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Warmer Temperatures Heat Up Pool Business

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LUZERNE COUNTY -- With the warmer temperatures, business is heating up for pool companies and suppliers. Many people just can't wait to jump into a pool, and they are counting down to when pools will open up in Luzerne County.

With temperatures in the 80's and climbing lately, many people in Luzerne County are starting to take advantage of the warmer weather.

Some families playing at state parks, others canoeing on the lake, and pool business heats as many people are getting their pools ready for a dip. Pool supply companies in Luzerne County say business is heating up this week.

"I mean this morning I didn't even have really the door open, I didn't even have the lights on, and I had three people walking in and then two more followed. It's nonstop until we closed," said Deb Hritzak with Skovish Brothers Pools and Spas.

Hritzak says they opened private pools as early as Easter and are booked through Mid-June.  A manager at Lowe's said this weekend was the busiest weekend of the season for those cleaning up their pools on their own.

"Customers especially focusing on pools, I mean, it is the hot demand right now! As you can see to my shelves here, they really just shopped through. This was a full set two weeks ago and really the demand took away our shelves," Jessica Vickerson, a manager at Lowe's manager in Edwardsville.

People who don't have access to a private pool have been waiting for public ones to open.

"We've received many calls so far, asking when the pool's going to be open? How long it's open? They're looking for the passes they can get to purchase so they can go in the pool," said Brian Taylor with Frances Slocum State Park.

State park maintenance crews have already pressure washed this pool and should have it filled in just a few days. They expect hundreds, ready to jump in, when it officially on Memorial Day weekend.

"With the good weather, it's a crazy weekend! There's people all over the place, not just in the pool but all around the park. It's a fun weekend," added Taylor.

The pool at Frances Slocum State Park will stay open weekends only until the first week of June, when it will open everyday.