Shooting in Louisiana Does Not Deter Moviegoers

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MONROE TOWNSHIP -- People in Lafayette, Louisiana are recovering from the movie theater shooting that left three people dead, including the shooter. It raises the question, how safe are movie theaters?

"Our world is just changing from what it used to be and I think maybe we should have discussions, but at the same time you can't live in fear and never go out in public places," Christina Plotts said.

Even though the shooting is fresh on people's minds, it did not appear to be affecting business at the Cinema Center near Selinsgrove.

Christina Plotts of Selinsgrove and her friend Misty took their children to the movies to celebrate the birthday of Misty's son. Plotts said her husband was concerned about her going to the movies because of the shooting in Louisiana, but she was not.

"Where we live I really didn't have a fear of not going today. I still thought we'd be fine to come," Plotts said.

"I don't live in fear. I work as a nurse. I work in critical care, so I see things all the time, so you just have faith and pray and kind of keep it moving," Misty Rozyckie said.

"I think it's a rare case and we can't all live in fear," Nathan Blehi said.

Nathan Blehi is visiting from Western PA and wanted to take his niece to see the Minions movie. He says the shooting makes him a little nervous, but he was not about to change his plans with his little buddy.

"I'm willing to look past that to have some family fun," Blehi said.

The people we spoke with say they will be more aware of their surroundings while at the movies, because of the shooting in Louisiana.

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