Centenarian’s Love For Booze Causes Internet Frenzy

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- An update to the story we brought you last week about a woman celebrating her 100th birthday.

After telling us her secret to a long life was her love of booze, Pauline Spagnola's story went viral on social media.

“Here's luck to you, buddy!”

Relaxing with a nice cold brew isn't just a way to spend the afternoon, for Pauline Spagnola, it's the key to a long life and she should know.

It was during Pauline's 100th birthday party last Tuesday, the birthday gal revealed it's her love of booze that's kept her going this long.

“Drink a lot of booze,” laughed Pauline during the celebration June 9.

But since her boast of loving beer aired on Newswatch 16, Pauline's story got brewing on both the internet and mainstream media.

She's since been on several television stations across the country and on CNN.

Pauline's story on wnep.com has more than 28,000 page views from viewers from Canada to Brazil and her video on our website has been seen 68,000 times.

On Facebook, her story has been shared more than 12,000 times and received nearly 7,000 likes.

“Oh, I can't describe it but just wonderful,” Pauline said when asked how the new found fame felt. “What do I think? Oh, I think it's great!”

Pauline says her favorite beer of choice is Steigmaier, brewed locally in Wilkes-Barre at Lion Brewery.

Employees at Golden Living Center where Pauline lives say she's proof you can get older but still never grow up.

“Good, delicious!” Pauline laughed, taking a big sip of beer.


  • Johnson

    She’s great! Do what makes you feel good within reason. Not a fan of her beer choice but she’s from a different time.

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