‘I want to grieve the loss of my son,’ Mother Charged in Baby’s Death Speaks

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SCRANTON -- A couple was charged in the death of their 5-week-old baby Thursday. In an emotional interview, the mother of that child called it a horrible tragedy.

Amanda Salvatori of Scranton had tears in her eyes as she spoke outside the Lackawanna County Courthouse in Scranton.

Salvatori and her fiance, Anthony Donvito, 26, of Scranton, are charged in connection with their infant son's death. They were arrested and arraigned Thursday.

According to investigators, the two had taken painkillers the night of January 21, falling asleep in bed with their 5-week-old son at their home on Colfax Avenue in the city.

When they awoke, they told police the baby was not breathing.

The child was pronounced dead at the hospital.

"I had to spring this news on them this afternoon. They didn't see it coming. And they're feeling awful. They've gone through the worst experience a parent could ever go through and then to find that someone is charging them criminally with that," said defense attorney Paul Walker.

Salvatori and Donvito have a three-year-old daughter together and police said when she was interviewed, the child said the baby was gasping for air that night. The little girl said she tried to wake her mother but could not.

"They should have had someone there that did know what they're doing if they couldn't take care of it," said Cynthia Egan who lives in Scranton and learned of the charges.

Salvatori said she didn't have drugs in her system. She calls the blood test results "a lie."

But detectives said the blood results are accurate and hospital officials confirmed the baby boy was born addicted to narcotics.

Salvatori said she cannot believe she and her fiance have been charged.

"I lost control. I wanted to hit somebody. It's just two people that they're trying to get caught up for no reason. I just want to get through this and live my life again. This is ridiculous. No one should have to go through this. I want to grieve the loss of my son," said Salvatori.

Police said they were called to the couple's home after the baby died.They say Donvito assaulted Salvatori after an argument over who was responsible for the baby's death.

An autopsy report showed the baby's death is consistent with SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome, but the doctor wrote that asphyxiation could not be ruled out.

Salvatori and Donvito are due back in court May 20.


  • former resident

    Denial will not absolve your guilt. Get your tubes tied and have no more kids. Too bad you can not pick your parents. That baby would have not picked to be born with drugs in its system or have parents that are selfish and stupid.

  • ME2

    Stupid people shouldn’t have children, period. Neither should useless people who do drugs. Children need two “together” mature people, not idiots without a clue. Oh, I want to mourn my sun’s death. I guess you should, since you and the other one are responsible for it.

  • Sally Vanderpool-Johnson

    I am sickened and saddened by the judgmental people on here and their awful hurtful word’s You do not know these people all you know is what you have heard or seen on the news, there is only one judge and that is god, my heart aches for these parents right or wrong no parent wants to lose a child, the problem here is people need to be educated on childcare before going home with a baby, Never put your baby in bed with you….. Where is education in this state…..

    • Ishkabibble

      So you want the government to do everything but make the babies. We’ll forward the tax bill to you.

      • popcorn anyone

        BOO HOO!! The rest of us will grieve the loss of OUR tax dollars. And a gold fish I had as a kid. BOO HOO!!

    • Rebecca

      A mother cat knows how to take care of her kittens better than these losers knew how to take care of a baby. Any person with two working brain cells knows you don’t do drugs and knock yourselves out for hours on end. Infants need constant care at that age. You sleep a few hours at a time, if you’re lucky, and many of this did this and held down a full time job. Give me a break. Their actions are inexcusable.

    • jill

      They are not 2 young teenagers with an infant! They are adults with no common sense . The 2 of them took painkillers? and you think anyone is going to feel sorry for them,
      its the baby that everyone feels for that lost its life over the neglect and selfishness of his parents.

  • Solomon Grundy

    Too bad it wasn’t the mother or father that croaked….I am confident to say that would have not been a loss to society whats so ever….It would have been a gain….2 less scumbags sucking off the government.

  • wannabeinformed

    Great job Moses Taylor hospital!!! Sending a positive drug baby home with the drug parents!! ONE CALL to children and youth services could have saved this baby’s life. What a horrible story…..RIP sweet baby.you deserved so much better.😥

    • Allison

      Yes! How was a baby born with narcotics on its system allowed to leave with the parents?

  • Retired

    What a tragedy for the loss of this child. However, the parents are responsible for his death due to their irresponsibility and bad judgement. Amanda, please spare me your pathetic poor me attitude and blood tests don’t lie. You and your boyfriend are responsible for this tragedy and you have to live with this the rest of your life. You two need to be clean up your act and take responsibility for your actions. I think it’s time to make it law that when something like this happens both of the parents should be neutered so they cannot ever bring another child into this world. The government needs to stop supporting these idiots and I’m sure they don’t work since they can sleep until 12 noon. Who was taking care of your 3 year old while you two idiots were sleeping. You are pathetic.

    • ME2

      Well said. My thoughts exactly. Most drug tests don’t lie. Pain killers are a drug. Were they both in labor or something? It doesn’t matter if they weren’t all drugged out that night. Disgusting what happened to this poor child.

  • Rebecca

    The movie “Idiocracy” is coming to life. We just saw another story about a genius doing a WWF maneuver on an 18 month old and instead killed the poor child. People are reproducing who have no business having a pet, let a lone a human child, while decent loving people are unable to conceive.

    This situation is no more “a tragedy” than it’s a tragedy that a person who gets so intoxicated they can’t drive safely kills someone with their car. Hopefully they’ll get a jail term for at least as long as it takes to take both of these morons past their child bearing years.

  • the fat lady is singing

    For punishment,
    put this pigface in a room full of oxycodoine and a 2 liter bottle of Drano to wash them down with!

  • mox mox

    @ lloyd schmucattelli***You have 10 bags of apples from different nations of the world,7 bags are full of carcinogens (you can not tell by taste),3 bags are good.You are a supporter of the world today,you buy one of the 7 bags at market consume and die of cancer.Could you correlate this mistake by being a new viewer of Keeping up with the KARDS?Very stressful society today Mr. Schmucatelli! Yes they should be more vigilant!

  • ^

    I think having you know what between your legs should excuse you from being accountable for pretty much anything princess

  • No News Here

    Drugs, drugs, drugs. Kids learn of the dangers of drugs beginning in kindergarten. When are people going to realize that absolutely no good ever comes from drug use? I do not feel bad for this young mother….spare us all your “I’m the victim” schtick. Her bad decisions in life caused the death of her son. My sympathy is really directed at the three year old, who was apparently the only one who tried to do the right thing the night the baby died.

  • Just can't take this state serious, MEGA TURD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Impressed, so many good people in Pa. I have to use both hands to count them!

    • BZ22

      Every notice how rarely good people make the news? People don’t click, read and comment on those stories!

  • mox mox

    A great deal of young people have very little ambition in a world that is about money!40 years ago you didn’t here so much of stupid actions.Back then the cheap brands of necessities lasted and lasted,unlike this garbage imported from overseas that falls apart first time it is used.This makes everyone look stupid ,who has to depend on the garbage.

  • Ishkabibble

    “This is hell. A mother shouldn’t have to go through this.”

    …but you weren’t a mother. You were an incubator, and a poor one at that.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    “Ya Doc, I haven’t been able to sleep good lately, totally stressed from this whole situation. Do you think there is any medication to help me sleep?”

    This idiot looks like death warmed over, nasty.

  • Mad In Hazleton

    Amanda Salvatori , You are a dirt bag.why do people like you breed? the baby was born addicted to narcotics, you are pathetic, your tubes should be tied so you can’t breed anymore, and you have a daughter according to the report they just played on the news, she should also be taken away from you……you are going to do jail time, and I hope it’s at least 5 years……so spare us Amanda Salvatori, and keep your big mouth shut.

    • Paul Welter

      The lifestyle these parents lived is synonymous with irresponsibility. I’m sure her pregnancy wasn’t planned. They should definitely be charged. This is a really sad situation. Above all, she is trying to lie her way out of it.

  • SoDone

    Paul Walker, you’re as pathetic as your clients, but then again, some defense attorneys have to be in desperate times and situations such as these.
    “I lost control. I wanted to hit somebody. It’s just two people that they’re trying to get caught up for no reason. I just want to get through this and live my life again. This is ridiculous. No one should have to go through this. I want to grieve the loss of my son,” said Salvatori ~ Because you did nothing wrong? The blood tests lie? All you care about is yourself apparently!
    What about the pre-natal care? No one caught it that she was a user?
    Million Dollar question; where is their 3 year old now?

    • Warren Searfoss

      sondone do you even have an idea how the legal system works…. If a person can not afford an attorney they are assigned one… That means he is not doing it for the money cause they don’t get paid that much… but he has to defend the person to the best of his ability otherwise the defendant can claim he didn’t do a good job and if there is proof the person can and will be retried and possibility released….. so don’t go jumping on an attorney that is just doing his job… if you wan to jump on an attorney for defending a scumbag pick the private ones that do it just for the money like the ones that defended Simpson.

      • tiredofdeviants

        “sondone do you even have an idea how the legal system works…. ” Yes as a matter of fact I do, tho I am not at liberty to share why with the like of someone such as you.
        If a person can not afford an attorney they are assigned one… no kidding really? duh, golly, I didn’t know that!?
        That means he is not doing it for the money cause they don’t get paid that much… Well, at least they have a job to pay back those student loans tho!
        but he has to defend the person to the best of his ability otherwise the defendant can claim he didn’t do a good job and if there is proof the person can and will be retried and possibility released….. defending that person to the best of his/her ability doesn’t mean TOTALLY absolving criminals of each and every social responsibility in life which can and will irritate some judges to NO end!
        so don’t go jumping on an attorney that is just doing his job…He is not doing his job if he is compromising the ethics of socially acceptable rules and norms of society and law.

  • Bill

    I’m sorry,this was no Accident,this was stupidity and drug use resulting in a child’s death! Be no different if they gave the pills to the child and it died. Prosecute them both and let them dry out and learn their lesson in jail! Force them to get treatment inside!

    • jamie

      Taking enough of a prescription pain killer to leave you comatose until noon is not an accident. It is drug abuse.
      Leaving a toddler and an infant unattended while you are busy being knocked out high is Child endangerment
      Your infant suffocating because you are too high to care for him is criminally negligent homicide. An accident is when you stus your toe on the coffee table trying to carry the sleeping infant to the crib

    • tiredofdeviants

      I will go out on a limb and call you out and judge you as one of “those” who contribute to the pollution not only to the internet, this forum, but to all of society. Whatever man. Whatever it takes to entertain yourself. Nasty little *astards like you always get their comeuppance.

    • Allison

      Friend of the couple, I see? Who else would cry “but you don’t know THEIR side” given the facts of the story?

  • C Swaha

    Someone actually slept with this pig and made children?? Woof woof woof. That poor child rip

  • kbhart

    The baby was born addicted to narcotics and childrens services are not involved. That baby should not have been sent home with those two druggies to begin with. Now a poor little boy is dead. What the hell are they taking painkillers for anyway and the taxpayers are probably paying for them. Hopefully the 3 year old is far away from them.

  • jamie

    This woman is no better than any other pedophile, child abuser or other scum who hurts children. Her ovaries should be fed to wild animals.

  • Michele

    What scumbags, they should be charged with murder! Deny the drugs but blood tests dont lie and your baby was born addicted to drugs too? Someone get the other kid away from them before another “accident” happens! These two are a disgrace and shes no mother!

  • Ruby

    If they wouldn’t have done drugs and passed out maybe the baby would still be I’ve, they deserve to be charged but it should be involuntary manslaugjter

    • Caitlin

      I agree. It’s unfortunate, but she can’t just grieve the loss of her son that she caused the death of. Consequences. In my opinion, the other child should be taken from them.

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