Fugitive Remains on the Run

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- Detectives in the Poconos are still looking for a man they describe as armed and dangerous.

Terrence Jewell has been on the run since last Wednesday after allegedly holding his estranged wife at gunpoint in Monroe County.

It happened last Wednesday along McKinley Avenue.

"About 3 a.m., pulled the air conditioner out the side of the trailer and crawled into the bedroom window," said Stroud Area Regional Police Detective Richard Wolbert.

Detectives say Jewell then held the victim for about two hours, violating a protection order and threatening to kill her.

It's something many residents of this neighborhood didn't hear about until now.

"Hearing about this, that really, my kids play on that road to this day, so it's very alarming," said neighbor Leigh Silfee.

According to court papers, Jewell eventually took off in a cab.

But then jumped out into these woods off Park Drive near Marshalls Creek.

"Yeah, it's very uneasy, but I don't want it to hurt the neighborhood reputation because it's not a bad neighborhood," said Silfee.

Now that folks in this East Stroudsburg community have heard about the fugitive being armed, dangerous, and still on the run, they say they'll be looking out for one another in this tight-knit community.

"I think I will tell the other neighbors that didn't hear about it because most of us stay in our homes, you know, we don't go out," said Shirley Rae of East Stroudsburg.

Stroud Area Regional Police say Jewell is a man who they have had minor issues with in the past, and they've gotten some tips about where he may be.

"We're asking everybody to be vigilant, and if they see him to call 911. Do not approach him," said Detective Wolbert.

Jewell faces several felony charges once police track him down.


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