Anglers Concerned After Bass Caught In Susquehanna River Tests Positive For Cancer

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There’s an alert for area fishermen and fisherwomen as bass season is set to start next month.

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission says a smallmouth bass with a large growth on its lip has now tested positive for a rare cancer.

The state Fish and Boat Commission says that bass was caught last year in the Susquehanna River in Dauphin County.

For anglers at a trout-stocked pond near Clarks Summit, this news has them very concerned.

“We always want to keep the fish in good, healthy condition. It`s a good sport and most of us really catch the fish and put them back. It`s just a matter of sport,” said Jim Filipski from Throop.

“A lot of people go fishing as a hobby and a lot of people take the fish home and harvest it as well,” said Amy Hubbard from Scranton.

The commission isn't sure what caused the cancer or if other fish have it and are testing that part of the river.

“We have a group of biologists in the Harrisburg area and they have a testing protocol all set up. They`re getting fish from anglers and from other methods and they`re testing them that way,” said Rob Wnuk with the Fish and Boat Commission.

Some are worried this cancer could lead to a fish kill.

“The less fish is a lot less for us to catch,” said Bob Romanaskas from Scranton.

“Oh, I`m sure there`s more. There`s not one fish. That river runs from all the way from New York State to the Chesapeake Bay. There`s got to be more fish with cancer than that,” said Bruce Edwards from Scranton.

With bass season starting next month, many people plan to eat what they catch.

As far as eating bass that may have the cancer, the commission says it appears to be safe.

“So it`s mostly a personal decision by the angler. If the angler doesn't like the looks of the fish, then of course don`t eat it, but as far as we know, there`s no human health concerns,” said Wnuk.

Most say they`ll pass on the fish course.

“If they have cancer and stuff like that, it`s pretty bad. You just don`t want to eat it. You want to go to Price Chopper or someone else to buy your fish,” said Romanaskas.

The Fish and Boat Commission says if you happen to catch a fish that looks affected with the growth to report the location of where you caught it to the commission.


  • SwampPenguin

    Hey Mister can i pump a million gallons of waste down a hole on your property i pay big $?
    PA. Hick: Youbetcha !

  • Sillywabit

    Oh my laughing my butt at the comment below about how healthy the Susquehanna was 7 years ago where in the h e l l have you been idiot? The Susquehanna has had bass with cancer over 16 years ago and with black spots quite possibly why the Susquehanna has been on the top 10 list as a polluted river for decades. I have nothing to do with natural gas but if that’s who your blaming for this your as guilty as hillary as being a Moron as the gas hasn’t been here that long nice try though

  • miss hyner

    @ KING RUDDY***The testament your comments provide is another sign this world is in it’s last days Mr. Ruddy!I believe you are a wonderful KING!!!I am willing to answer your question ,YOUR MAJESTY…..The hypnotic corporate professionals who have their brainwashed workers mesmerized ,believing they all own the academy as partners will never acknowledge they are really nothing parity to them!!!

  • jb

    Last time I checked Cancer wasn’t contagious. Just because one person in a house has it that doesn’t mean the rest of the family is going to have it too. Why would it be any different with fish?

  • Obvious

    If you watch the video clip from this news clip you will notice in the background of one of the still shots what appears to be nuclear powerplant stacks….. Still wondering what may have attributed to this smallmouth bass’s problems?

  • Wow

    I stopped eating Susquehanna fish after body’s started washing up down river from my house :(

  • king ruddy

    I am willing to share a scenario I planted in my brain decades ago…..yes,multitudes do look up to purloiners that pollute.To defray the cost to scrub down mother earth instead of transitioning to sport ,why not strip them of their assets which somehow deems many greatness.When this execution takes place would the world quote who the hhhh they are?

  • SwampPenguin

    Actually i recall about 7 yrs ago the river was its healthiest in many yrs.
    Not now though huh? What industrial revolution (=pollution) could have
    changed that ? What’s the tally so far millions of gallons of ?
    pumped in the ground here in pa. How bout a no. id like to know.

    • sickofitall

      We will never know. We only know what we’re aloud to know. And then again, we really have to use our heads and figure alot of this out on our own. Illegal dumping. I wonder what states don’t have a couple of counties that allow it. My guess is zero. Several years ago, some statistical data was publicized that PA, especially NEPA, has a high occurrence of colon cancer, compared to the National average. There has been some low-profile information over the years about how toxic waters travel underground paths, sometimes for miles and miles, finding their way to farmlands and well water. This is not something new. They say drink 8 glasses of water every day. I’m not sure if that’s good advice, or a quicker way to cancer. And eating Organic is safer, unless it’s fed by underground toxic waters, of course.

      • SwampPenguin

        SICKOFITALL: Yes indeed pendot just found an “earth seam” and had to change plans…natural earth is not like a perfect layered ball…there are breaks,fissures,unknown springs..
        a few yrs ago we ALL KNEW THIS…now they all play dumb and demand you show your collage degree before you speak up. I KNOW that river like my own blood,i will know have nothing to do with it. Thank you.

      • Phishy

        Don’t drink the water, drink beer instead. And don’t eat any of the PCB laden trout that we stock in our streams, unless you really want to.

      • SwampPenguin

        sorry edited…now they all play dumb and demand you show your college degree before you speak up. I KNOW that river like my own blood,i will now have nothing to do with it. Thank you.

    • Pa Fish and Boat Guy.

      Swamp, maybe i can shed some light on this for you. I work for the fish and boat commission. I have lived on the banks of the Susquehanna all my life, and loved it so much i choose to do it as a career. Its not uncommon for fish to have cancerous tumors, Just most dont survive to be that old/large. Thats why its such a rare event. But just people, dogs, cats, rats, etc… all animals can get tumors. If you consider that there are billions of small mouth bass spawned every year in the sus, to find a fish like this once a decade (which is frequent) means it happens with 1 and 10 billion! Better chance of winning the lotto that catching a fish like this. And with our new Gov, and his new appointee’s, they made sure we looked 5 or 6 times at the NG industry, and they almost seemed disappointed when it was not NG related. As far as people saying on here that the fishing has declined, and they fish are no longer there, Two major floods in the last 10 years has changed the habitat, place that were great fishing holes are now not, places where you never saw a fish are now hot spots. The Sus is no worse now that it was before Fracing. I hope this helps, Unless you are just trying to blame fracing for political reasons. In that case shame on you, for using things like this to try and scare people.

      • SwampPenguin

        PFG GUY:
        The fact will surface sooner or later i scare no one i educate and you do what?
        Its clear what your agenda is I LIKE PURE PA WATER.
        Stick your de adly gas up your —-Aquarium.

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