Police Looking for Jeep Caught on Camera After Hit and Run

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SELINSGROVE -- Police are looking for a white Jeep after a crash in downtown Selinsgrove left a woman critically injured.

Katherine Blann recently moved to Snyder County to work for a company that teaches English to foreign students on the Susquehanna University campus.

Friday night she came downtown to enjoy a steak with a friend.

Rick Schuck, the owner of Bot's Tavern on Market Street said around 9:30 p.m. Friday the rain was pouring and Blann was parked across the street.

The owner said what happened to his customer is disturbing. One moment she was enjoying dinner with a friend, then just minutes later she was in the street, seriously injured.

While Schuck says police asked him not to make his security video public, he described what the camera captured.

"They were assessing the weather, you could tell that. The friend left to the left, she went straight ahead at a pretty good pace," Schuck said.

The tavern owner says on the surveillance video you can see the victim dashing through the rain into the street, but because of the angle of the camera you do not see her being hit, however she ended up lying on the ground near her car.

"You could see by headlights and tail lights probably about another dozen cars drove by, and nobody stopped," Schuck added.

Blann was taken to Geisinger Medical Center near Danville where she is listed in critical condition.

An image of the white Jeep came from the security camera of a gas station on South Market Street.

"If people inside can hear the impact, you know you have hit something," said Schuck.

Like the victim, Pat Meech also recently moved to Selinsgrove and says what happened to a fellow newcomer really hits home.

"These are the rules. This is common courtesy. You stop and see if anyone is hurt," Meech said.

Police say footage from a third surveillance camera shows that the Jeep may have been speeding, but the angle of the camera makes it difficult to confirm.

If you have any information on the case you are asked to call police in Selinsgrove.

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