Luzerne County Urges Folks With Gypsy Moth Caterpillar Infestation To Call

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP -- People in part of Hanover Township near Nanticoke have been complaining their properties have been infested with gypsy moth caterpillars for weeks. The pests have also stripped the leaves from dozens of trees.

"We had a lot of calls of people concerned with the gypsy moth problem this year,” said Tanis Manseau, Director of Luzerne County Operational Services.

Manseau said the state can spray homes for a fee if counties sign up, but it's too late to do that this year.  Luzerne County hasn't been in the state program for at least the past five years because there wasn't a need for it.  People can call an exterminator to try to remove the pests, but for folks in Hanover Township, the county's response isn't good enough.

“It's very frustrating that they can't help out,” said Cathy Cirko, who lives in Hanover Township.

Cirko has been living with an infestation of gypsy moth caterpillars for almost two months. She started spraying her house's foundation with heavy-duty pesticide. But that, plus a power washer she plans to buy is expensive.

So she's calling the county to have her neighborhood sprayed next spring when state experts predict the gypsy moth caterpillars may be an even bigger problem.

“I just hope they can fulfill their promise for next year because I can't do this another year,” Cirko said.

The spray would cost residents about $26 an acre. The county urges people to call them to request a spray next year if they have experienced a problem with the caterpillars. The number to do that is 570-820-6347.


  • John A Sykas

    Many municpalities outlaw chickens. Chickens get rid of gypsy moths, deer ticks, etc. They want deer ticks to have more freedom than residents. lol

  • Stephen

    contact a local Trugreen representative at 570 709 6792. My name is Stephen and I can help with any problems regarding these pests. We also guarantee the results.

      • Stephen B

        I work at the local branch and visit our customers every day. I love my job, our clients and I’m very passionate about my work. Some people are inundated with pests and those are the people we help every day.
        If you would like to call because you have an issue with gypsy moth, or any other lawn or horticultural issues, I would love to discuss what we can do for you.

    • Sarahstp

      I would not call TruGreen for anything! I paid them a ton of money last Summer to take care of my grass and by the Fall half my grass was dead! This Spring I had to plabring all new grass in most of my yard. I wouldn’t trust them with anything.

      • Stephen B

        Sarahstp, Feel free to call my number for a free consultation, I would love to visit your property and see exactly what is going on and would like to discuss your experience with Trugreen.

  • Raven13Pa

    Ya think?!? If you go up the sugar notch trails like I did this past weekend the have stripped trees clean! So take care of the infestation at the houses but let the woods die off? But the state won’t spray with choppers because people are due happy and will say that they got sick from it. It’s not agent orange people!

  • V

    Leave it to the lovely people of PA to have a problem, and an answer to that problem, but still continue to complain about said problem.

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