Two More Businesses Close at Steamtown Mall

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SCRANTON -- The Mall at Steamtown is getting closer to the auction block and now, two more businesses are moving out.

Employees at FYE, a store that sells CD's and DVD's, say it will close when all the inventory is sold off.

The Bodywork Store, which offers massages, appears to have closed sometime this week.

Shoppers say at this point they'll take anything instead of more empty spaces.

"You know you could put a White Castle out here, an IHOP, something that makes people come out," said Javier Morales of Scranton.

The mall's leasing agents says the building is about 75 % vacant.

It is scheduled to go up for auction the first week in June.


  • Jeff

    Listen people, I’ve owned a retail store in a malls for over 12 years and it will not be getting better…..ever. The internet is the one to thank for ALL retail being hurt…and in 5 – 10 years when these drones are actually delivering products within 1 hour from ordering them, you can kiss about 75% of all malls goodbye!

  • A H FOX

    The shops at Montage did not help the situation at all either. It would be perfect for all the doctors offices that are in downtown where there is never any parking. Especially for senior citizens, and people who need minor out patient surgery.

  • poonus

    I was there working for Boscovs when it first opened in that location- hired and used as a temporary employee, they let all their seasonal temps go 2 weeks before Christmas- I recall other employees crying over losing that $7/hr retail job so close to Christmas (THAT WAS SAD-boohoo-best thing that ever happened to me was getting out of that dump- I didn’t get upset, I found a better job, any job was better then working at that place)- I’ve never forgotten how I was treated by that company, and I’ve never shopped at a Boscovs because of that treatment! looking across town at Viewmont mall, that location is thriving because it wasn’t built in a pit- maybe if everything in Scranton wasn’t a hassle from the dimly lit unsafe parking garage, road construction, to the people, and the cops -oh and a nice new building that didn’t shake when people on the second floor walked around…maybe that place could be bulldozed and replaced with low income housing- Scranton needs more of that it seems.

    • The Cath

      It was originally built as a step to revitalize downtown, yet another one of the endless “cause that will bring them back to the area!” plans. Now there’s just no reason to go there with the commercial behemoth that is Dickson City up the expressway. Downtown Scranton is doomed. Might as well just sell the whole section to the University and be done with it.

    • Sassy

      That is not totally correct. I worked there as a temporary seasonal employee for 5 years in a row, and was not let go two weeks before Christmas. In fact, I worked Christmas Eve. Maybe you weren’t the ideal employee.

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