Big Trucks and Equipment Help Teach Career Options

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HARFORD TOWNSHIP -- Hundreds of fifth graders from throughout the northern tier were taking a little ride into their futures on Wednesday.

The boys and girls were able to get behind the wheel of all kinds of trucks and heavy equipment and in the process, get a glimpse of the many careers available to them. We were there for the fun at the Harford Fairgrounds.

Fifth graders were bending pipes like they do on the natural gas drill rigs throughout the northern tier. They were hopping behind the wheel of a PennDOT plow truck, too.

This was called Vehicular Career Day at the Harford Fairgrounds and there certainly were a variety of vehicles for more than 600 students from Susquehanna, Bradford, and Wyoming Counties to see up close.

"I thought it was really cool," said Mara Adams from Tunkhannock Area.

"Awesome!" added Ethen Ridall from Elk Lake.

"They love it. They're climbing through trucks. They're honking horns," Shealynn Shabe, Northern Tier Industry and Education Consortium.

Getting behind the wheel of a truck, or seeing all the equipment are the fun parts for these youngsters, but the point is for all of them to see these are careers available to them.

"I've been learning about other careers that people do and what they do and how they do it," said Hayden Butts from Susquehanna Community School.

These fifth graders are a long way from a career, but this puts some options in their heads early on.

That's the reason Northern Tier Industry and Education Consortium organizes this. It also gives the companies involved a chance to share what they do.

"A lot of them are in our operating area so they see the drill rigs. They see all the vehicle going through, but they really don't know what we do," said Michael Narcavage of Southwestern Energy.

"I learned how they make gas wells and put it into the pipes and stuff," said Lexi Fortney of Tunkhannock Area Middle School.

Those sharing their experience know that the trucks certainly help get the kids' attention.

"Oh, they like that. Yep, they enjoy the trucks. Everyone likes trucks. Heck, I love trucks," said Don Robinson, Masters Ready Mix Concrete.

There were 22 businesses and agencies represented. We were happy to answer some of the fifth graders' questions, too, as we covered this story.

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