Teens Face Charges for Violent Crime

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Police in Williamsport arrested four teens accused of forcing their way into a home and robbing strangers.

Police are looking for TyeQuan Cleveland, 17, of Williamsport. They say he was with four others who pushed their way into a home on Waltz Place in Williamsport.

Police say the teens robbed the three people inside at gunpoint and got away with about $200. So far four of the teens have been arrested Cleveland is still wanted.

"We have one individual who was arrested who is 18 years old. The other four individuals involved are 16, 16, 17, and 17," said Agent Ray Kontz.

Police in Williamsport say all five teenagers will be treated as adults in this case.  A psychotherapist near Muncy says violence amongst teens isn't a new thing. In fact, it's an issue without a clear cut solution.

"A hundred people can experience the same thing and all react differently and do different things," said Harrison McCormick.

McCormick is a clinical social worker who works with adults and children at his home office near Muncy.

"The biggest thing is really the way we are raised. It's not what we are told, it's really what the people who raise us do."

But McCormick also says drugs, alcohol, and media can play a part in how a teen deals with his or her emotions.

"The world is full of hate, anger, and fighting and that's the way it is. It's tough. It's tough. There are a lot of really crazy influences in our society more than ever," said McCormick.

Police say all five teenagers face felony charges for the robbery earlier this month in Williamsport.


  • sickofitall

    Dr. McCormick makes some pretty obvious and general observations and statements about life. But how are his statements relevant to this article? Is every crime now analyzed and rationalized by a therapist? If so, why is it just now being put in the news from the therapists point of view? Is this a special case?

  • sickofdirtbags

    “A psychotherapist near Muncy says violence amongst teens isn’t a new thing. In fact, it’s an issue without a clear cut solution.” Interment Camps? Hard Labor?
    ““The biggest thing is really the way we are raised. It’s not what we are told, it’s really what the people who raise us do.” Actually it’s both.
    “But McCormick also says drugs, alcohol, and media can play a part in how a teen deals with his or her emotions.
    “The world is full of hate, anger, and fighting and that’s the way it is. It’s tough. It’s tough. There are a lot of really crazy influences in our society more than ever,” said McCormick. Well yes, keep the excuses coming shall we? What’s the alternative? Censorship? Maybe we could use some of that, things most certainly have gone too far, however, that is still no excuse for lack of consciousness and accountability. People know when they’re doing wrong; they just don’t care! Evil influence has existed since the beginning of time so no matter how you slice it; it comes down to the decision of the individual themselves!

    • unbelievable

      Wow you are truly a piece of filth do you know how many white psychos there are oooo they robbed a house how many white ppl killed there kids how many white men beat there wives your parents must have been uptight privlidged pricks. Im so sorry you grew up around hatred I grew up in a. Verry big italian family that showed good people (of all colors) love. Stop hatimg on race people your partially at fault. #babies arent born with hate

      • Ponder this Folks of NEPA

        Yes there are surely WHITE No Goods, Killers etc. – BUT, the Majority of these crimes in our area’s are committed by Ethnic Minority’s !

        SORRY the Truth hurts you, but it is true !

        Me, I will shoot ANY race breaking into my home ! No matter what the color !

      • sickofdirtbags

        While both you and Ponder have valid points, where I didn’t agree with you is saying OTHERS are to blame; plenty people of color hate white people so is that the excuse for white’s committing crimes? Try growing up in a LARGE city; crime is committed equally across the board. No racial lines drawn there. Whoever lives in said neighborhood, is who commits the crimes. Someone breaks into my home and they will be uber sorry.

  • unbelievable

    Fill your hearts with love and compassion people all I ever see on here is negative everyone is so full of hate thats whats pushkng people to do hateful things kids arent born knowing how to be hateful its taught start teaching love and understNding or your kids are gonna be miserable pricks like you who never see the possibility of good in someone

  • ghost

    Do ya know the right people ate wait . just wait for yall racist people put down the keyboard walk out your do an truly start something yall always got bring color in to thing i not got to put out any punch lines just know Ferguson start with one it just takes one. Stop hide cuz we not step out bring your flag your peoples an cuz. Cuz my side wait their tired an the time will come. The boys get what they have coming but the comment on this post something eles you don’t want to want to know what really go’s on in the night

    • unbelievable

      Wow it gave me a headache trying to read that.. I walk around all night ( insomnia sucks) and I never see anything interesting so tell me ghost, what goes on at night?

  • Joe Jablonsky

    I think we need a hard labor prison camp like the Chineese use to “rehabilatate” their criminals. Something that really gets their attention, and makes them weather they value life on God’s green earth.

  • The TRUTH

    These kids are desperate potheads. Not against marijuana or anything but these kids were only doing it to make their dealers happy and pay for the weed they fronted to and never received the money for it. They are irresponsible kids and it’s pretty sad that I knew these kids and they were not living in no low income house in desperate need of food. They need to do years in prison and be put on probation and drug and alcohol counseling…. THEY NEED HELP!!

  • annomyous

    I know one of the robbers in this because he robbed my friends house. He was upset because people were burning him for weed and he told me to my face that he was going to go back into stealing again. His mom is the sweetest person ever and I don’t understand how a boy who was treated so well grew up to be such a monster…. But they all deserve to be tried as adults for doing an adults crime..


    Someone said maybe they were hungry, SO WHY THE H*LL THEY DIDN’T ROB A GROCERY STORE? Your a IDIOT!

    • unbelievable

      Kinda hard to run with grocery bags and even if it was the weed think it was a mistake they could change there ways everyone on here thinks there all high and mighty enjoy your cozy life styles you privlidged d*cks people like you are the reason why ppl feel they have nowhere to turn

      • sickofdirtbags

        White privilege you say? What white privilege? Maybe in Beverly Hills or Manhattan, however try growing up in the Bronx when your dad has cancer and your mom struggled with PTSD from an abusive childhood and you and your brothers never finished school..but hey, you what? We got our GED’s later on, paid for our own college, mom got a full-time job and we pulled thru it. Small towns and cities are also struggling with little to zero opportunities available, thus, you have to go out and find it or make it. NO EXCUSES!

    • Williamsport and Wilkes-Barre a shell of what they once were

      Better yet, walk into County Assistance Office and apply for Food Stamps

      • unbelievable

        Hah ive been waiting for two months for that so try again..some people have to wait longer and they have nothing

  • Williamsport and Wilkes-Barre a shell of what they once were

    Oh I am sure IF these 4 losers would of got shot to death by the homeowner, the Media and maybe Rev Al would of said racism, and portrayed these 4 boys as good citizens and innocent kids ! I am going to go VOMIT now with the thought !

  • jim

    How many times have they been arrested before and got probation or a slap on the wrist? They should have had consequences for their actions, like some manual labor on weekends, moving rocks from one area to another and then back the next weekend for a month or two. Just maybe a few will want to stay out of trouble

  • Ted

    A crime “without a clear cut solution”, you say?
    Sure there is.
    How bout a shotgun blast to the chest?
    Nothing left but hamburger.
    The resulting “solution” is gauranteed.

  • unbelievable

    HEY commenters, ever in your privlidged minds think they were desperate ? Ever think they were hungry had little brothers and sisters to feed? You dont know why they did it so dont be so heartless sometimes people do things out of desperation.Get a job? Hard to come by. Go to a food bank? Sometimes people dont have a way ther am I saying what they did was right? Hell no. But it could have been they were desperate looked for help and couldnt find it

    • redglow

      Ah, I know what you mean. Like Robin Hood and his band of merry men, right?

      NO. These turd-blossoms are criminals. If an honest job was too hard to come by now, wait until they get out of jail.

      • unbelievable

        Nno more like people who are desperate. Robin hood stole from the rich and gave to to the poor.. these KIDS might have felt like they had nowhere else to turn

      • redglow

        STOP….no excuses. They are criminals. No maybe.

        I can only imagine that you’re a friend or family to one of lowlifes. If you’re a girlfriend of one of theses creeps, your parents should slap you across the head with a 2×4. Stop defending armed criminals.

      • unbelievable

        You clearly have never been hungry or gotten shutt off notices with no way to pay people get deaperate and nope never heard of them

    • Really?

      We had an issue with one of these “boys” a couple years ago, therefore I think it is safe to say ” once trouble…always trouble”. Put them away for a long long time! I have no sympathy for these delinquents!

      • unbelievable

        Off subject but really? Do they hire for weekends becquse thata the only time I would have someone to watch the babies

      • unbelievable

        Im stupid for asking if they hire for weekends only? Hmm exactly point I was stating before there are no kind people in NEPA anymore no hope for anyone I truly believe that noe of you believe theres any kind of after life theres certain thing called karma love thy neighbor. Everyone is so shocked when ppl finnally break and stoop to that level but nobody is willing to love thy neighbor before they get to that point they may have done it for other reasons all I was originally saying was YOU DONT KNOW WHAT THERE HOME LIFE WAS LIKE SO QUICK TO JUDGE.

    • Robert Bauersmith

      Too bad the residents weren’t armed, 4 dead teen thugs might have sent a message and of course it would have prevented them from becoming “repeat offenders” which I believe they already are!

  • BrianGriffin

    And people are upset with Trump for saying what we’re all thinking around NEPA…scum like this should be shot on sight by police. That might stop dirtbags like these from doing these kinds of things. And these made up, ridiculously stupid, names these people give their kids…they really are an entirely different species.

    • Questioner

      Well, let’s see…last time I checked, Brian came from the Celtic word for “hill” and griffin was a plug-ugly red dragon. So what species are you, Mr Hill Fiend?

  • Williamsport and Wilkes-Barre a shell of what they once were

    I sleep with my Pistol every night down stairs ! 4 thugs break in my door, my pistol has 17 shots, they would not make it 3 feet in the door ! Questions asked after I defend my Castle

    I have said it before, ( 1 ) of these times, these thugs in these towns are gonna break in the wrong house, or rob the wrong store, and they are going to be greeted from Hot Lead !

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    TyeQuan?!?? Are you serious? You will go nowhere in life with a name like that.

    Blunt. Stereotypical. Small minded as it may be, it’s gotta be said.

      • WildBill

        My all time favorite’s got to be Shitavious Cook, who not surprisingly is doing 22 years for shooting someone. Or Mrs. King who named her baby boy Nosmo after a sign in the maternity ward waiting room. Then there’s Meconium Jenkins whose mom probably picked that one up subconsciously while under anesthesia in the delivery room. “Whachoo be namin’ this child?” “I will call him Meconium.” “OOOoooh girl, that be a good one. So original. And classy too!” High fives all around.

      • Sassy

        They get the names from the Scrabble tiles, Pick ten, rearrange them until you can pronounce the name.

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