Harveys Lake Makes Road Improvements Following Fatal Crash

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HARVEYS LAKE -- More than a week after the hit-and-run death of Paula Jones, athletes and officials from around Harveys Lake are working to make the area where the crash happened a safer place for people and cyclists.

Jones was training for a triathlon earlier this month when police said she was hit and killed by Michael Scavone. Police say his blood-alcohol level was more than 2.5 times the legal limit.

"What really got to everyone was the drunk driver," said Harveys Lake Run Director Richard Pais, adding the crash may have been avoided if the driver was sober.

Cyclists, like Louise Alabre-Trumm agree, adding the narrow roads around Harveys Lake can be dangerous for cyclists. Athletes want to see specific riding times for bicyclists, speed bumps installed, and even add bike lanes to roads.

"It would be nice if there were truly riding lanes and walking lanes," she said.

"That is not gonna happen," said Chief Charles Musial of Harveys Lake.

Instead, Chief Musial says police are taking a proactive approach, hiring a part-time officer whose job will be to patrol around the lake. PennDOT will also add more speed limit signs and replace old signs.

"We looked at what we could do immediately and that was the signage. That's the first step, and they put an order in for every sign to be replaced," Musial said.

As for Scavone, he's charged with homicide by vehicle under the influence and other related charges. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 27.


  • Try it

    If all the bicyclist has to pay registration for their bikes to be on public highways they’d have the funds to put a bike lane in and a walking lane and then they’d stay the h e l l out of the road! People also need to realize if they are following a bicycle they do not have the right to pass them without regard to upcoming traffic. I’ve had cars come in my lane on a double yellow to pass a bike and guess what , I do not hit the berm for them so look out next time your passing a bike illegally , I may be the guy in the other lane headed your way and I’ll smash right in to you!

  • Flustered

    The plain fact is that at least half of the lake front at Harveys Lake is actually on PennDot right of way. There is a 50 foot right of way the entire way around the lake, take two lanes of 12 feet, and I doubt if those lanes are even that big, and you still have 26 feet or 13 feet a side. It would be political suicide for any polititian to propose PenndDot step in and assume control of that which is rightly theirs. Just recently Penndot surrendered ownership of the land at the end of noxen Road, at least 18 feet of lake front, with out any type of compensation.

  • Ben

    Simple solution……biking or jogging around the lake is not longer permitted. Go to Kirby park if you want to ride or run.

  • scarolina

    What is needed and has been needed for a very long time at Harveys Lake a one way bike and jogging lane around the lake. In order to to put a lane in would mean the lake front properties would have to give up some of their road frontage, and keeping in mind that some these yards are also on the road right of way on some of these properties. Will the state ever get on the ball and claim their rightful right of ways around the lake, so the process of a one way bike & jogging lane for the lake can begin. Don’t hold your breath waiting for this to happen at the lake though. Instead the road hazard will just continue and possibly more people lives will be maimed or lost, just so those lakefront properties can keep using the frontage whether it belongs to them or not and the hazard continues for those people traveling around the lake. I guess the state does not know the meaning of condemning property for “Public Safety” purposes in areas where they don’t have the right a way.

    • Marty

      I think you’re mistaken in the actual width of Penndot right of way around the lake. It isn’t nearly wide enough to build a separate bike/jogging lane. Not a single home owner is going to be willing to give up property for a jogging lane either. A plan to seize property in order to build a biking lane does nothing to solve a sincere lack of responsibility on both sides of the issue. There are people that are responsible drivers, in the same way that there are responsible bikers. However, there are just as many irresponsible bikers and motorists as there are responsible ones. Conceding a biking lane to those that have ridden three wide, with total ignorance and reckless abandon for years, is no solution at all.

  • Better before than later

    Pathetic that it always takes a tragedy for something to finally be done right or made better afterwards.

  • What??

    Specific ride times for cyclists? Sure, 2am-5am, there ya go… Bike lanes? Sure, let’s make the road narrower… How or why the road ended up between the houses and the lake is the most mind boggling to me, I’m sure there’s some historical reason out there that someone will comment.

    How about rather than wasting money on stupid signs, you set up some weekend DUI check points! Her life was taken by a drunk, not someone who can’t read a sign!

    It’s hard enough driving around that lake sober and not hitting a jogger or some donkey on a bicycle doing 10mph!! It’s safer to ride your bike down the shoulder of 81, than that lake.

    • Better before than later

      Maybe if you and other drivers would just slow the hell down as well, you can easily manuever those roads a little more properly as well as not hit someone.

      • Curious

        Do the speed limit of 35 around the lake and get stuck behind cyclists riding three wide doing 5 or 10. Even one that rids down the middle of the lane prevents safe passing.
        Yes, there are drivers that speed around the lake. There are also very ignorant riders that refuse to follow state law while on there bikes. Why not ticket them for a change instead of always going after the motorist?

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