get off your high horse. You never know when you will lose your job, incur a huge medical debt and have to declare bankruptcy, or any number of things – and you could end up unemployed and on assistance. It could happen to anyone, even you.

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