Testing for Ticks

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POCONOS -- After a great weekend of outdoor weather, you might want to pay extra attention to your skin.

Some scientist in Monroe County are taking a closer look at ticks this spring.

Newswatch 16's Ryan Leckey talked to researchers at East Stroudsburg University who said this season could be the worst in years when it comes to the parasite.

Plus, Leckey has a look at East Stroudsburg University's lab that can speed up testing your blood work with high tech equipment.

To learn more about East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania’s Northeast Wildlife DNA Laboratory, click here.

To print out the ‘tick submission form,’ click here.


  • keith hinkel

    DIATOMACEOUS EARTH spread in yard and on floors/carpets will fid house of any crawling insects. I travel foe work–since this bed bug thing I sprinkle Dia on my hotel/motel bed clothes. Never been bit. See Google: diatomaceous earth benefits

  • Colleen Schake

    I can’t believe you’ve reported the deer tick is the only tick that you can get lyme disease from! It’s been tested and proven they find the spiro’s in mosquitoes and horse flies too! Come on if you are trying to protect the public then get the research and report it correctly. This stuff is crippling!

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