Lower Speed Limit at Harveys Lake?

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HARVEYS LAKE -- Some people at Harveys Lake want to see the speed limit lowered around the lake to improve safety.

It comes a month after an athlete was struck and killed, allegedly by a drunk driver.

People have mixed reactions about lowering the speed limit. Many who live at Harveys Lake agree some drivers travel way too fast. But both local and state officials believe the road is safe as is.

Sharing Lakeside Drive in Harveys Lake can be difficult for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists alike.

"It's a narrow, winding road, lots of blind corners, visibility can sometimes be poor," said Greg Fellerman, Harveys Lake safety committee chairman.

Fellerman says the road's 35 mph speed is difficult for local police to enforce.

State law doesn't allow local police to use radar guns. They have to use another method, like one called VASCAR, but that only works if vehicles are speeding 10 miles or more over the limit.

"What that means is the speed limit on Harveys Lake before local law enforcement can pull over is 46 mph. If you find me a residential development that lets cars go 46 mph, I'd love to see it," said Fellerman.

But state officials from PennDOT say their 2009 study on Lakeside Drive shows 35 mph is safe.

"There was nothing that was happening that would justify lowering the speed limit right in that area," said PennDOT official James May.

Harveys Lake police say they haven't had any problems enforcing the speed limit. They say Lakeside Drive is safe.

"As long as everyone follows the rules of the road, I think everyone is going to be safe out there," said Harveys Lake Police chief Charles Musial.

Some folks who live along Lakeside Drive also feel the current speed limit works for the community, even if some drivers have a lead foot.

"I think if they stay at 35, it's fine, but unfortunately people do more than that," said resident Bob Lukas.

But the safety committee's fight isn't over. There's a public meeting for Harveys Lake scheduled for next Tuesday. The safety committee says it will bring up changing the speed limit and other possible changes to improve safety.

Google Map for coordinates 41.364949 by -76.044181.


    • Jay Morgan

      Ever notice how there is always some idiot who has to bring Obama into the conversation no matter what it is?

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Lowering the speed limit to 15 isn’t going to keep drunk drivers from killing people. Swift and PUBLIC execution upon conviction will dramtically curb the offenses, but not stop them.

    But we’ll lower the speed limit instead of addressing the real problem. Hell, it’s the American way.


    After I go through all the trouble of getting my sack waxed, legs shaved and my butt buttered so I can get my bike shorts on you people need to stay out of my way!

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