Healthwatch 16: Camp Kydnie

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MILLVILLE -- This week, there's a special camp for kids dealing with kidney disease.

At Camp Kydnie near Millville, all the kids aged 6-16 have been affected by kidney disease. With friends and family by their side, campers dealing with kidney issues can experience life like they would at any other camp.

"The kids we have here, the kidney campers, would not be able to attend a regular summer camp due to the fact of the high number of medications they take and the procedures they need performed," said Wendy Murphy, director.

Over the years, the camp has grown and adapted. Just this year, a 9-year-old girl is able to attend because she has her dialysis machine in her cabin.

"During the night I get hooked up and it helps me feel better and it gets fluid in me," said Katy Mahon of Lewisburg.

This is the first time Mahon has been able to go to camp with the help of her bedside aid.

"I get to be a regular kid again," she added.

"It works out great because before the kids had to stay in the medical shed and they'd miss the evening activities in the cabin and with the kids and this just makes it more inclusive," Murphy added.

Camp Kydnie wraps up this Friday.

camp kydnie group

Campers at Camp Kydnie

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