Former Music Teacher Admits to Sex with Student

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STROUDSBURG -- A teacher from the Poconos has pleaded guilty to having sexual contact with a student.

Brandon Flatley of Stroudsburg entered the plea last month

At the time, he was a music teacher in the Stroudsburg Area School District.


  • Warløck

    “Former Music Teacher Admits to Sex with Student” implies intercourse.

    “A teacher from the Poconos has pleaded guilty to having sexual contact with a student” could mean many things not including intercourse.

    Which is it? I need to know exactly where this “crime” falls on the Heinous Meter™. I’m guessing it’s much lower than we’re being led to believe.

    • George Stoll Jr (@Gstolljr)

      isn’t sex also ORAL? So it doesn’t just imply intercourse. Any type of sex with a teenage and teacher is just wrong. Your need to know is nothing, your want to know is what you’re wanting. Either way sex with a minor is all we need to know is WRONG and he needs to be justly penalized and not given a light sentence, cuz he a 1st time offender or whatever crap they come up with!

      • MisterPL

        There’s nothing in the article to indicate that the student was a minor. It’s entirely possible (and probable, given the charges) that this was a consensual relationship. The only “crime” is that it happened between a teacher and student, and therefore it falls under the umbrella of institutional sexual assault, regardless of age or consent.

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