Commuters React to Deadly Bus Crash

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- News of the deadly crash has shaken some folks, especially those who take that route to and from New York City each day.

Many commuters live in the Poconos and many take the bus. We spoke with people who say they're on a bus more than 25 hours a week. While they say they're horrified by news of the crash, it doesn't make them afraid to travel.

Each day in Mount Pocono, there are buses to and from New York City.

Paul Fratellone of Cresco says he's been commuting to the city for work for 15 years now. Thankfully in that time, he's never been involved in a crash.

"You know people make mistakes, not paying attention, talking on the phone, putting on make-up. You name it, they're doing it, except paying attention to the road.It's unfortunate that it happened and deaths are now there," said Fratellone.

The bus involved in the deadly crash with a tractor trailer was a chartered one heading from New York City to Niagara Falls.

State police say the tractor trailer going south crossed the median of the divided highway and crashed into the northbound bus.

People call what happened an awful tragedy.

Most said it doesn't make them fearful to travel on Interstate 380 or any other stretch of highway, by bus or any other vehicle. Others say they always worry about the possibility of being involved in a crash.

"It's too much, too much traffic, too much congestion," said William Teller of Coolbaugh Township. "Yeah, it scares the heck out of me, really."

We actually met a man from New York who travels daily to the Poconos for work. He tells us what scares him the most about his commute is what he sees other drivers doing.

"No blinkers, erratic lane changing, stuff like that, you know? It's sometimes mind-boggling. Sometimes people watching, reading the newspaper while they're driving," said Mark Rodriguez of Long Island.

State police are still investigating the deadly crash and why that tractor trailer crossed the median into the path of that bus.


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