Summer Camps are Big Business

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DAMASCUS TOWNSHIP -- It's the first full day of summer and more than two dozen summer camps in Wayne County are getting ready for the arrival of the campers.

Summertime in Wayne County and sleep-away camps are just days away from being full of thousands of campers.

At Tyler Hill Camp north of Honesdale, nearly 300 camp counselors are busy training, moving tables, and getting ready for the seven weeks of summer fun.

"We spend 300 some days preparing for 51 days when our campers arrive," said owner Andy Siegel.

Siegel runs Tyler Hill Camp for boys and girls. 500 of them are on their way this weekend. At roughly $12,000 per camper, Tyler Hill aims to deliver the summer camping experience.

"The goal is to create the most magical experience in those 51 days so everyone leaves wanting more," said Siegel.

Dana Kaynes of Long Island is sending her twins to Tyler Hill Camp this summer.

"Excited to send them to Tyler Hill Camp, because I think they`ll have a great summer. I was a camper so I know what they're in for," she said.

Some of the 26 camps in northern Wayne County alone have been around for nearly a century and boast top-of-the-line facilities, and even have their own horse stables.

"Many of them are filled every single year with waiting lists, all of us are hiring staff. Every camp is using local vendors to go our and service their camps,' said Siegel.

Between how much the camps help local business and give campers a summer to remember, many agree it's a perfect fit for Wayne County.

"This is my happy place, it`s a lot of people`s happy place. It's pretty, and nice and there's nothing better than a summer up here in Pennsylvania," said longtime camper and employee Michael Davidowitz.

Campers move in this weekend.


  • TomFolland

    This is a great example of irresponsible parenting. What kind of people ship their 13 year old child off to a camp with barely any adult supervision. These parents only pay big bucks so they can escape the “burden” of parenting for a few months. I feel bad for these children who are raised by random camp counselors and never exposed to traditional Christian values.

  • Smfh

    And just think….thousands of kids this summer will not even be able to go to the amusement park because some families do not have all the funds to do so. Yet $12,000 to drop on a 7 year old child for a 6 week summer camp is nothing to some. Same experience could be provided at the YMCA, bible vacation studies, or local groups. Sickening. Priorities people.

    • Smfh

      Btw ,these camps are tax exempt and non profit. I don’t care how much money they bring to the local areas for a few months compared to how they take, take, take and invade the locals , along with attitudes

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