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Man Charged With Killing Jogger While Driving Drunk

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LUZERNE COUNTY -- Police in Luzerne County arrested a man Friday night for a hit and run that left a jogger dead and a community angry and the driver accused of hitting the woman then taking off has multiple DUI arrests in his past.

“I wish I was dead.”

Michael Scavone, of Harveys Lake, made clear his feelings as officers led him into his arraignment here near Dallas where he was charged with numerous offenses including homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence.

Harveys Lake Police say Scavone struck Paula Jones, 31 of Factoryville, while Jones was jogging on Lakeside Drive around 6 Sunday night.

That accident happened near Lynn Austin's home.

“We didn't know what it was at the time,” said Austin. “And then we saw the sneaker and we were able to see her and they immediately called 911.”

Police say Scavone didn't stop after hitting Jones, who later died at the hospital.

A short time after the crash, Police found Scavone's Honda CRV parked at his home here Brook Street, a short distance from the crash site.

Investigators say Scavone's blood alcohol level was .214 roughly two hours after he reportedly hit Jones and police say Scavone admitted to driving the Honda, saying he had been drinking and was lucky to have made it home.

Police report Scavone has a long list of prior arrests, including a cocaine bust in 2008 and at least two DUI arrests before that.

Since he left the scene of a deadly DUI crash, if convicted Scavone faces a mandatory minimum of three years in prison.

“Previous, previous citations, I don't understand that and then this happens so I am very happy to hear that he's been arrested,” said Austin.

Due to his prior arrests bail was set at $400,000 straight.

Scavone has a preliminary hearing scheduled for next Thursday at 9:30 am.



  • No News Here

    Pennsylvania’s Gun Control Laws prohibit a habitual drunk from legally owning a gun, yet they can continue to operate a vehicle. I submit that a vehicle is also a deadly weapon when a drunk is behind the wheel. Habitual DUI’s should mandate loss of driving privledges. Period.

  • Law revision how it should be

    The only ones thumbs downing my stiff penalty proposals below are drunken, alcoholic losers who think it is ok to murder people with a vehicle under the influence ! So they want light penalties

    I am proud member of MADD

    Drunk drivers are a serious threat to our lives !

  • Coalition To Stop Interracial Breeding

    Funny how we are ready to hang this guy yet look to Joe paterno as a hero! And how many lives did he take? I am in no way a supporter of this guy nor anyone who drinks and gets behind the wheel but I also do not support people who jog on the road nor drive bicycles on the road! For gods sake she didn’t see this m o r o n coming? Maybe it was the headset she had in blasting music. Perhaps if one is going to jog on the road be alert not just for drunks but you never know when that ole geezer is gonna hit you while suffering a medical condition or just plain ole not see you because your jogging in camouflage clothing etc. people stay alert! Beware of your surroundings or by a treadmill or exercise bike

  • Law revision how it should

    Truth be told my fellow NEPA citizens, each day we ride on the road, these drunk drivers are a far great threat to us,our family and our friends, then these thugs in the ghetto that shoot each other.

    So in my opinion these drunk drivers are the real no goods ! Perhaps even a bigger threat to our lives and safety than all these influx that shoot each other !

    Never take this DUI stuff lightly ! They are monsters ready to take an innocent life at any moment when driving down the road cause of alcohol ! Yours, your spouses, your kids, you grandkids, your siblings, your friends !

    I say if caught DUI lose your license for 5 years first offense, have your Insurance rates go up 10 fold

    Caught a 2nd time then a permanent loss of license forever ! Sneaker express !

    Drive drunk and kill an innocent the Death Penalty ! With appeals, lasting no more than 3 months till execution !

    Time to start enforcing laws on killers !

  • heavy punishment

    Drunk Drivers are murderers !

    Drunk drivers who kill innocent people should be put in front a firing squad, hung or lethal injection !

  • booogah man

    Jess Kechula has 4 dui’s and no jail time, guess you gotta kill someone.
    But maybe its because she’s a Mahanoy City Rat & is untouchable?

  • Pat

    I can’t believe 10 people gave me a thumbs down because I mentioned the bartender and bar. You would look at it different if it was your daughter that was killed.

    • another voice

      I do believe the justice system can accommodate him. But 3 years? What a slap in the face to her family and friends.

  • Pat

    All these comments and not one mentioned where he was drinking. What bar was he drinking at to let him leave and drive? Are they that stupid? They should be charged and the bartender that kept serving that idiot.

  • Mad In Hazleton

    Man Charged With Killing Jogger While Driving Drunk……………………………………
    This guy should spend the rest of his miserable life in jail….or better yet just take him out back and 1 bullet to the skull should do…….
    R.I.P Paula Jones

  • Bren

    There should be MANDATORY ignition locking devices on all vehicles owned/leased by people convicted of DUI. Sure, they could still get begin the wheel of a friend’s or relative’s car, but hopefully that would mean trying to borrow keys and being told no if they are intoxicated. It would at least cut down on these repeat offenders from killing innocent people, as seems to be happening more and more these days. How awful for the family of the victim knowing that Scavone could have and should have been prevented from driving based on his past actions, but that he was able to weasel out of any type of penalties. What a senseless, sad thing for this woman to die because he had a problem with booze and no one would clamp down on his freedom. All of Scavone’s second chances mean someone else, an innocent victim, gets NO chances ever again.

  • Jenny

    I know it’s hard but he needs to be forgiven…..Three years in jail, maybe boot camp, three years in jail, wouldn’t help. God bless everyone involved. No one on this earth is perfect and Jesus loves sinners. He has to live with what he has done everyday.

    • Bren

      Easy enough to preach this if your loved one is not the victim! Forgiveness is great, but only AFTER he pays the price for his crimes. How will forgiving him deter anyone else from doing the same? Or him from doing this yet again? Forgiveness happens later, after people have a chance to grieve and heal, NOT before their loved one is even laid to rest.

    • brian

      Jesus has nothing to do with this scumbag killing a innocent person. It was his decision to drive that car when he was drunk. So sick of seeing people bringing god or Jesus into matters that has nothing to do with religion. Wake up Jenny and smell the coffee…if it was your family member I’m sure you will be singing a different time. Smh….

      • Dave

        Yes Brian,
        Laws and punishments are in place as a deterrent, but that will most likely keep this man from being a drunk.

        Brian, every human being is flawed, and sins against a Just, Righteous, and Holy God. Because God is just, he must judge sin. Because He is Righteous, He must punish the person who is found guilty of breaking his laws. Because He is holy, the sentence is hell, or eternal separation from God because he is holy or separate from sin.

        ALL of us have broken his laws. NOT ONE of us is innocent. We all have this death sentence on us.

        It is only because of God’s love we can escape the horror if our ultimate fate. God loves this man who killed Paula, he loves you, me and the whole world. He loves us so much he sent his son into this world to live the perfect life we can’t, and be punished on the cross in place if us, so God’s holy, righteous, and just nature would not be violated.

        Brian, Jesus paid our fine in court, so we could be set free. Justice was carried out on God’s only son Jesus.

        All God asks in return to receive this “pardon” is to believe Jesus is the
        Son of God, that he is our savior, and that he is Lord.

        All of us need to be saved!

    • Jim Nayseeum

      Yeah – jail worked really well for Eric Papp too. He was sentenced in 2002, to seven to 14 years in state prison for the drunken fatal crash in Hanover Township that claimed the lives of Mehgan Hanko, 16, and Kenny Williams, 17, on June 9, 2001. Papp crashed the car and left the scene. Where was Jesus to save these poor teens that died? Well, Papp got out of jail and just got ANOTHER DUI back in March. These people never learn.

      • Raven13Pa

        Agreed!! Papp is a scum!! I knew both Kenny and Megan being from Ashely and living in nanticoke for a few years as well. Scum gets out and does it again. He should be in prison for life wanna be thug

    • Unbelievable

      You’re a perfect example of why this nonsense continues. Bleeding heart liberals who feel no one should have to pay a severe penalty for their actions. Next time you ask why this slaughter continues just look in the mirror

      • letsgetittogether

        I’m a liberal.
        A. I never reference Jesus like the above whackjob.
        B. I hope they leave sheets in his cell and forget to check on him.

    • TinyBubbles

      “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s…”

      … and Caesar says that he’s a criminal.

    • BZ22

      Forgiveness doesn’t cure his problem. It appears he’s been forgiven before and look where that got us!!

    • sickofitall

      Jenny, you are all alone in wanting to forgive this guy. And how do you know that Jesus loves sinners? Did he tell you that?

    • BZ22

      DAVE – God’s forgiveness isn’t to be used as a free pass when breaking the law. We’re still to be held responsible and accountable for our crimes and actions. This man has had “forgiveness” before and abused those privileges. There’s a price to pay for that even if he believes and has asked forgiveness!

      • Dave

        Please RE-READ my comment. Never did I say this man should not face legal consequences for his actions. I responded to Brian’s comments about why The Lord Jesus Christ is always brought up in these circumstances.

        The drunk who killed Paula is no different in God’s eyes then YOU and
        Me and every other human being. We have ALL broken his laws. We ALL need to accept Jesus Christ’s offering of himself for the propitiation of OUR sins, or we will be forever lost!

  • sickofitall

    It is amazing how many lives are either lost or ruined by alcohol abuse. What a GIGANTIC problem that is not addressed in proportion to the devastation is creates!

  • Belle

    DUI laws are way too easy for first time offenders. I personally think a first time DUI deserves a mandatory 72 hour jail stay, no exceptions, followed by a twelve month license suspension. So what if doing jail time is an embarrassment and so what if someone’s driving is “inconvenienced?” Maybe some harsh penalties the first time around would be what it takes to stop those drinking from getting behind the wheel. I’ve heard people say that is a harsh punishment for someone who makes a mistake and drinks a little more, or drinks just once, or their normal drink effected them differently. Bull! When you hear and read about all these tragic deaths because of drunk driving, isn’t anyone paying attention to the fact that the current DUI laws aren’t working the way they are!

  • Ginger Ganser

    He took a life, he deserves LIFE in prison. He left a beautiful 14 year old girl without her mother. I hope he rotts in hell!!!

  • BZ22

    Scavone said he was driving the car, had been drinking and was lucky to have made it home. How repulsive and disgusting is that comment? He hit someone and left them dying along the roadway on that drive and considered himself lucky!!! Hopefuly some mandatory time, which is waaaaay past due, will prevent him from doing this to any other family. I really hope some lawyers and judges who’ve seen him in the past see the error of their ways!

  • Dolores

    And here we have it……he has multiple DUIs but he still had a license……and he still has an alcohol problem……if he’d been smoking pot instead……he would have never left his house. But go ahead state government you obviously know what’s best for the public and boy does it show! When are these politicians going to get their heads out of their butts.

  • Wayne Edward Clifton-Miller

    “Officers tell Newswatch 16 Scavone has a history of DUI’s and was charged in a large drug bust in 2008.
    Tell me, who did he know that he got away with a history of DUI’s and charged with a drug bust and still able to be among law abiding citizens and kill this beautiful person? Why did it take them so long to arrest him? Small town cops and the lawyer that he’s related to.

    • sickoflowlifes

      Makes one wonder are the prisons SO full or our judicial system so screwed that we to let such people out and about driving in our streets and roaming our communities? Then we are truly as doomed as this beautiful young mother was.
      “I wish I was dead.” he says. Ok, that’s too bad. Is this to invoke pity? …”saying he had been drinking and was lucky to have made it home.” Well you did, sort of, and she didn’t. And now your new home will be prison. For another whole 5 minutes just like the last time(s). I hope your attorneys and the judges on your former cases can sleep at night knowing the let a killer go free.

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