Local Owner of Mall at Steamtown

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SCRANTON -- We now know who bought the Mall at Steamtown.

The new owner is a businessman from our area who also owns a roofing company and a popular restaurant.

The Mall at Steamtown will stay in local hands. Lackawanna County real estate developer John Basalyga closed on the sale of the mall late Monday afternoon.

He had the winning bid of $5.25 million when the Mall at Steamtown went up for auction last month.

Basalyga was not able to go public because the sale was not final. That happened on Monday.

The longer the identity of the winning bidder was kept secret, more and more people in downtown Scranton began to think someone from out of the area bought it.

John Basalyga owns a roofing business in Jessup and a restaurant in Spring Brook Township, but recently he has made a name for himself by renovating old industrial buildings throughout the county and making them into apartments.

We reached out to Basalyga and he said he is both "excited and optimistic" about the future of the mall.


  • Redhawk 44

    Being in retail for 31 years if this mall wants to be a good investment please listen to what the people have to say. Good stores, Good Restaurants, Fair prices and most of all friendly employees. This can work just give it time. Good luck to you. Almost forgot keep the riffraff out.

  • BrianGriffin

    I’ll be excited that this man bought it when I see that Boscov’s will be staying long term, and that it stays a shopping center, not converted into a hotel, or apartments, or office spaces. And we need affordable retailers in there for people actually living in Scranton, not higher end expensive boutique shops catering mainly to weekend new york shoppers.

    • Darryl

      Do you suggest he just open one large dollar store? It’s his building he business now, he can do as he pleases.

  • Greg

    Malls have been on the way out for a while now. Rent costly so much drives down profit margin and businesses are unable to compete with lower prices elsewhere. The idea of a mall must be reimagined into something that offers entertainment, food, shopping and a positive experience for all ages. If you can combine the concepts of a fresh food farmer’s market, a community park, and the low costs of amazon, walmart, you for yourself a winner for decades to come. Best of luck to the new owners.

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