Jessup Preps for Saint Ubaldo Day

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JESSUP -- We're just a few weeks away from Saint Ubaldo Day in Lackawanna County.

Organizers took advantage of Sunday's weather to paint the symbols of Saint Anthony, Saint George, and of course, Saint Ubaldo on the streets of Jessup.

Families decorated buildings around the borough to get ready for the celebration.

This year's carnival will kick off on May 20 and run through Memorial Day.

The big event is when families race statues of the saints through the streets.

People there say the race is something special.

"It's a feeling like no other especially if you're Italian, like myself," said Tim Calachino of Jessup. "It's hard to explain unless you've been there and you've seen it or experienced it."

You can experience it for yourself. The race is scheduled for Saturday, May 23 in LackawannaCounty.