Starbucks to Raise Some Beverage Prices

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MOOSIC -- Starting July 7, there’s a shot of reality that will come with your next shot of caffeine.

Coffee giant Starbucks says starting Tuesday, it will raise the price on certain drinks, some as much as 20 cents.

At the Starbucks at The Shoppes at Montage in Moosic, caffeine junkies made a pit stop for an early evening pick me up.

For many customers, they can't exactly explain why they love Starbucks, they just know they do.

“Because it's delicious and it's everywhere and it's very accessible,” said Jillian Horn from Philadelphia.

“It's stronger, a little more zip,” said Don Smith from Scranton.

“It just tastes different from like Dunkin or any other coffee store. It's good,” said Madelyn Ross from Pittston.

“The drinks are so good. They're just marvelous, love them,” said Ron Baux of Scranton.

“I think it's the name, you know. Like you see someone carrying Starbucks and you think, 'Oh, that's nice. Maybe I'll go get some Starbucks,'” said Gracyn Giampietiro from Mountain Top.

But unfortunately, the latest jolt from Starbucks isn't in the form of an espresso shot, but a price increase on beverages.

The Seattle-based coffee giant says drink costs will go up at stores across the country from 5 cents to as high as 20 cents.

“They just went up by 20 cents. It used to be $2.07 for my coffee, now it's $2.23, so not 20 cents but close,” said Ursula Tracy from Scranton.

“They're already high, darn,” said Smith.

Starbucks says customers will mostly see a 10 cent increase in small and large beverages; a large coffee will now cost $2.45.

A spokesperson says this price hike is needed to run its business profitably while providing value to loyal customers and still be able to attract new customers.

“I paid $4.19 for this drink,” said Kara Romanowski, holding up a small chocolate chip Frappuccino. “Considering this is very, very small, it's not even as big as the palm of my hand.”

“It's just part of marketing and business. They have to make money,” said Baux.

“Like compared to Dunkin my iced coffee is double the price honestly and it's smaller, but I love it,” said Julie Green from Kingston. “And honestly as much as I'd like to say I'd stop coming here if they keep raising the prices, but I won't.”

Starbucks says customers can still find discounts and free drink deals by taking advantage of the company's “My Starbucks Rewards” program.


  • Franko

    Their crappy coffee is expensive enough — but of course, it tends to be all the middle class peopel in the area who swear by it and drink it, so I guess they can afford it at any price. I tried it 3 times in 10 years (twice in Dickson, once somewhere else) and it always tastes like someone took the bottom of the coffee pot, threw in a pipe connected to the diesel exhaust from a truck and mixed it all up.

  • Johnson

    I’m amazed how dumb and helpless consumers have become. Like Zombies they’d pay as much 5 bucks a cup. Make your own. You get more and it tastes better if you take a tiny interest in the process. It’s called raising prices because they can. These commenters proved it.

  • Jeff Mayhugh

    $2.45 for a large coffee? I hate McDonald’s food but their coffee is good and only $1 for any size. But mostly I make it at home or at work as it is cheaper and better.
    If you get a large coffee at Starbucks every day that’s $17.50/week or $894.25/year. What a waste of money!

  • Frank Rizzo

    Because $7 for a small nasty coffee isn’t expensive enough. Starbucks drinkers = Liberals, Apple users, probably ones who own a Prius, Vegans and men who never stepped foot into a gym and couldn’t bench press their way out of a paper bag.

    • roughcut

      Not to mention the ubiquitous windbags who go and on about everything and anything; always striking a contrarian note; rarely insightful, but occasionally entertaining for the freak factor.

      Frank, this isn’t one of those times.

    • E

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaa! OM(fuc*ing)G! There is no way that you so obviously outed yourself! Couldn’t bench press their way out of a paper bag? Only uneducated knuckle draggers, and half pint weaklings whom were beaten by their father would view benchpressing as a sign of manliness. I overhear guys like you talking when I’m at the gym. Oh wait your name is accurate, you’re a stereotype half pint Italian who lifts weights to try and compensate for being short. LOL. Do you wear work boots all the time so you can be a half inch taller? LOL Do you take steroids like most of the middle aged tough guys I see at the gym, so you can still have some mass and yet drink a case of low quality beer every night with your friends? I bet you critisize professional athletes because of your faiuled sports dream.LOL. Just one more……I bet you’re the middle aged guy who brags about his high school sports career while squaring up for a fight. LOL. “I played football in high school”, “I went to states” yeah 25 years ago loser Ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

      • Frank Rizzo

        You’re missing the point of what male liberal Starbucks drinkers look like. They weigh 128lbs, shop at the Gap, don’t own guns , probably don’t pump their own gas, eat lettuce and listen to DMB. :)

  • ArchLinux4Me

    Starbucks is overrated, and is normally packed with foppish Apple fanboys…another company with hordes of unconditional bum-kissing clones. Smooooch…

    • Apple Fanboy

      I like to wear oversized winter knit caps in July, because I am so cool. I am such a unique individual. Would you like some trendy black framed glasses, anyone?

  • Get Real

    Mindless sheeple. If you must have that “status symbol” in your hand to impress your friends just fill an empty Starbucks cup with whatever you wish.

  • 3rd grader

    buy 1lb coffee at store … make 50 cups at home….vs…. 2 at starbucks …. a no brainer.

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