Mountie Challenge Day at Stroudsburg High School

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STROUDSBURG -- Students with special needs filled the stadium at Stroudsburg High School Wednesday ready to take part in a dozen different sports.

On your mark, get set, go!

The students were off to the races at the Stroudsburg High School track, scoring goals on the field, and jumping high.

It was the fourth annual Stroudsburg Mountie Challenge Day, a day where students with special needs are partnered with high school athletes to learn.

"See what football's about, see what baseball's about, try field hockey, just various different sports that we offer at the high school to kind of get them involved and show them what they can get involved in when they come to the high school," said Assistant Director of Special Education Michael DeAngelo.

Nearly 300 middle and junior high students took part in the challenge where high school athletes mentor the younger players at a dozen different stations.

"They're very happy and very excited to introduce them to the sport and get them involved, possibly make a connection," said Health and Phyical Education Department Chairperson Jeff Husick.

Varsity soccer and baseball player Luc Cibischino helped at the soccer station.

"We split them up into teams and then we have them kick around and just have fun," said Cibischino.

Seventh grader Ros Kozlov took off from the starting line on the track. And says getting to run here is something he's looked forward to!

"It feels amazing. I feel great," said Ros Kozlov.

Sixth grader Jabrille Willis thinks he wants to play basketball or football when he's in high school, but was enjoying the morning clearing the high jump.

"I can do tricks at the end and stuff, anything that you want, like back flips and front flips," said Willis.

It's a rewarding day for everyone involved.

"It makes everybody smile, you walk around and see them having fun and doing things that they normally wouldn't get a chance to do, and trying their best, that`s all we ask," said DeAngelo.

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