Man Flees Scene of Assault: Fights with Troopers

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WOLF TOWNSHIP — A man was charged a week after a fight with state police in Lycoming County.

Authorities said Cody Steinbeck, 24, beat a woman last week near Hughesville during a domestic dispute.

When troopers arrived, the man refused to listen to them as he attempted to flee the scene.

According to investigators, the man ran, then fought with the troopers once they caught up with him.

Steinbeck allegedly kicked and grabbed at one trooper several times, while another had his hand injured during the struggle.

State police had to taser Steinbeck in order to arrest him.

Steinbeck was charged with aggravated assault, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest, among other charges.


  • Nikysha

    How about the state does Cody a favor and puts him in a good rehab instead of a jail cell where he is still able to abuse drugs which is the cause of his issues.

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