Dogs Found Hungry and Alone after Owners Locked Up

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SUNBURY-- When you meet Baxter and Mystery you can tell they are hungry for affection.

However, staff at the Animal Resource Center near Millville said the two dogs were practically starving when a humane officer found them in a house at 616 South Front Street Friday evening.

Shelter staff said they had been left alone since Thursday when their owners were arrested, however officers did leave a bag of food that the dogs finished off.

Investigators said the dogs were so malnourished they chewed through a wooden door. The Boxer mix and Golden Retriever mix were immediately taken to a vet and then to the shelter.

Kennel manager Marcia Belles says that the first priority is to help the dogs gain some weight, but it has to be done slowly and carefully.

Humane Officer Richard Wright said he learned about the dogs Friday through a code enforcement investigation and a dog warden.

He did not want to release the names of the owners, and said he was not sure exactly why they were taken into custody. He adds that the pair could now be charged with animal cruelty and could also be required to make restitution for veterinary bills.

Belles said the goal is to help the dogs gain weight, slowly and carefully. She would like to see them put on about 15 pounds each. Ideally, a home will be found that can take both dogs.

"They are very forgiving. I don't know if a human was left in that situation that they could forgive and forget, but dogs are awesome."


  • gerbilmaster

    Sunbury PD is totally in collapse. Scandals and layoffs are just the beginning. They knew about the dogs but figured a dog warden would handle things while they chase girls on N. 4th St.

  • tshirts

    This story us so laughable. Somehow the cops swindled their way out of responsibility and blamed the 2 they arrested. Thank God these folks didnt have kids the cops would have just made them a ham sandwich and left. Such great civil servants they were

    • Mr MacG

      Perfect comment. Ham sandwich. Hahahahaha.

      Surely either the cops or the animal welfare people dropped the ball here, someone needs to be reprimanded or something.

  • sickofdirtbags

    So they were starving BEFORE Thursday when their owners were arrested is what the story is? The officers left a bag of food, what about water and were the officers the ones that alerted the Animal Resource Center?

    • Reading Carefully

      They had to be starving already…dogs don’t lose 15lb and start eating drywall and studs for nourishment literally overnight.

      • Blunt

        Then the cops should habe removed the dogs right there and then, rather than just leave a bag of food and try to wash their dirty hands of the whole thing.

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