Power To Save: New Compost Site Saving Money and Environment

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MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- Folks in three townships in the Poconos can now use a compost site that opened this week.

Tom Watson has been loading up his truck bed with free mulch and putting it to good use from a new composting site near his home in Marshalls Creek.

"I've been waiting for them to open up. I've seen all of the bins. People have been dumping their branches off. They grind them up into mulch, makes my garden happy," said Watson.

This is the new Oak Grove Multi-Municipal Composting Site in Marshalls Creek.

Smithfield, Lehman, and Middle Smithfield Township leaders came together to save money, and provide a much-needed drop off site for brush and leaves for their residents.

"We saw the opportunity to partner with our two neighbors additionally, because sooner or later we are going to have to do it anyway," said Smithfield Township supervisor Brian Barrett.

The site helps all townships meet DEP requirements for yard waste disposal.

All of these items are recycled safely and reused for mulch and other materials.

The land that this new compost facility sits on is recycled, too. All of this was supposed to be the Marshalls Creek bypass years ago but construction stopped and it was a road to nowhere. Now it has some purpose.

"There's different bins, there's brush, and there's compost and mulch. You can drop off whatever you need to drop off," said Jim Cross of Middle Smithfield Township.

Cross loaded up mulch for his garden with a little help from his dog Ruby.

The site is open three days per week and only accepts leaves and brush.

"Keeps everything neat and it's good for the earth," said Worth.

The facility is for residents of Lehman, Middle Smithfield and Smithfield Townships only and is open Tuesdays, Thursday,s and Saturdays.

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  • pete venechanos

    Ya gotta love Pennsylvania. Millions of our tax dollars were wasted on this project, and now it’s a compost site, and y’all are celebrating it? Yet route 402 in Pike County has been neglected for a decade and is only now getting minor attention. The entire thing disgusts me along with many.

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