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Mother Accused in Death of Child Didn’t Trust Doctors

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HERRICK TOWNSHIP -- Two parents in Bradford County face charges of involuntary manslaughter and endangering the welfare of a child.

Ebed Delozier and his wife Christine were charged after their 18-month-old daughter Hope died in March from meningitis.

According to police, the couple from Bradford County noticed their daughter was sick about three weeks before they took her to a doctor.

The autopsy report shows that the meningitis started with an ear infection, and had it been treated with a simple antibiotic, Hope would have lived.

Newswatch16 spoke with Christine Delozier at length at her home on Hiduk Road near Wyalusing. She declined to go on camera, but did explain her religious convictions, how she still mourns the loss of her daughter, and about her lack of trust in the American medical community.

"If doctors expect people to trust them, they need to become trustworthy," Delozier said. "People are a lot healthier in countries where doctors aren't paid by patients."

With tears streaming down her face, she went on to say, "I believe the medical community is at least the third, maybe the first, leading killer in the United States."

People in Bradford County say when it comes to taking your toddler to a doctor, the answer isn't always that clear.

"I had five children and we were never one to run to the doctor for much of anything," said Pam Hansen from Tampa.

"If you think it's something that's not going to be better in a couple of days, we usually took our kids to the doctor," said Floyd Preston of Wyalusing.

Both parents were released on bail after being charged. However, Ebed Delozier was taken into custody on an unrelated charge for violating his parole on a DUI. Until his hearing, he's currently locked up at the Bradford County jail.


  • Lives in Bradford County

    I understand this completely these Doctors in our Area don’t care about anything but Money. I am not able to go to Guthrie Clinic to see a specialist because I owe a bill of 30.00, from what they tell me when I had to call them to see why I couldn’t see the doctor. So how am I to get the help I need? I tell you how I have to travel to Williamsport that is how. And that is a long drive down to have back surgery and a even longer drive home after having back surgery. And here I sit in so much pain cause my back just went out again. I know it wasn’t the doctor’s fault in Williamsport that my back hurts again, I blame Guthrie for it, yes I owe 30.00 but even after asking them if I pay the 30.00 if I could see them. They said i would have to write a letter to the administration first and see if they will let me see a doctor or not, because it was not just a bill that I owe it had something to do with a doctor who I stopped seeing and is no longer in with the Clinic.

  • trismegistus=

    ah ha one of the four hidden dynasties ….medical…..snakes climbing staff= Hermes ..the emerald tablet….maybe thats why….once you find out.

  • Tobie Hannah

    A child should be able to trust their parents to do the right thing. The DeLoziers have failed their daughter.

  • drmom5

    Assuming that it was bacterial meningitis and that it would have been cured by antibiotics is not necessarily correct. This will be an interesting case but one thing is sure- the State needs to stay out of medicine!

  • Skeptic

    I can’t believe some of these comments supporting her hatred of western medicine. First of all, case and point right here, this child would have been alive had she been treated with basic medications. This woman’s hatred of doctors is what killed her daughter. Secondly, you can rattle off all of the conspiracy theories you want from your Bigfoot forum. The bottom line is that American healthcare remains one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the world. People in third world countries don’t fly to the U.S. for essential oils, they come here for the very medicine that many Americans belittle, and blame their health issues on, while continuing to stuff their fat faces with junk food and ignoring medical advice for basic preventative care because it’s their “right”. Does the system make money? Sure. Is it perfect? Nope. But there’s no excuse for not following common sense medical care in a country where access is literally a phone call away.

  • kathleen hartman

    No excuse for these parents. They refused to get their daughter treatment. They are 100% guilty.

  • Sharon

    This a heartbreaking, but what is more disturbing are the comments made by people who really don’t know what the complete story is, except what is being reported by a news station. Everyone one of us have made a choice/decisions that we wish we could change. Sometimes the consequences of our choices/decisions are tragic. My heart breaks for these parents who have to live with this the rest of their lives.

  • Valfreyja

    What as gone wrong with this generation where people think they know more about health than their doctors? I mean, sure, individual doctors can be bad or negligent, but the entire medical profession? You’re %100 wrong about them: They only make money if the medication works. Doctors don’t kill people, they’re just sometimes powerless before the unbelievable complexity of the human body and all the uncountable ways things can go wrong in it. Drugs ARE often a double edged sword. There are always risks and a few unlucky people are going to come face to face with the worst of those risks. But the numbers are very very small and there is no such thing as a perfect system ANYWHERE in the universe.

    Pull your heads out of your butts. Get your kids vaccinated. Take them to the hospital when they’re too sick or have been sick too long. They do not have adult immune systems. Immune response is very much a progressive work, the system needs to collect “data” on various diseases to be “complete”. Your children are like a computer fresh out of the box: Nothing on it. This would be hilarious if the consequences weren’t so serious. You’re letting your uneducated egos kill your children. You’re literally so stupid that you’re a danger to the continued existence of others. It’s not okay.

    • katiesuebaron

      We almost lost our son at the age of 2 because not a single doctor would listen to us until we found a good one a month later, was taken to the first hospital which actually made him worse, and then sent to Geisinger, where they actually listened when we said something was very wrong and they saved him. But before that we saw four different doctors who basically said “Kids get sick” and each gave us a different diagnoses. I would understand if we were the type of parents who ran to the doctor and the first cough or sneeze, but we weren’t. I agree that it’s stupid to not even try to get them help, but there’s no denying that sometimes a mom does no her kid better than the doctor who sees them once a year.


      Would imagine you have had weeks of not typing ?
      This paper is written by High School interns. Please stop trying to show these people up. Heard WNEP has a sign in front of their bldg.

    • jackie

      And you’re 100% wrong too. % comes AFTER the number. Seriously though, doctors make more money by keeping you ill so that you keep returning.

      • jackie

        When I was pregnant and complained of a pain, my doctor didn’t even TRY to figure out what it was. She just blamed the sciatica. Guess what… it WASN’T my sciatica! And regular doctors always prescribe the same antibiotic for everything, so why should they be trusted?

  • Pluto Animus

    Typical Christian moron.
    My magical, invisible friend is more reliable than that primitive superstition called science!

    • Kmn

      Who said she was a Christian? Christianity has nothing to do with not taking medications or following doctors orders. She said it was against her religious beliefs…Christianity is not the only religion. On a side note, I’m pretty sure all religions are against DUI’s. If you are going to be an atheist, at least be an intelligent one.

  • Lloyd "thumbs" Schmucatelli

    I support this woman’s position on the medical field.

    NEVER and I mean NEVER trust anyone who has a vested interest in keeping you sick.

    Im not talking ER docs or emt people.

    • No News Here

      I don’t trust people who keep themselves sick. Obesity, smoking, drinking, sedentary lifestyle. And then they blame the doctors and the insurance company for the cost to make them better. I have excellent healthcare thanks to Uncle Sam (and all you taxpayers) but I haven’t used it because I keep myself healthy. That said, when one of my children is sick I take them to their pediatrician and he makes them getter. Problem solved.

  • No News Here

    Always something else to blame instead of their bad choices. If you have no trust of American medicine, go live somewhere else. Too late now, though. Your child is dead and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will see to your living arrangements for a while.

  • so_sad

    “she still mourns the loss of her daughter, and about her lack of trust in the American medical community.” So go live in somaliia or north korea buh-bye. People just love to pass the buck! Idiot parents!

  • D.Dewitt

    From my experience as far as a main hospital in Sayre goes, my uncle who was given far to many stints for blood pressure died because of the doctor’s care as well as a few other family members. However water quality there can cause serious infections of various types.

    • No News Here

      This story isn’t about your experience. No one cares about your experience. This story is about two parents who are responsible for the death of their child through willful neglect.

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