Mourning the Loss of Two Teens Killed in Crash After Spring Dance

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BEECH CREEK TOWNSHIP -- People in Clinton County are mourning the loss of the two teens killed in a crash early Saturday morning.

Beech Creek Township is quiet on a late spring afternoon with the news that Carly Miller, a young woman whose eyes and smile could light up lives, never made it home from the Central Mountain High School Ball.

"I was sleeping when mom woke me up and I didn`t want to hear it," said Carly's classmate Heather Orndorf.  "I just kept saying, 'I don`t want to hear this. I don`t want to hear this.'  And I couldn`t believe when she actually told me."

"No, she didn`t, she didn`t die," said another classmate, Heather's cousin Matt Orndorf.  "But then I saw everything on Facebook and it was like, well."

Carly and her boyfriend Jordan King of Bellefonte went to the Central Mountain High School Ball at the Alumni Center at Lock Haven University Friday night.

What they did after the ball remains unknown.

But at 3:30 a.m. Saturday, state police found King`s badly damaged car off the side of a rural road in Gallagher Township.

The police report says the couple`s car was speeding, then lost control rounding a curve.  Tire tracks show the car started to swerve sideways, ran over a reflector pole, and eventually smashed sideways into a tree, cutting the car in half.

According to the police report, the teens were not wearing seatbelts.

Both died at the scene.

"She was so kind to everyone," said Matt Orndorf who adds the tragedy hasn`t quite sunk in for teens in Beech Creek.  "Everyone was happy when she was around.  It won`t be the same."

Matt and Heather Orndorf say Carly was planning to go to school to work in the medical field after next month's graduation from Central Mountain High.

Now they say the celebration will be bittersweet.

"She always put a smile on everybody`s face," said Heather Orndorf.  "If anything would happen to you she would always be on your side.  She would try to make things better."


  • Mad In Hazleton

    Sad to hear 2 more young lives are gone, but this is why young people under the age of 18 should not drive…….these kids don’t need to be driving at that age….at 17-1/2 you go for your permit, and at 18 you take the driving test pass get your license.

    • Anonymous

      I completely agree with you. I wish the driving age would change to 18 yrs old. My thoughts and prayers are with both of the victim’s families and friends.

  • scott

    Is it just me or in the photo for this story the car’s steering wheel is on the European side of the car?

    • Shagtastique

      1. The front facing camera, on most portable devices, devices reverses the image.

      2. The vast majority of countries in Europe have the controls of an auto on the same side as the U.S., so “European side” would mean the same side as us.

      • not too bright

        Funny – I spent two weeks over there last year and every vehicle I saw (including the one I was driving) had the driver controls on the right side of the vehicle. Must be a different part of the UK that you are familiar with.

  • Just saying

    I just would like to comment about the use of the word tragedy. I will agree that the young girl that was killed is a tragedy as she was not driving the vehicle at the time. I don’t know if the young man was drinking but if he was, she unfortunately made the mistake of getting in the vehicle with him. If the vehicle was cut in half, not really sure if a seatbelt would have saved her life anyway. As for the young man, it is not a tragedy that this happened. Unfortunately, what occurred was a direct reaction to the action or actions he decide to make throughout the evening. The report states that speed was definitely a factor and he paid for that choice with his life. Her life ending is a tragedy, his life ended by the poor choices he made.

      • DW

        I whole heartedly disagree with your comment. Whatever he did he made the choice and there was nothing his parents could do or can do to change it. Give them poor people a break.

    • Trish

      What a BS statement that was by “just saying” this kid died too you don’t know what happened and maybe your right if he was drinking it doesn’t change a thing he’s gone and its another life cut way to short!! I could sum this up in one word “teenagers” they do a lot of stupid things and if they live thru those teenage years then they grow up to be adults like me who read a story line this and think wow that could have been me I know I made a ton of bad decisions and a lot of those could have had this ending I was lucky. The real tragedy is when people like yourself pass judgement on these kids open you eyes I bet you were no angel!! So sorry to the family of BOTH of these teens wish so badly there was a way to make these kids see how dangerous some of their actions are so many think bad things can’t happen to them this proves otherwise!

  • s

    schools dont do anything or enough to educate kids on driving anymore,falls back on the parents and educating there kids on driving habits and wearing seatbelts!parents should of never left them kids out after midnight.

    • J Hoffa

      Why is it the schools job to raise the kids, I thought that is what parents are for. Or are parents meant just to pop another one out as they see fit? And yes, I am a parent and it terrfies me to think the things I will go through with both my kids until I pass. But I wouldn’t trade either of them for the world, and I hope that they both grow into adults and live long healthy and happy lives. Everyone needs to stop expecting other people to raise their kids, and I am sorry for both of these families that have lost their children.

      • s

        o i see you must not have driver education in your town!but we do and thats the reason why schools should have it,to educate the kids!no one said anything about schools raising kids its what we pay taxes for and if the teachers cant do there jobs than the parents have to!

  • Chris

    My son is 17 and doesn’t have his lisence yet. And hearing stories like this is part of the reason. 16 year olds aren’t mature enough to drive. My heart goes out to the families.

    • not too bright

      So I guess all the people out there that did get their licenses at age 16 and managed to survive to this date are just – lucky? Don’t hold back those that choose to be responsible for the poor decisions of a few.

    • Mad In Hazleton

      Smart man Chris, kids don’t need to drive till 18, parents have to take more responsibility, by taking them to and from work or school or wherever they need to go…..most parents see their kids getting their license as less hassles for the parents…

  • Pat

    I don’t think the problem so much is the age of the driver as this type of tragedy has happened to those over 21 as well. The problem is that there needs to be a required continuing education class every yr or every 2 yrs. C’mon, real estate agents are required to continue education or they loose their license to sell homes. Same with EMT’s, CNA’s and more.

    There should be monthly lectures in HS Showing actual photo’s of accidents, victims etc. classroom instruction and on the road driving with a permit needs to have more hours. Permit driving for required hrs. needs to start and end at local DMV’s or licensing centers, where paperwork can be signed off by authorities.

    One of things that seriously scared me in HS was a lecture by a Police Officer who was 1st on the scene of an accident. Teen was not wearing seatbelt and flew thru windshield into a fence. She was still alive but practically severed. Her last words. ” Tell my Mom I’m sorry “

  • concerned citizen

    I wonder if the individuals that hosted the party will be held responsible given their political standing in the community?

  • Brian

    Child labor laws won’t allow a Teenager use use any type of machinery until they are 18 but at 16 they can do one of the most dangerous things they can do and is drive a car on the roads!
    I have always have had this on my mind how STUPID Child labor laws are! I used to work with Teens under 18 years of age at a Deli and they were not allowed by law to use the slicer to slice meat & cheese because of the risk of injury! But when they were done working they can get into a car and go out on the roads and get killed!
    Like I said Child laws are stupid!
    Something to think about and I hope you understand what I am trying to say here?

  • Belle

    It is very, very sad when these stories are in the news. Every year we hear, read, or see headlines about tragic losses and as a mother it saddens me. That being said, one has to wonder why in God’s name these teenagers engage in the activities they do. I understand that as teens they believe they are invincible and nothing will happen to them. I don’t know if their school participates in the program that exposes teens to the dangers of drinking and driving…and I guess that now included texting…where the vehicles are mangled in horrible accidents…but it is frightening and frustrating the message never gets through to teenagers. I don’t know if this situation involved alcohol but sadly too many times it does and the consequences are just this…the loss of young lives. I don’t know what more can be done to get the message through to teens…obviously seemingly bright and intelligent kids are still making poor choices despite warnings from parents, teachers, law enforcement, etc. Thought his story has a tragic outcome and my heart aches for the parents, family, and friends who must now cope with this nightmare, I am glad that the foolishness, the stupidity, the careless, and recklessness of these two teens did not injure or kill any innocent people who could have been around them at any given moment.

    • Softball

      It was not both teens fault the man driving was completely drunk while the girl only had 1-2 but was not allowed to drive after 11pm with her drivers license

      • Heartache

        Doesn’t really matter who’s fault it was. They both did not have seatbelts on. Besides that, if you or anyone else knew how drunk the driver was, why would anyone allow this girl to get in car? Why didn’t anyone take away the keys, call parents or police. .?? Even offer to drive them home or suggest a sleepover. Seriously , I as a parent would not be upset if I got a call waking me up At 3am by my child Saying ” Hey, Mom or Dad , don’t be mad, we had alcohol and gonna sleep it off .”

  • renae

    Words cannot express the feelings of this tragedy. As a mother of a newly licensed teen it scares the crap out of me everytime he goes somewhere. My thoughts and prayers go out to both families of these young ones.

  • Nan

    Beyond tragic for a parent to lose a child. My heart and prayers go to both families as they grieve and continue their lives without their precious children. And prayers for Gd to comfort thir friends and classmates through their griefof long two special teens.

  • go east for wwe network

    Rip this is sad but the reality is this is happening so many times a week that it is becoming more and more evident that some states need to consider moving the driving age up from 16 to 18 I went to east stroudsburg south and in 4 years there I remember 5 deaths and all of them were from auto accidents also I believe that a school teacher should not be allowed to be called a drivers ed. Teacher and have the right to give out license to a kid. Rip to both of them and there both in my prayers

  • Crystal

    Such a sad tragedy. I lost 4 friends in high school 14 yrs ago, 2 involved in a similar situation. Lost even more throughout the past few years, lost count. It’s truly sad and the pain never goes away. My prayers go to the family and friends of the couple and May God put his healing hands upon everyone grieving over this tragedy. Praying for the school, family, and friends who are mourning the loss. So sorry this happened. They may be gone but will always be Angels watching over all their loved ones. As many say, Only the Good die young….. Praying ☝


    Lost a friend like that 31 years ago. It still stings and makes me angry.

  • Stacey

    Rest Easy Carly & Jordan, & Prayers for your parents as they begin the journey of living without you, it a long hard road….

  • WakaFlocka2016

    Very sad, I can not imagine what her friends and family are feeling right now.
    It’s not that hard to wear a seatbelt, though. I can’t believe it’s still a thing that people choose to not wear them. Just like I can not believe people choose to start smoking cigarettes. We know that it is dangerous to do these things yet we continue to ignore that fact. Terribly disappointing…. Prayers for all involved.

  • Les

    This is so sad to hear. So sorry for the loss of these teens whom had their future plans mapped out. I pray the family and friends can get through this.

    With that said, Every year at this time we hear of such tragic events. I know no one wants to hear this or be lectured during a time like this but, I cannot stress enough that seatbelts save lives. Parents, schools and friends need to have serious talks about using seatbelts. If you are the driver please make sure every one is buckled, do not text, do not speed, do not drink or do drugs. It’s also even more fun if you do not have to drive. Have a group date and hire a limo.

  • Junior

    What can peace teens possibly be doing at 3:30 in the morning ? They weren’t worried there seat belts.

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