State Police Investigating Kidnapping, Brutal Assault

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UPDATE (6/3/15) -- State police said Wednesday Chloe Isaacs was arrested in upstate New York.

BEAR CREEK TOWNSHIP -- State police have arrested one person and are looking for two others in connection with a kidnapping and brutal assault of a woman.

Troopers arrested Jerone Moore, 31, Tuesday. He is charged with numerous offenses including attempted homicide for his alleged role in a kidnapping and assault last October.

State police are still looking for Nygee Taylor, 25, and Chloe Isaacs, 21, for the same kidnapping and assault.

Troopers said the investigation began in October when a bloody and naked woman was found wandering in a wooded area in Bear Creek Township, yelling for help.

Sandra Menzeo lives in that area around Lake Aleeda and remembers how shocking that was for neighbors.

“And it was absolutely freezing cold out that particular night. It was in October, so it was freezing cold and this girl had no clothing, burned, beaten,” said Menzeo.

Troopers said the woman told them she had been kidnapped and beaten. The victim told investigators on October 5, Moore and Isaacs picked her up at house in Pittston around 4 p.m. They took her to a house on North Hancock Street in Wilkes-Barre where several women attacked her, stripping off her clothes and beating her.

The victim was then allegedly placed in a barrel for four hours.

Then around 11 p.m., state police say Moore and Taylor drove her to woods around Lake Aleeda and dumped her there. Investigators say Moore slit her throat before the men left her naked and bloody.

The victim was able to walk and yell for help. That's how a resident found her. The victim was treated and released from the hospital.

“No one, for any reason deserves that kind of treatment, so I'm glad that from what I understand she was released from the hospital and that she was okay,” said Menzeo.

Investigators ask anyone with information on Nygee Taylor or Chloe Isaacs to call the state police at 570-697-2000.


  • Dick Black

    Did the victim have some prior relationship with these three creatures? Was there ever any reason for this assault given, or was this a random event?

  • Three Evil Mice

    ( 3 ) sick, twisted, evil pieces of S**T !

    That could of been our daughter, or anyones !

    Why do taxpayers have to support these kinds of scum when they are caught ?

    Cruel and unusual punishment IS in order for severe crimes of this nature !

    Justice system gives scum like this ping pong, magazines, a chance to earn a degree, become a preacher etc. in prison !

    Hell people like this do this stuff, cause they know more opportunities come to them when in prison !

    Then they become ordained ministers, earn degrees, etc. !

    What a joke !

    • Three Evil Mice part 2

      And to me, it matters not what race the victim is, even if she is the same race as these 3 animals, these 3 need to have justice served ! A human being is a human being ! Race does not matter when a horrible act like this is done ! Catch them and throw the book at them !

      I say cruel and unusual punishment is in order for crimes like this !

  • jim

    Hard labor six days a week so they can get up every day and go out and while thinking about how stupid they were. Hard work is what these criminal elements fear the most

  • Zombie apocolypse

    Hey WNEP, you better shut the comment section down on this one now, cuz it’s gonna get ugly!

    • Dick Black

      As it should. Enough is enough. Whether it’s law enforcement, the justice system or private individuals who empower themselves and make themselves responsible for their own security, we need to rid society of people like this. One at a time, we incarcerate and exterminate.

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