‘Boom, I hit him good’: Man Punches Bear to Save His Dog

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MEADOW VISTA, California-- A man in California says he would confront a bear again after he fought one off with his fists that he says was trying to eat his Chihuahua.

According to FOX 40, the bear was trying to get past a low gate on the deck to Carl Moore's house when he heard his dog screaming in fear.

"She was terrified," Moore said.

But Moore was not.

The 73-year-old contractor raised his arms and charged the bear causing it to retreat up a ramp leading to the deck. According to several witnesses, the bear reared up and turned toward Moore.

"Boom, I hit him good," Moore said.

An employee who also lives at the house, John Sargent, couldn't believe what he saw.

"He whips to the right and hit him with a right...it was crazy," Sargent said.

Sargent said Moore is an ex-marine who was also a boxer and an bouncer in country western bars in Texas.

"This big right hand has sent a lot of people to the floor," Moore said.

He said he's lost three dozen chickens over the past few weeks and was convinced the bear was after his dogs, which he adores.

Fish and Wildlife rangers believe the bear who ran off after being hit weighed about 300 pounds.

"I never faced anything in my life that I didn't figure I can whip," Moore said.

Moore said he would do it again.

"These dogs are my babies," Moore said.

Fish and Wildlife said because the bear is eating his chickens that Moore could get a permit that would allow the bear to be killed.

But Moore doesn't like that idea.

"If it comes back, I'll call 911 and let the sheriff do it because I don't want to shoot no animal," Moore said.


  • miss hyner

    Howdy Annon,The trivial admonition my former supervisor slid me before I became disabled with a malady,was knowledge I embellish from prior experience. “It matters who you are ,its the way it is” the trifling statement from a educated grown up child.I embodied the insecurity data with a measly GED which this person could not distinguish with extra-curricular schooling.Down in the flat land where I am originally from ,my ex-neighbor hunts squirrel,rabbit,opossum,etc.(afraid of skunks) in backyard of residential neighborhood.This person is affiliated with authority association of public works!This is why I enjoy my retirement in the mountains away from arrogant pretense.I love my cottage and self made pond!

  • Annon

    Be careful with shooting any animal regardless of it’s actions. I had 3 wild animals acting bizarre last year on my property. I am convinced they were rabid. I finally shot the opossum when it went after my dog. The neighbors called the cops and the judge fined me over $500 in Court for shooting an animal out of season and hunting without a permit (I was putting a patio in at the time that this all went down). I was then threatened in open court to have further charges pressed against for discharging a firearm in a residential area basically if I didn’t accept the charges without further court appearances. I live in a neighborhood where there is plenty of space between houses and I am backed by endless woods and a huge dirt mountain. It was a safe shot. The game commission also would not test the animal for rabies. The judge told me next time call 911 and they will send the game commission. A few weeks later I had a skunk acting so strange I was able to approach it and not get sprayed as it would slowly walk a few feet and fall to it’s side. I called 911 like the judge said. It took and hour and a half for game commission to get there and the skunk still didnt make it across my yard. Then all they did was take out their gun and shoot it. Then the game commission refused to have the animal tested for rabies because it didn’t come into contact with pets or humans. Although the neighbor takes the few stray cats in the neighborhood to the vet occasionally I still get nervous when I see the neighbor kids feeding the cats. I’ve told everyone about my experiences but no one seems to wanna listen to me. Just thought I’d share my story since it’s somewhat relatant and you guys can use it as good for thought. I suggest getting a cross-bow. That’s what I did. I keep it right in my garage.

  • keith hinkel

    “Get a permit”? Guess that state wants tax $$ for air also. I live here, a bear on my property, acting aggressive is a dead bear. I wear my revolver daily, and keep my rifle close by.

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