Customers React to Confederate Flag Bans

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TEXAS TOWNSHIP -- Companies that have sold items with the confederate flag on them for years are now putting a stop to that. Those stores include Walmart.

This Walmart is in the heart of Texas, Texas Township that is just outside Honesdale. Inside and out there's a wide range of things for sale.

Everything but shirts, bumper stickers or flags depicting the confederate flag now that the multi-billion dollar corporation has said no more after the massacre at a historic black church in South Carolina.

"They shouldn`t be selling those flags, we`re one country. We shouldn`t be split up by flags," said Pete Maddalone of Lake Ariel.

The online auction site, eBay as well as Walmart and Sears which owns Kmart all have decided to stop selling merchandise with the confederate flag on it. Some customers said that`s the right move while others said they just don`t get it.

"It`s a flag and people have different perceptions of a flag. Don`t see why they should take it down," said Sheila DeGroat of Waymart.

DeGroat shops at Walmart. To her, it's not the flag that's hurtful.

"I think it`s the people that discriminate, people who have their own hatred. They all need to have peace."

Others, however, believe companies shouldn't be selling what may be perceived as symbols of discrimination and hate especially after the church shooting.

"While it is for some people a symbol of quote unquote heritage, it`s more so a symbol of oppression due to the Jim Crow laws in the deep south," said James Pasquale of Honesdale.

Amazon also plans to stop selling items bearing the confederate flag.


  • Jay Smith

    how about they stop selling the american flag as well? as to true native americans it is a symbol of what was stolen from them so it must mean that it stands for some bs pc deal

  • Jojo

    Taking away the sale of a confederate flag will not magically take away the white supremist or racists attitudes that some folks consider this flag to be a symbol of.

    This kid who killed was having mental issues, on prescription drugs etc. he also had black friends. If you are all into racial or white supremecy you would have no black friends nor associate with them.

    This was just a big excuse to get all his frustration out on parents divorce, the way he lived, the way his life was going no where. Having to be told to find a job at 21 , dropped out of HS etc.

    I’m also pretty sure that burger and fries from Burger King that the cops brought him to before jail, was probably prepared by a black person. But he still ate the food didn’t he.? So how he is all that racist?

  • Lee Kostik

    Walmart, et al, better stop depicting the American Flag. It offends illegal immigrants. GET OVER THE CIVIL WAR ALREADY.


    These flags absolutely will be made more available and be seen a lot more now that all the racists are making a mountain out of a mole hill.
    Wonder how things would be today if this young lad shot up a church, say in……………. NEPA ??????
    Would we be still taking about this flag ?
    I think not.
    Glad to see Jesse Jackson Jr got out of his halfway house / a joke of a jail this week so he can help jump on the bandwagon with the rest of the racists.

  • Robert Johnson

    I am 65 years old – I was born and raised in the northeast – I also ESCAPED the communism that was being bred up there – and ran for the south – I never looked back – I have been flying the confederate flag and had a confederate flag license plate on my car for over 10 years BEFORE I escaped the communist northeast – America is being destroyed from within – first the takeover of the schools – now this crap with the confederate flag – I have been southern in my heart and my mind for over 50 years – America better wake up – Hussein said he was going to bring America down – and he is!!

  • good

    Hungry? Out of work? Thank the chinese and walmart. walmarts motto should be “putting the locals out of business ” but what’s saddest is that we the people of this great country allow this to happen! We buy this garbage and celebrate! We fill the area under the christmas tree with useless chinese lead based painted toys that break in a week and go buy more . People of America are their own worst enemies, perhaps worst then isis and all the terrorist turds in the world

  • You wonder why there's racism

    Yes, we gave up a lot of rights when we put b Hussein obumbler in office. People just ignore your rights eventually they will go away! And now of course the murdering hillary as voiced her two cents on the flag to help her election campaign. I won a hundred bucks on a bet that it wouldn’t be a week and she’d be blasting her blubbery pig snout about banning the flag! To bad this world has fallen victim to hogs like hillary lying murdering Benghazi supporting s c u m

  • OneDown

    For the record, I am not a “racist, but think of it this way. The flags that fly are a form of speech. Last time I checked, it was still a freedom to do so. What people fail to see is that one right is taken, they are all up for negotiation. It’s really sad and unfortunate that this great land has lost all form of free thinking. Two weeks ago, that flag represented the league of rednecks. One ignorant kid changed that in one foul swoop. The person in the wrong is to blame, not the piece of material with a pattern on it.
    Remember folks “Rights are not Gifts from the government.”
    So which freedom are you willing to give up?

    • Prof.

      That is complete and utter nonsense.
      A company deciding not to sell a product has nothing to do with your rights.

    • coolaidantidote

      “Rights are not Gifts from the government.”

      The government is not restricting your rights. What you’re witnessing is the free-market economy at work. Customers at large have exerted pressure on business and business has reacted– in a manner not to your liking, it seems.

      There is no government infringement, except in your conspiracy addled mind.

  • Johnny Rebel

    all flags are racist

    The U.S. flag has a lot of red on it for all the blood it’s shed, It should also have some black strips running vertical for being number one in having the most people imprisoned to be Politically Correct.

    Red is the color of hate.

  • Banananas

    I wish they would ban Wal Mart. Seems like no good news is ever associated with it. Shop local, know your neighbors, and if rap music that promotes breaking almost any law anywhere isn’t banned completely then I don’t get this nonsense about a flag that signifies someones ancestors’ military service. Mine fought and died to preserve The Union (as was Lincoln’s intention, not to abolish slavery as the ‘cuddly’ version you are taught would have you believe). We could have just as easily been languished in another century of mass acceptance of the practice had technology not conquered the idea and gave birth to the Industrial Age that followed. But whatever you want to believe is good enough for me. Go with it, tell everybody you are right, and don’t forget that every story that you read about ‘race’ is really about money.

  • Sorry folks, but...

    You fly the confederate flag, you’re a racist… But it’s a piece history…shut up, you’re a racist. A civil war was fought, and you, racist confederate flag flying idiots lost, over 150 years ago.
    Please continue to wear your confederate flag belt buckles, t’shirts, bikinis and big decals on the back windows of your lifted truck. Then we can continue to identify all the a-hole, white trash, racists in this world.
    Racism is taught, not inherited…
    A blood red, NRA card carrying, Republican…

    • donewithignorance

      Another blood red, NRA card carrying, Republican agrees 100%, it’s about time! This is one flag that should be burned!

      • OneDown

        Does it really matter the political orientation of the poster? Seems to me this “NRA card carrying Republican” is a lot smarter than most. You want that flag burned? You are giving up a right. No more posting ridiculous comments on WNEP. You have given up that freedom. (Take note: You don’t have to agree on everyone’s perception of any given “Right,” however if you take it from one…you take it from all. Including you and your kool-aide drinkin’ friends.)

  • I'mSoOffended

    This country is turning into a Politically Correct pile of crap. OMG we can’t do that, or say that cause it might hurt someone’s feelings. I have Native American heritage, do I get to be offended every time I see an American flag? I can see it as a symbol of the slaughter of my ancestors and the theft of their lands. Can I be offended that people are offended by the Virginia Battle flag? There for, their being offended causes my being offended which will cause them to be even more offended and that’s how a infinite loop is started! This country is becoming a society of don’t get your feelings hurt, everyone gets a trophy for trying, it’s everyone’s fault but yours, and it’s ok to do it as long as you post it on facebook…..sycophants.

    • donewithignorance

      You make a more than valid point and I am humbled by what you expressed, however, I have personally always found any flag that represented oppression offensive. Ever since the decision to remove the confederate flag from public buildings and some places of business was made and Native Americans pointed out what they viewed as hypocrisy should give us all pause. I make a motion that a flag representing Native Americans be flown along with the American flag then in all public places and wherever else appropriate or desired.

  • States Rights

    This flag is orignally about states rights. Also, James, the flag was out before Jim Crow Laws.

    Before the hippy dippy tree huggin liberals get all worked up, go read a history book. You will find this to be true.

    And no, I’m not racist.

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