Tragic Accident: Father Hits, Kills 16-Month-Old Son With SUV

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COURTDALE -- The Luzerne County coroner confirms a child was killed this morning when he was hit in front of his home. Minutes later his father was taken away in handcuffs.

Troopers said one-year-old Michael Francis Nice was hit and killed by an SUV driven by his father, Michael Nice, as he headed for work and made a u-turn in the street around 9 a.m. Monday morning on Cooper Street in Courtdale, just outside of Kingston.

"I was at work. They called me at work and I got here as fast as I could. That's all I know and he said the baby ran out. He said, 'I killed my baby. I killed my baby,'" said the child's grandmother, Mary Nice.

State police spent the morning going over the scene at the 200 block of Cooper Street where the SUV apparently struck and killed the child.

A neighbor who didn't want to speak on camera said she saw the whole thing happen. She described that the mother was talking to the father on the driver's side of the SUV, when the little boy wandered around the passenger side. She said as the vehicle pulled away it went up and down, before the mother picked up the child screaming, "The baby! The baby! Oh, my baby!"

"I heard the lady out here yelling, 'Help, help, help!' And I came out and she was ten feet in front of me holding her son. I hung up the phone and I called 911 and they said they were sending everyone they could. It was the worst thing I've ever seen in my life, terrible," said neighbor Robert Derby.

Michael Nice, 34, was taken away in handcuffs. Troopers said he was arrested on suspicion of DUI, taken to have his blood tested, and then released to his family in Courtdale.

As the news spread, friends arrived at the scene trying to comprehend the loss.

"He is a devoted father, loved his children, loves them. That is why this is going to kill him," said neighbor Maureen Evansky.

State police are handling the investigation. The SUV was impounded at the state police barracks in Wyoming Monday afternoon.

So far no charges have been filed.

Newswatch 16 spoke with the boy's mother Monday. She described the situation as a nightmare, saying she is mourning the death of her son and has to deal with a community now judging her family.


  • helpingpeople

    Myself and a few other people are trying to help this family with funding right now through donations. Contacted wnep personally. You think they would run our stories and our websites to help the family.

  • notinkanasanymore

    they’re both to blame. One should have noticed the kid not in his mother’s arms. And why would the mother ALLOW an INFANT running loose with a now in motion vehicle,,, irresponsible!!!!!!!!!!!! I would not trust these people with my gold fish..A completely senseless tragedy..

  • Anonymous

    To the publisher of this article. You are a complete waste of space. You put out this tragic story that sounds like a freak accident but make the title and headliner sound like a murder so people read it? What the hells the matter with you?

  • jenny

    wait a minute, it’s all on the father and his actions. Why wasn’t the MOTHER paying attention to where the “baby” was when she was by a vehicle with the kid. Sounds like an accident to me, but also some irresponsible parenting

  • Sharon b

    What a sad tragedy for all. Sounds like he was a good Dad. There is absolutely no punishment greater than the grief he is experiencing due to accident or mistake. Blame sounds extremely misplaced.

  • Marjorie

    Why quote “I killed my. I killed my baby.” In red as your headline? Wow sure is an eye catcher for attention to be drawn to read the story, but in the end this has been a tragic loss of a young life, that in its tragic nature is eye catching enough. So sad really. Just think the presentation of this story was tasteless, regardless of fault. Theo

  • Really ??

    Why would you have to throw that in about the alcohol without knowing the full story ?? This man and his family will be suffering enough from the childs death. The least you could have done was waited for the results ..
    Seems to me it’s not only about getting the first story out to the public , But I think just maybe it ” Excites You !!”

    I once lived in an apartment complex where one of the buildings had caught fire and a woman perished in the blaze. A certain local news crew was so determined to get an identity on the victim ,they began going through mailboxes !!!
    Show some respect to the familes that are affected instead of trying to score on your ratings !!

  • Steph

    Congrats wnep you got a story and again put people with no class the opprotunity to comment on a horrific tragedy without any true knowledge . Next time rethink your headline and stop encouraging Public opinion on situations you can’t cover completely. A family lost a child and at the end of the day it’s despicable to place any blame without any facts. The family is suffering with a terrible loss. Congrats on your headline and congrats to all those who truly believe this is real news.

    • Sambo

      It is real news you dumb hole.

      If he was drunk then he deserves what he gets. If he wasn’t then let him grieve.

      A tragedy nonetheless.

    • Typical Nonsensical Woman

      Steph, I don’t normally feel this way, but women like you make me pine for the days when women “knew their place”, and only spoke when spoken to. Again, I normally don’t think like that, but women like you really set women back.

      • michael

        oh and I will add also before I get called one. I am not an alcoholic and don’t drink alcohol for that matter.

    • Steff

      I didnt see where it said he was drinking. Who knows till the blood tests come back. Maybe he wasnt but just in shock feom killing his kid. Also I know a lot of people our 9am is like their midnight. You work third shift and just want a beer to unwind from work. Nothing wrong with that.

    • Katie

      If he had been drinking heavily the night before, it’s possible his liver didn’t process all of the alcohol out of his blood stream by 9am. He’d still be over the legal limit. A lot of DUI busts happen first thing in the morning.

  • ArchLinux4me

    Dear God, may this family find peace in this time of tragedy. Man, there are some goofy B-stards in the comment section today though. I am sitting here, shaking my head at the idiocy of some of the folks out there.–> “WNEP, I watched the NEWS and a story made me sad. It is your responsibility to make me happy again.” You know, if a story made you sad, you have something called a web browser, which can take you to all sorts of websites, and connect you to all kinds of emotions. Some of you people are helpless. It’s pretty sad.

  • robert hospodar

    He was a good Man he would never have Done anything like that to his family or his friends or anyone for that matter to do something like that it was an Accident I know That for sure n I know that it’s Killin him right now

  • Lynn Kile

    I love your broadcasts but with all the bad things happening around the viewing area could you create a Happy 5 or 10 minutes segment where it is only something positive. I am sure the viewers would love it. I know I would. Please consider it. I know there are good things happening out there. Thanks

    • Get real

      Oh, for Christ’s sake. Would you get real? They do PLENTY of feel-good local stories. Just look at many of the Ryan Leckey and Mike Stevens segments. You’re out of your mind. If you don’t want to hear the bad news, don’t watch the news. It is their job to report these things.

  • it's all down hill from here

    The possibility that the driver may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol or perhaps did not have a valid drivers license or possibly was leaving the young tot home alone, may answer why he was taken into custody. You can bet on one thing, the police DON”T & CAN’T just make it up as they go!!!!!!! I am sure they take no great pleasure in doing things that need to be done.

    • John Nimoy

      can you imagine all the wusses that would be screaming foul, and corruption when they found out the driver was drunk and the cops didn’t make an arrest.

    • helpingpeople

      He wasnt drinking ,he was not on drugs, and his child most certainly was not left home alone. When you go to the hospital the drug and alcohol test results come back the same day rather quickly. Obviously that is why they did not make an arrest. It was an accident. Quit harassing this family and do sonething positive.

  • Meredith Cunningham

    Shame on wnep 16 for wreaking even More pain and heart ache on this poor young family. I for one….will.never watch this channel again!

      • Steph

        Your vocabulary is without doubt is endless. Hole.. dumb hole…. with all of your knowledge and your vast variety of vocabulary I don’t know if anyone can keep up with you. Please enlighten us on more of your wonderful insight.

  • John

    Was the child outside alone? How did he end up in the path of the vehicle…that is what I want to know.

    • Blunt

      If you could have been bothered to read the article, it says the mother was outside talking to the father.

    • Kathy Smith

      If you actually read the article, it states that the mother was talking to the father from the drivers side of the car and the baby wandered around in front of it. Tragedy can happen in an instant no matter how careful you are.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    WNEP, shame on you for running the story. This is just an absolutely terrible tragedy that we, the general public, don’t need to be a part of.

    • John

      This is a news website…you understand that right? If you don’t want to hear about news,you probably shouldn’t be on this site then. Just a thought.

    • Matt

      Everyone at WNEP is a screwball. Just get use to it, or don’t watch. It’s a bubble gum news agency.

    • Blunt

      Congratulations. That was the stupidest thing I’ve read today, and I’ve read a lot of stupid stuff today.

    • Alex Velazquez

      If anyone with a child read this story and checks on their child before driving off, the news was useful. It’s tragic, but perhaps knowing this can happen could save another child.

  • wannabeinformed

    If this was an accident, and I truly believe it was, there was no reason to handcuff the dad. Good God, he just experienced the worst thing ever! My thoughts and prayers are with the family. I’m so very sorry for your loss.

    • Just a messenger

      I just spoke to this father he is shattered!!! He is being bombarded by the news for an interview. Accidents happen, they are horrific and unfortunate and not always the result of foul play. Thank you for prayers and good thoughts, I passed them along to the family.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Oh my god! That last thing that father needs is handcuffs you idiot cops!! Go arrest some thug scum somewhere!!
    If I ever did that, I’d have to terminate myself.

    That poor baby. Oh god, that’s horrible, horrible, horrible!

    • Thomas Geiger

      You do realize the charge against the father is probably involuntary manslaughter? You do realize that there are rules regarding how people under arrest are detained and brought to the police station, right? It didn’t say they tasered the guy or ridiculed him. They were following procedure. If they didn’t and something happened, its the cops butt on the line.

  • Althea

    If this truly an accident, that father should not be charged. He is already being punished wondering what went wrong, what he could have done differently and wishing time could go back. My heart aches so much for this family. I could not image what they are going through. My thoughts and prayers are with you! God bless your sweet angel.

    • Thomas Geiger

      That is not the cops decision. This is a homicide and they are required to treat it as such. The father may be charged and convicted, the sentence will be up to the judge. But the cop cannot just let him walk.

      • Nicholas

        This is not a homicide…. Homicide is murder… This as far as we know was not murder and was an unfortunate accident. You don’t arrest the father of the child unless you have reason to believe it was anything other then an accident, so either the cop is out of line or we do not know the full story at this time.

        If this was truly an accident, the father will probably not get charged with anything. There was a case similar where a 11 year old boy was run over by a car here in Las Vegas and the father didn’t get any charges and wasn’t even put into handcuffs.

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