Former Minister Sentenced for Child Sex Abuse

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LAKE ARIEL -- A former minister from Wayne County who sexually abused a boy for years is going to state prison.

Shortly after a judge sentenced Normax Faux to up to 15 years in prison, Faux said he is sorry for sexually abusing a boy for roughly a decade while he was pastor of the Lake Ariel United Methodist Church. The abuse started when the boy was 9 years old.

"The heinous acts that he's committed, he needs to be incarcerated so that others can be protected," said Reverend Marian Hartman.

Hartman oversees more than 100 churches in the United Methodist Church's Susquehanna Conference including Lake Ariel.

Faux, who's better known as Ted, pled guilty and is now going to serve time having violated his congregation's trust.

It's an immense betrayal of faith and it causes spiritual harm to a lot of folks who trusted and believed in someone like that," added Hartman.

2011 was the last year Norman Ted Faux was a United Methodist pastor, according to church officials. Back then, officials said they reported to authorities there could be a potential case of abuse but the statute of limitations had run out. Now this time Faux is paying the price.

"He perverted his role as a clergyman. He is a despicable fella and one of the most manipulative defendants I've ever dealt with," said First Assistant Wayne County District Attorney Pat Robinson.

Not only did prosecutors say Faux got his victim hooked on drugs in return for sex, but said the former minister was HIV positive while he sexually abused the boy.

In addition to serving time in prison, Faux must also register as a sexually violent predator.


  • Jackson

    Hmmmm. looks like he and the wife own property with a former parishioner… Can we say SCAM !!!!!

  • julie

    Up to 10 years. Really? He should get LIFE without parole. He sexually abused this boy for over 10 years. Was HIV positive while doing so. Got him hooked on drugs AND was a CLERGY!!!! What more is needed for a stiffer sentence?
    “Up to 15 years ” means out in 3-5. Such a sentence is a CRIME in itself ! Judge should be charged with criminal neglect!

  • Observer

    I find it incredibly fascinating that the UMC is now stating that they reported the misconduct that got Mr. Faux suspended in 2011 because according to a 2010 article in the times-tribune UMC conference spokesman, Gerald Wolgemuth, is recorded as stating the misconduct is “really not a civil matter, it’s an internal matter.” It was comments like these that allowed Mr. Faux to start up a nondenominational church after his UMC suspension. The bottom line is that the UMC was not there to protect the children in their community, they created an environment that potentially allowed more people to be hurt and they have lied to their parishioners and apparently they have lied to the media as well.

    • Jackson

      Good points. ” Norman” actually surrendered his credentials, equivalent to losing a medical or nursing license ( or lawyer or barber etc). Anyone can open their own ” church”. There is no governmental body that regulates spirituality in this country. And… That case was beyond the statute of limitations per Commonwealth law.

  • Winthorpe Yakamoto Rodriguez the IV

    In my opinion you should be known henceforth as **Reverend Woodpecker**

  • Winthorpe Yakamoto Rodriguez the IV

    Hey Preacher, IF you truly did this, you forgot to read 2 things in the Bible you preached

    #1 A Man laying with a Man is an abomination
    #2 If you offend a little one, better your cast off into the ocean with a millstone around your neck

    So I guess your ** Woody Woodpecker** was in control of you ! What a disgrace in my opinion to do that to a kid, when your a man of the cloth, or at least pretended to be one !

    • Winthorpe Yakamoto Rodriguez the IV

      Religious Hypocrite Molesters are the scum of the Earth ! Anyone doing that to a kid who is not religious is a disgrace, but when you tout the Good Book, and do this your a piece of absolute dirt !

    • Jesus DeChristo

      wait… pump your little mental brakes child of God.

      You quote the bible incorrectly, while judging someone and then say its your “opinion” its wrong for a religious person to molest a kid..therefore I would assume your opinion justifies all sorts of messed up things. Go read something that isn’t on the internet.

      • Winthorpe Yakamoto Rodriguez the IV

        “Anyone doing that to a kid who is not religious is a disgrace”

        And a man of the cloth is EVEN WORSE !!!!!!!!!!

  • sickofitall

    Too bad there are so many perverts using religion as a shield to hide their sick souls. It’s causing many people to lose faith and stop going to church. More background checks, and supervision, are needed in the religious arena. It’s perplexing how some parents still think, after all that’s been in the news, that their kids are 100% safe in the company of religious instructors.

  • Samantha

    You lying piece of s*** were you sorry for the YEARS you abused this boy? Ruining lives for your own disgusting gratification? Pretending to be a man of God, lying at the pulpit. Don’t worry, child abusers are at the bottom of the food chain in prison.

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