NWS: Tornado Hit Northumberland County Monday

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EAST CAMERON TOWNSHIP-- Northumberland County is not normally a place that comes to mind when talking about tornadoes, but the National Weather Service confirms a small one hit near Shamokin on Monday.

One man tells Newswatch 16 he even saw the twister.

According to the National Weather Service, the tornado touched down just after 3:30 p.m. on Monday in East Cameron Township,  near Shamokin.

On Wednesday, people are still cleaning up their storm damage and say they are in shock that a tornado hit Northumberland County.

Myron Mummey recalls seeing a tornado on his farm near Shamokin on Monday. It's something he's only saw before in books and movies. Mummey said Monday's tornado lasted about 30 seconds.

"Just this huge, enormous, swirling, massive rain. It looked like an upside down tornado I guess you could call it. It was just spinning around out there. The rain was coming down like you would not believe in buckets," Mummey said.

Mummey and his family have many animals on their farm. No one was hurt, but the tornado damaged their property.

"The front corner of the house, I have a tarp over it, it's literally peeled back six feet or so. Behind your cameraman is the remnants of what my cow pen used to be. Picked it up and flattened it right to the ground," Mummey said.

"All I saw was just the wind was so massive and the rain, it was just raining so heavy," Shana Neidig said.

Just a few miles away, Shana Neidig's trees were uprooted and power lines came down.

"My pool, it looked like the sides of my pool were just swaying and I thought, 'well there goes my pool, I guess,'" Neidig said.

People tell Newswatch 16 they are surprised there was actually a tornado in this area because it doesn't happen very often.

"There's only ever been a tornado in this area once that I can remember from about 15 years ago," Mummey said.

"You never heard of tornadoes when I was growing up ever in this area. The coal region, I mean, too many valleys and peaks, we don't have tornadoes," Neidig said.

Everyone we spoke to is just glad nobody was hurt, and they all hope there are no more tornadoes in this area.


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