PA Senate Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

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HARRISBURG — The Pennsylvania Senate passed the latest version of Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana bill Tuesday afternoon.

The vote was 40-7 for the bill that would make it legal in the state for marijuana to be used to treat certain serious illnesses when prescribed by a doctor.

The bill known as SB 3, sponsored by Sen. Mike Folmer (R-Lebanon), would allow edible forms of marijuana and vaporization, but smoking would not be allowed. Patients would have to get the cannabis from a licensed and regulated dispensary and would not be able to grow their own plants.

The qualifying conditions in the bill were slightly expanded to include patients suffering from cancer, seizures, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, cachexia/wasting syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injury and postconcussion syndrome, multiple sclerosis, Spinocerebellara Ataxia (SCA), posttraumatic stress disorder, severe fibromyalgia, HIV/AIDS, glaucoma, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, and chronic pain.

Patients under age 18 would need parental consent.

The medical marijuana bill now heads to the state House of Representatives.

Last year, the senate passed a similar bill, but it was never brought to a vote in the House.


  • Timothy Tingley

    Cannabis cures cancer, Alzheimer’s, and any other disease that is a breakdown of cellular function. Your body has an endicannanaboid system that has evolved with cannabis as a medicine. The cannabis has a communicative relationship with the mitochondrial cell walls. Look it up. Cannabis is the only outside medicinal substance that actually had a communicitive relationship with the body.bthat is why big pharma needs it illegal. The idea that cannabis is a schedule 1 drug is ridiculous and untrue. Antidepressant should be schedule one drugs. They are all side effect. No ssri has ever outperformed placebo in a medical trial and thief side effects include suicide and mass murder.

    • pete

      “No ssri has ever outperformed a placebo in a medical trial and the side effects include suicide and mass murder”
      That is completely false. I do agree that big Pharma has/had an incentive to classify marijuana as schedule one and the lobbying power to do so. That is bad. But if you think there are not precise scientific standards for psychoactive drugs, especially those treating illnesses like depression, then you are wrong. The only reason they are allowed to be sold is because they outperform placebos.

  • Another Medical Refugee in PA

    If you or someone you love/know suffers from either Cancer, Epilepsy and seizures, ALS, Cachexia/wasting syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, Traumatic brain injury and postconcussion syndrome, Multiple sclerosis, Spinocerebellara Ataxia (SCA), PTSD, Severe fibromyalgia, HIV/AIDS, Glaucoma, Chronic or intractable pain, Crohn’s disease or Diabetes, or a combination of these conditions and may benefit from medical cannabis, please have a little more compassion and a maybe a little less judgement. If your life, and those in it, remain untouched by these illnesses, now and in the future, consider yourself blessed.

    • sweet leaf

      You must be in great health, or just as ignorant as Doc Moylan

      The question is, Is diabetes painful?

      Diabetic nerve pain is a syndrome that affects people with diabetes. This type of nerve pain can affect both type 1 and type 2 diabetes sufferers. Nerve pain, also known as neuropathic pain, is a result of one of the complications of diabetes, called peripheral neuropathy, or diabetic neuropathy.

    • no more caller please.... have a winner!!!!!!!

      Yes, and I bet there are lots of things you can’t believe……like…cigarettes…BAD, alcohol….BAD, prescription pain pills…BAD.

    • type-1 diabetic

      It acts as a neuroprotectant, actually preventing the development of diabetic nerve pain while helping with any neuropathy that might already be present. Also, Folmer’s support for the bill stems from it’s benefits for his wife, who has diabetes, so I’m surprised it wasn’t included as a qualifying condition in the initial proposal.
      Before passing judgement, I would suggest doing your research and reading all the scientific studies on the topic. The information can easily be found by a simple web search. Unfortunately, the web is also filled with ignorance, nihilism, and intolerance as evidenced by the amount of people who’s condition you would allow to continue worsening; meanwhile, patients wait for a bill to pass allowing them to eat a plant they should had been able to access all along.


    There is the reason why no one wants to legalize it’s use for any reason.

    Ballymore you probably can’t spell Baltimore. And by by the way that’s in MERRYLAND. Stoner

    • thomasxforever

      Are you joking or just trolling?

      I consider myself heavily educated, having taken advanced pathology and physiology classes, along with multiple pharmacological ones. I am an OT now.

      I have to tell you, you come off uneducated and ignorant.

      Pharmaceutical companies, who fund many politicians, don’t WANT marijuana to ever be legalized. It combats too many health conditions (glaucoma, tumors, cancer, MS, depression, anxiety, etc.) and that is a direct threat to profits. This isn’t a conspiracy, it’s just business. Marijuana will cut into their radiation treatments, specialist medications, you name it. Open your eyes.

      • Multiple Sclerosis Sufferer and troll i guess

        Tolling Uneducated so lets get this strait you take some classes and you can judge me.
        Your an occupational Therapist. Being heavily educated, having taken advanced pathology and physiology classes, along with multiple pharmacological ones. You sure are not in a field you were trained for directly. You talk a good game but get over yourself go look in the mirror and say i wasted mom and dads money. And get over yourself your healthy. YOUR AN O.T. and I am just hoping for someone to VOTE the right way. It may not happen but any day you want to sit down and tell me what you think you know about MS or CFS let me know. i would even post my E-mail here for you.

  • SwampStonedMonkey

    Ha they just made legal dope dealers, Blast back to the Past….not back to the Future!
    Now lets rebuild Ballymore.

  • Multiple Sclerosis Sufferer

    OH and I’m only 34 years old I found out about my MS through a car accident. They did an MRI which showed a pea sized in operable lesion on my brain stem. Now that pea grew to a grape. I was 20 when i got in the accident I had no symptoms until i hit 27. Talk about a life changing event.

  • Multiple Sclerosis Sufferer

    I am not a smoker BUT i do suffer from “multiple sclerosis’ and currently on so many meds for seizures, pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, cluster migraines which are brought on by the meds that treat all of the other conditions. And no I am no A WELFARE BABY a LEACH OFF the system. I am not even concerned disabled. Because i have according to SSA the ability to work and there are 6136 jobs across the country i qualify for. So if this is a real alternative mind you i have read the studies they all say the seizures are gone the is lessened the CFS well i have that because imagine having at least 3 to 5 seizures a day but none lasting longer than 4 to 5 minutes so there considered minor. I take topamax for my migraines i lost so much weight I am embarrassed to go anywhere i weigh 93 pounds from 142 within 4 months.


    I’m tired of the pain super strength pain meds. Adderahl for my cfs because no one will cover newvigal. And then take something to sleep. and thats just a fraction of what i take.

    • Another Medical Refugee in PA

      I can relate to the sense of powerlessness over illness, the powerlessness over the pain, the vicious cycle . The despair. Hopelessness. When I lost hope, I almost died twice. Never lose hope. Ever. I’m grateful for the love of my family and friends. They’ll never know how many times they saved my life. Things are different for me know. The illness and pain are still there to a degree, but my hope is stronger. I started by sharing what I was feeling on Facebook and found out that I wasn’t alone. You aren’t alone, though it may feel that way at times. I hated when people told me to “hang in there”, “things will get better”. Things don’t always get better, things certainly do change and I hung in there. Never, ever give up hope.

  • stadt schwinen

    what a win-win solution for the state; they will penalize you financlially if you don’t have a prescription and at the same time continue to keep the corrections industry happy with more inmates for recreational cultivation/usage and whoever else that benefits on the state’s gravy train

  • Me

    Well it’s about time. The people in Pa are TIRED of being in a dictatorship. We WILL vote you out if you do not believe in your own commonwealth. People have the right to put in their body whatever they choose. Who in the blue hell is the govt to tell you otherwise. Get rid of these 1910 dinosaurs running your state. We need a youth movement. We don’t need to go backwards. Stop voting for the 90 yr olds with names you “recognize”.
    Enough. Time for a revolution in Pa !!!

    • GoofOnTheRoof (@GoofOnTheRoof)

      LOL, nice pipe dream. But I have to admit that it would be nice to see. It sure was nice to see it happen out west, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. But there are too many police state supporters in Pennsylvania. Just about everyone was swallowing the “PSP Strong” campaign when Eric Frein was on the loose, but never questioned why he did what he did, IF he did it at all. People can be really stupid, especially in NEPA. Tourism will fall dramatically in the Poconos as a result. At least for the next few years, anyway. Such a shame, too. It’s really beautiful countryside there. Police agencies milked the taxpayers for all they are worth, without caring about the needs of ordinary Pennsylvanians, because “brothers before others” is their motto. Would they really spend over $10 Million to find someone that killed someone like you or me that wasn’t important? The answer: NO.

  • peep #1 to peep #2

    maybe we could make vitamin c illegal and put peeps in jail for having a fruit tree….thats how dumb it sounds. so as to keep the prison system full…..or pay property school tax with the MONEY FROM POT. ..but than you would actually own property once paid for. cant have that EITHER…

  • GoofOnTheRoof (@GoofOnTheRoof)

    The people should be able to vote on whether or not marijuana should be legal, not the legislature. But the Pennsylvania legislature is so scared of the people, that it’s better for them to eliminate that right of the people to vote on it. That way, they have more control. Marijuana is a plant, not a drug, but the government still won’t tell you the truth about it. Never believe anything the government tells you. Pot grows wild all over the western half of Pennsylvania. The twisters of May 31, 1985 (30 years ago) saw to that. Don’t believe me? Just go to just about anywhere in Venango County, and see for yourself. But wait until July, when it’s really plentiful. Monsanto can’t make enough Round-Up to eradicate it all.

  • Focus or F*** Us?

    I am not a smoker, but I can see the benefits of the “Non-THC” strains for medical use. As a taxpaying property owner, I can also see the benefits of taxing the habitual recreational users that look for the effects of THC to lighten their moods. But as was previously stated, fear those in charge of the rulings on such laws. It won’t be federally legal, and there will be a HUGE chance that your gun ownership, and driving privileges will be revoked under PA law if you have a prescription. Details, details, details. This isn’t a win for the “stoners”. It is merely pre-propagated control of your rights. Trade it off. I dare you. Until they pass a bill that is one paragraph long, literally says “weed is legal”, and offers no restrictions on commerce or already granted rights… You are all pretty much celebrating the Easter Bunny’s engagement to the Tooth Fairy. They would realistically have to move all THC criminals to Federal Holding and lose the federally paid revenue to house them, and in essence a HUGE tax bracket (i.e. “racket”) that the pharmaceutical companies structured with lobbyist donations decades ago. Welcome to Prussia circa 1936? Look around you to see if things are getting better, or worse. There is an angle. Trust me.

    • Focus or F*** Us?

      The #1 thing that people in power fear is confidence. Guess what the only thing that America always ranks #1 at? Talk all the smack you want on PA, but I see it more here than any other part of the country. Go cut your lawns, walk your dogs, and be who you are with pride. Instead of the media mindset of “type and hide”.

      • Another Medical Refugee in PA

        I’ve always felt that NEPA suffers from a serious lack of self esteem generally. We seem to hold on to our coal cracker mentality. People fear change.

  • Serious Leigh

    I am disturbed to see yet one more thing that will be grabbed onto as a moneymaker for pharmaceutical and medical supply companies. I truly believe that marijuana should be decriminalized and allowed in Pennsylvania for recreational use and that possession and growing it by citizens should be allowed in small quantity, while reserving large-quantity production and selling it to state-controlled/regulated facilities, with a tobacco/gasoline-scale tax on it, and intoxication laws that mirror alcohol consumption. This would be a win-win for citizens, law enforcement, and state revenues.


    DON’T TREAD ON ME! Even Jefferson and Washington supported hemp/marijuana. Big Brother, twisting the truth, AGAIN & AGAIN.

  • MJR

    This is great. I have suffered from back pain for 16 years, I have severe scoliosis and my doctors want me to have surgery to help with my pain but I never wanted surgery but at only 29 years old and a mom of 3 I didn’t see another option for my pain. This could help!!! Great choice PA!!!

    • MJR

      All I have to say is for you 3 idiots that “dislike” my comment obviously have a wonderful pain free life. I hope you never have to experience waking up and trying to take care of your children who are 6, 3 and 2 months all while you can barely walk. jerks….


    A good start, though. About two-thirds of Pennsylvanians qualify for medical marijuana with the aforementioned criteria, with forthcoming ‘new cases’ of PTSD & ‘chronic pain’ . LOL. This organic plant should never be controlled by ‘greedy’ big brother, though. To see how hypocritical the U.S. governing entities are, just google ‘hemp for victory’. Also, a certain head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, Harry J. Anslinger, had to justify his department’s existence because of it being possibily phased out back in the 1940s. He chose to ‘fabricate’ horror stories of marijuana use, eventually the hypocritical government classifying marijuana as a ‘class 1 narcotic’ during Nixon’s presidency. How absurd and unwarranted. But yet, alcohol & cigarettes attribute to many shattered lives, property damage, insurance premium increases, avoidable accidents and untimely deaths each annum. Question Authority or continue to be fooled again.

  • wayne

    of course they gave exclusive rights to the pharmaceutical industry which without a doubt will allow them to squeeze the sick for all they can rather than simply alowing the patient to very cheaply grow their own

  • Givemeabreak

    So not OK to smoke but OK to eat in a overpriced sugar loaded treat. What a screwed up society we live in.

  • I do not smoke anything

    It is progress, but why do they still have to keep the BIG PHARMACY CORPORATIONS HAPPY. Why would they not let the patient grow their own?? The government always has to have their hands in our pockets. The day will come when they will tax our vegetable gardens.

  • Vera Scroggins

    Pa. is so careful….as they inch their way to approving Marijuana for medical reasons….and can’t allow smoking it…..and can’t grow it…’s a plant after all….

  • jenny

    Omg my prayers are soon to be answered. My son is asd, aspergers sensory disorder and aggression and manic depression and I truly hope I can find a dr to allow this keep moving up please im tired of seeing him take 6 pills full of chemicals everyday I am a strong believer after yrs of rescreach that this will help him.


      Would drastically reducing his sugar intake & altering his diet help the matter? There must be all natural/safer methods/options than taking 6 ‘poison’ pills daily, prescribed by a ‘legalized drug pusher’ (M.D.), who’s only competent /trained writing out dangerous prescriptions(with dangerous and a multitude of side effects), instead of finding the cause & cure for the infliction,yielding exponential profits for their masters, the pharmaceutical puppeteers). $$$$$ceuticals.

      • hair of the dog

        that sound just like Doc Moylan

        he’s got pills that will help ya & eat away at your liver, he’s got chemo treatments to rot you body from the inside out & take your hair off your loved ones, but he doesn’t believe on the goodness of the pot plant, to help cancer patients

        he said so on the Sam Lasante show

        and he’s a cancer dr. so you know he is educated, just no about the right stuff

        you think he’ll burn for his sins? I hope so
        saw enough people suffer through chemo & die because of docs like him

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