WWE Terminates Contract With Hulk Hogan, Removes Mentions of Wrestler From Website

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The WWE has terminated its contract with Terry Bollea, better known as Hulk Hogan, after reports surfaced early Friday that suggested the wrestling star was recorded using racial slurs.

“WWE terminated its contract with Terry Bollea ,” the company said in a statement. “WWE is committed to embracing and celebrating individuals from all backgrounds as demonstrated by the diversity of our employees, performers and fans worldwide.”

As of Friday morning, all mentions of Hogan had been removed from the WWE’s website. His biography page now redirects to an error page. Dave Meltzer, a reporter for the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, said the WWE website was told around midnight to remove all references of Hogan.

Hogan has also been removed from WWE’s reality TV show Tough Enough and his merchandise has been pulled from the WWE store.

Multiple reports suggest the termination is connected to the wrestler using a racial slur during a 2012 radio interview, however there are also reports of a second recording of the wrestler going on a “racial tirade,” according to Wrestling Inc.

Hogan is currently involved in a $100 million lawsuit against Gawker after the website posted his sex tape video. Gawker’s legal team argues that publication of the salacious footage is protected by the First Amendment, noting that Hogan is a public figure who had made his sexual exploits a matter of public record.

Hogan has not commented on his dismissal from WWE, but he sent out a cryptic tweet early Friday morning:


  • Ernest Watson

    What are you gonna do, when these Gigantic racist arms come falling down on you brother! Can’t really believe what you hear in social media if you didnt hear it DIRECTLY from Hulk Hogan though.

  • marie

    This brings back memories of something that happened to my son back in 1997. I taught ceramic class in the boys and girls club in Allentown, PA. My son was playing pool and the rule was that the winner kept going. He was winning and a black kid told him that “me and my friend are playing next.” My son said that there was a line and whoever wins keeps playing. (My son is white) He won again and the other boy tried to take the cue stick. Naturally, my son said no. At that the black boy said, Give it to me you N##” All my son did was say the following. “I’m not a N## you are!” At this the other boy ran to an adult to complain. My son got kicked out for a week. Even tho he had witnesses to back him up, the only thing said to the other boy was, “that wasn’t nice. You shouldn’t call people that.”
    Tell me how that isn’t reverse discrimination. I even talked to the boss about it. He wouldn’t back down. So, I told him he would have to explain to my students why they would not have class for a week since I had no one to watch my son. I eventually quit.

  • Mike Wittig

    WOW! in 2012 he said something “racial”. What exactly did he say? Did he say it to someone? I’m sure a lot worse has been said to Hogan. He ain’t sweatin it. Black people use the N word all the time, including on tv and in music, but that’s ok. White people are called all kids of “racial” names publicly. You don’t hear them cryin. Sticks and Stones…Get over it.

  • Ponder this Folks of NEPA

    Your all Hypocrites ! We have ALL used racial slurs in private, ALL regardless of what race or creed, we have ALL used them in private at some point !

    Hypocrites make me sick ! — Can those yanking Hogan, stand before God and state they have NEVER said or used a racial word in their lives ?

    • Bill

      That is so true!…I have often used them but I am not a racist nor do I really think for one second iam actually better then another human being because iam white and there not…ppl just get upset sometimes and run there mouth…we all do it…no matter what race or religion they are…some just get caught and thrown under the bus for it…hypocrites

    • T. F. Kent

      I don’t use racist slurs in public or private. Have I ever? Yes, when I was 8 and stupid. Have I since then? Never. I have grown up. What one chooses to do and how one chooses to speak in private says who they truly are. One cannot claim to be non-racist and still use hurtful and hateful language in private.

  • The Duke of the Elevator Shaft

    I WILL NOW ban the WWE. It does not nor ever existed.
    Wow that was easy like ElmagicoOHBAMo !

  • The Duke of the Elevator Shaft

    When William Van jones used racial slurs against GWB he was not terminated but in fact made a czar. Yes he received a promotion, this is not acceptable. All races must count.

  • Barb walter

    Boy real good he made wresting & he is 1 of the biggest names out there. What ever happened 2 freedom of speech? This is suppose 2 b amercia we had the right 2 freedmon & now its taken away. What abt vince with how he was with women & what abt thriple h & how he is ? Oh well i still love hulk & always will.

    • Tom

      Barb, this is America, and you have the right to say whatever you want. I didn’t see where he was being arrested & prosecuted for something he said. Perhaps you’re confusing America with another county? Private corporations also are free in this country. The WWE is free to hire and fire whomever the hell it wants to for whatever reason it deems appropriate, including if someone chooses to Paula Deen it up. That’s the thing about freedom, it works both ways. You can’t claim it’s not a free country when a free company is allowed to do what is in its own best interests (that, of course, is of no detriment to the general public).

      • prettygirl

        Well tom barb is right and why would he get arrested she meant he lost his carreer over something rediculas which he should have freedom of speech everyone should be able to speak freely of there own opinions without getting punished in some way

      • Pennywise

        “PrettyGirl” needs to change her screen name to “PrettyDumbGirl.”

        Stay in school, honey, and pay attention.

  • Jon Snow

    This just in: Hulk Hogan is now revealing he is actually a she. She will now go by Hilary Hogan. WWE has now resigned Ms. Hogan and plans to recognize her at the next Wrestlemania.

  • SMH

    Nothing cryptic about that statement . Any true Christian knows it’s meaning .

    To bad he had to get caught up in all this new media BS !!! In the end .. It will be social media that dooms us all .

    • topknot

      ” Any true Christian knows it’s meaning .”

      …so…. is there a test, like a pregnancy test that you pee on–blue:you’re a true blue X-tian; pink–counterfeit thumper?

      And who is it that decides what a “true Christian” is? Isn’t this similar to the tact ISIS takes? You know, separating “true” believers from the infidels?

      I’m guessing that you’ve tested as a “true Christian.” Am I right?

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