Shelter Seeks Justice for Dog Found Hog-Tied

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- Even though her fur is mostly gone and her paws are swollen, there is no denying "Baby Girl" is a charmer.

Volunteers at the Animal Welfare Society of Monroe shelter near Stroudsburg say the 4-year-old pit bull is friendly and affectionate despite having perhaps the worst case of mange they've seen.

Police say when they found Baby Girl Thursday afternoon in Section J of A Pocono Country Place, she was hog-tied and attached to a pole.

Kim Loffio, the shelter manager said, "How dare they treat a creature like that, looking into her soulful eyes, to be able to hurt her."

"It is so emotional, it brings tears to your eyes. Even now, you look at it and that dog is so loving, and so caring, and so resilient. It just wants to be loved," said Shelter board member Sandra Fellin.

Staffers at the shelter say while they see abused animals almost every day, this case stands out, because they believe Baby Girl has been suffering for as long as a year, because her mange was so advanced. Now, they want the public's help to find the person responsible.

That is something they believe will happen because the case is attracting a lot of attention, especially through the organization's Facebook page.

Fellin added, "A lot of times we get abuse cases in here, we can never find out who did it. This time we have so many leads coming in, people really wanting to help us to find out who did this to this poor dog."

The shelter is accepting donations for Baby Girl's veterinary care. If you have any information you are asked to call the Pocono Mountain Regional Police.


  • Penelope Rose

    Did you know that animal cruelty is not a punishable crime by law?
    This poor animal may never see justice.
    This poor animal will never again be the same.
    The person who imposed this abuse may never be charged and may walk free to do it again and again.
    Susie’s Hope is a non-profit whose mission is to change this–to effect animal cruelty as a punishable law in all states.
    Please, please visit to help us stop these inhumane acts of cruelty!
    Help Susie’s Hope to be the voice for our beloved furry friends who cannot speak.

  • Robin

    I cannot stand to hear of a dog with advanced mange. How would you like to live with parasites feeding off of you 24/7? The discomfort of having that skin condition must be enormous. Yes, hog tying her was awful but she has long been suffering from the mange. Her being hog tied ultimately saved her. Had she been a dog just roaming, she could still be roaming while the mange eats her skin. Thank God she was found by an angel who got her cared for.

  • Larry

    My personal thinking is that the person who did this should endure the same amount of pain and discomfort that the animal did, but, for the rest of their lives…… I bet after word got out about this punishment, there would be no more of it!

  • Belle

    What a precious sweetheart. I am glad that she has been rescued and that with care, will be restored to good health. I pray that during her recovery she will come to trust as part of her rehabilitation and be ready for adoption with a perfect Furever Friend or Furever Family. Blessings and prayers for this sweet dog, for all those who rescue, love, and care…and prayers for those dear animal friends who suffer each day and await rescue. I pray for them daily to good Saint Francis. I wish I could help them all.

  • AS

    My god, this poor baby. Pitbulls are the most exploited breed, yet they are so resilient, despite the abuse they endure. They are beautiful animals that deserve much better.
    Seeing her just makes me want to hug this poor baby.

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