Mom Says School Wouldn’t Let Daughter Finish Lunch Because It Was Not ‘Nutritious’

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AURORA, Colo. — A Colorado mother is upset after a teacher at her daughter’s preschool wouldn’t allow the girl to finish her lunch because it wasn’t nutritious.

Leeza Pearson told KUSA that she packed her daughter a sandwich, string cheese and a four-pack of Oreos.

The Oreos were still in the child’s lunchbox, along with a note, which read:

Dear Parents, it is very important that all students have a nutritious lunch. This is a public school setting and all children are required to have a fruit, a vegetable and a healthy snack from home, along with a milk. If they have potatoes, the child will also need bread to go along with it. Lunchables, chips, fruit snacks, and peanut butter are not considered to be a healthy snack. This is a very important part of our program and we need everyone’s participation.

The director of Children’s Academy told KUSA that it’s not school policy to tell parents what their children can or can’t eat.

The school is now investigating.


  • HempRopeAndStreetlight

    This won’t stop until these bothersome totalitarians are hung from the nearest overpass sign. That’s the only message they understand.

  • Diggs

    We don’t need no education.
    We don’t need no thought control.
    No dark sarcasm in the classroom.
    Teacher leave those kids alone.
    Hey! Teacher! Leave those kids alone.
    All in all your just another, brick in Obama’s wall.

  • julieapascal

    Yeah, that potato and bread thing was just… too weird. Also, peanut butter isn’t a healthy snack? I dislike peanut butter but how is it not healthy? And Lunchables? Bread (cracker), cheese and lunch meat? What *can* these kids bring for lunch?

    • JohnMc

      Well peanuts are certainly healthy, EXCEPT when one has an allergy. So this is a case of an institution playing the safety game to the max. Which of course impunes their common sense. If the parents packed a lunch common sense would know whether their child has an allergy.

      Sending a child to public education is the equivalent of child abuse.

      • Arnold

        Not trying to defend this preschool, but some kids are so allergic to peanuts that the smell of them can cause a bad reaction. There’s a girl who goes to my daughter’s preschool with such an allergy, so we know not to pack a PBJ sandwich on Tues or Thurs. :) But this is something that should be handled on a case-by-case basis, not a blanket prohibition.

  • GMPlace

    “If they have potatoes, the child will also need bread to go along with it. Lunchables, chips, fruit snacks, and peanut butter”. Wow, potatoes and wonder bread are perfectly fine but one of the crackers, ham and cheese lunchables, or peanut butter and an apple aren’t?

    • Let It Be

      Haha. So true. Although lunchables are not healthy, and not something I’ve ever chosen for my kids, the potatoes and bread policy just cracked me up! How is it that anyone should take them seriously?! The schools and the government need to leave the kids and parents alone, unless there is valid abuse going on. Hey, the kid was getting fed! That’s a good thing!

    • Alan

      I saw that once at a Hispanic (Puerto Rican) buffet. People would make mashed potato sandwiches. I had never seen that before but I guess it’s a thing that Puerto Ricans do.

  • Cat

    Parents like this better wise up and feed their children how and what the government tells them to! How dare this mother let her daughter take her own lunch to school! How is that girl supposed to learn to know her place and be a drone like most others? Can’t anyone appreciate how the government is just trying to control…I mean, help….the younger generation? Okay, I’m done being extremely sarcastic now :)
    I can’t help but wonder: What did that teacher have for lunch that day?

  • auttie

    how dare this teacher do that to a small child its not up to her to decide what that child should or shouldn’t eat what a disgrace

  • Valfreyja

    The school probably did overstep, but look at that fat lady feeding her kids 4 packs of cookies with lunch. Poor nutrition really does become a matter of child abuse at some point. We ill need another honey boo boo child running around.

    • Darth Vader

      Too bad you didn’t read the article correctly. It was a 4 pack of oreos..not 4 packs of oreos…just saying. Kids need oreos.

    • Casey Tompkins

      Oh, goodie, another food fascist. Who died and appointed you Nutrition Czar?

      It’s pretty sad when the local Nanny-state control freaks start ordering parents what to feed their kids.

    • lol

      It is better to be a little fat that ugly on the outside and in. Better to be a little fat than to be rude, immature, and judgemental. Better to be a little fat than someone who posts stupid comments that has more dislikes than likes. Looks like a good chunk of society thinks it is better to be a little fat than to be overall a big A hole ;-) my apologies to the pathetic little YOU

  • Ruth VanWhy Hagenbaugh

    Since when is Peanut Butter not a healthy snack? It is full of protein and if your child isn’t allergic to peanuts, it’s a very healthy snack. This pre school is going to far. Some children are very picky eaters and trying to force them to eat what the school says they should will only result in the child not eating at all. Children need to eat what they like.

    • Valfreyja

      It’s amazingly high in calories, salt, fats and sugar. Unless you’re from a desperately poor family in which getting enough nutrition is very difficult, peanutbutter is a desert, not a main food. It’s good! I like it. But it is candy. We have an epidemic of childhood diabetes and obesity going on.

      • craig

        Kids need calories and fats and protein. PB is healthy, and by itself it’s not salty or sugary. If you buy the brands that have a bunch of additives, that’s your own fault.

      • GMPlace

        My kids are very thin, peanut butter is something very healthy for them, and something they can easily get down. Their pediatrician suggested it when they were small. Why do you get to decide what someone else’s kids eat?
        I hate to break it to you but “potatoes and bread” is not healthy.

      • tiredofcazypeople

        OK now, you’ve been on these forums long enough..either your meds aren’t working for ya, or you just get off on negative attention.

      • Valfreyja

        This is an adorable reaction to FACTS.

        2tbs of peanutbutter, a common serving size (and o one uses just 2 tbs in a sandwich) is 200 calories, a FULL 25%!!! of your daily fat intake. And that’s based on adult caloric needs, not the reduced caloric needs of children. Add two slices of bread and jelly, that’s a 500 calorie sandwich at best. A carton of milk and a side can easily send a single CHILD’S lunch into the 800 calorie range. Adults shouldn’t even be eating that much in a standard meal.

        Compare peanubtutter labels with cake frosting labels. Contrary to popular belief, not everything is some conspiracy against the common man’s liberty. Feeding children this way is not good parenting. You’re setting them up for metabolic and hormonal disorders by their 20s and 30s that only used to occur in the 60 and up crowd. Again, not an opinion, measured FACTS that are easily read for yourselves from ell established medical authorities. Your pride and self righteousness is actually killing your children.

        But congratulations on being an “independent parent” I guess.

      • merry

        You’re right most people don’t make a sandwich with 2 tbs of peanut-butter , most people use much less. Also as pointed out earlier , much that fat and salt is added to the peanut-butter. Children require fat in their diets (more so then adults), such as from fish and nuts. And in what world is a serving of milk 300 calories ? So lets try again….1 tbs of a low fat peanut butter and 1/2 an apple and a serving size carton of milk. 80 calories for the peanut-butter , 20 for the apple and 120ish for the milk. 220 calories and most of that is the milk which is required by this teacher. Even say a peanut-butter sandwich 80-90 calories for the peanut-butter , 140 -180 for the bread (2 slices) 25-50 for jelly and 120 for milk we’re at 450 total. Still a lot for one meal for a little kid but there are these new things called knifes that can almost magically cut a sandwich in half (gasps).

        That’s not to mention requiring milk , has the teacher never had of vegans or kosher or milk allergies ? BTW does fruit and vegetable mean a culinary vegetable e.g. tomatoes , cucumber bell peppers or botanical vegetables e.g. broccoli , celery , cabbage? No fruit snacks but what about dried fruit , dried fruits can be very high and sugar and calories.

        This reminds me of the time my sons teacher scolded him for taking a granola bar for a snack. A child who regularly ate lima beans for a snack (at home lima beans are not very school snack friendly), a child who ate daily ate 5-9 servings of fruits and vegs , a child who never tasted soda or even knew what a twinkie was and most importantly a child whose DOCTOR suggested some high calorie additions to his diet. In a school that regularly served cheesy bread sticks , deep friend chicken nuggets , pizza , hotdogs , nachos for lunch.

        There is no ONE PERFECT DIET or ONE EVIL food that must be avoided at all costs. Individual needs vary greatly. Moderating and overall balance are the keys.

        Also potatoes must have bread , are lots of kids taking potatoes for lunch is this a new thing?

  • Erin

    Western Wayne is terrible telling me how to raise my child. The worst school district I have ever been involved with. There is no hospitality when dealing with parents. My son even days how the teacher disagrees with the way things work. Until you have given birth to my child you do not tell me how to parent. How dare they send a not home saying if my son is absent I can get in trouble. How dare you tell me my son must be there when there are PSSAs. Are they put in place for my son or for the school ranking? How do they help my child? Please respond if I am wrong. My son has missed 1 day and it was for his birthday because his grandparents drove 12 hours to visit and my son is told it is better to lie and say he is sick? Why? He is my child not there’s. And to be told I need to call before 2 if I want to pick him up rather then him ride the bus. No if something changes in my life that I need to get him he is mine. If the state wants to make these rules then they should feed, clothe, provide shelter, care, and love to these children. How can they tell e how to parent unless I am abusing him they have no right to tell me.

    • Valfreyja

      >Until you’ve given birth blah blah blah
      You’re not special for giving birth.

      >I have to call if I’m picking him up before 2
      Because there are legal and insurance liabilities the school must meet to remain in operation. This is for the safety of your child. Most parents are happy when a school bothers to go by the book.

      Put your righteous indignation away. They do have a right to tell you that you are responsible for certain behaviors if he is at their school. This is not an opinion. You are not the only arbiter of your family in society. You’re free to dislike that, but you’re also free to find a different school district if you’re unhappy with this one.

      • Bully

        She’s special for being an average, caring American mom. Your comments make me think you were schooled in an opressive, faschist country. Pity.

      • alicesteaparty

        You, sir or madam, are what I consider to be the lethal cancer in American society today, not fat, old or ill people, but you and your kind who slowly allow this so-called democracy (emphasizing the “moc”) to chip away at our liberties. If you don’t like people expressing their opinions in this free society, then put yourself on a jumbo jet to the nearest country where people keep their mouth shut, follow rank and file, and accept their ration like good little soldiers. I, for one, will continue to question my government and their motives like our forefathers intended, and bravo to this mother for providing her child with four Oreos that would have lit up this child’s world with a little cookie hug!

  • Tara

    Wth is wrong w Colorado, the last story w school children was the teachers throwing away lunches because their wasn’t money on their lunch account!! Time to look at Colorado school systems very closely & give teachers a lesson in common sense.

  • me

    Wayne Highlands does the same at least in Damascus School. They have sent my sons snacks home multiple times. They dont include a note, they just tell him to tell us.

  • SGG

    If the daycare wants their five-star rating, they’d better provide lunches themselves and stop trying to make parents send certain foods. I stopped sending vegetables with my son’s lunch a long time ago- he never ate them. Fruits, however, he ate. But it’s ridiculous to expect parents to send foods their kids are not going to eat- the daycare can waste their own money.

  • dm

    This is not a political party thing. This is another example of people sticking their noses into your business and shoving their opinions down your throat.
    Anybody remember the fiasco with teachers/schools diagnosing hyperactive children? That’s when the Ritalin craze started.

    • Toot44

      Also reminds me of First Lady Laura Bush’s advice to school kids about using drugs “JUST SAY NO!” How’d that work out for you Larua??

      • Toot44

        * Laura?? (Darn screen flashed with someone’s new comment being posted before I could correct spelling.)

      • Casey Tompkins

        Yeah, but Nancy Reagan didn’t use state powers to force her ideas on everyone else. Big difference.

        Before you mention the “war on drugs,” that crap started a long time before Reagan ever took office. I will admit both parties have played the fool over the issue at different times.

      • lol

        Lol Laura was a fine one to push that agenda, especially considering she was smoked and coked up when she killed her ex boyfriend. Lol.

  • NoHillary2016

    If you don’t think this is the results of obumblers wife Michelle your an idiot, the porpoise comes on national tv pushing her healthy school lunch agenda and this idiot school teacher feels she’s the one whose going to push the agenda. The problem with America today is people have become spineless and only think they can do what the government says so wake up America and get a back bone

    • BlueSkies

      You’re the crazy uncle that says embarrassing things around the Thanksgiving dinner table, aren’t you? Just settle in with your bag of pork rinds….. Rush will be on the air soon enough.

    • BZ22

      Get out of that (R) Regardless bubble mindset. The Bush Administration started these guidelies as my kids were in school at that time!

      • Cat

        It doesn’t matter who was/is president – government has NO right to tell parents what to feed their children!

  • JoAnn

    Why would you want to have bread with potatoes? 2 starches in one meal? Ridiculous! The ONLY meal they should be concerbed with is what THEY are serving for school lunch – NOT what the parent sending in! Some parents can only afford so much & some kids will only eat certain things or can only eat certain things because of allergies, etc.

  • Diana

    i think its nuts for them to say what they can and can’t bring to school. What if a child does not like fruits or vegetables then what or some kind of allergy to where they can’t eat fruits or vegetables then what. We are the parents we know what’s best for our children. Not the school board or who ever is in charge of this health kick thing. Also while on the school subject I think the uniform policie is a piece of crap also. I mean curtain rules should be followed to dress appropriate but u are also ruining the way of people expressing them selfs especially younger children just learning on how to dress them selfs.

    • Diana

      Last I checked it was health lots of protein and hello teachers what do u think jelly is made off. Next there not gonna allow white bread lol.

  • Jason

    This seems to be going on a lot in daycares and pre-schools, and it is absurd. Just like stated in numerous comments on here, it’s no one’s business of what a parent packs for their child, except the parent themselves, and a daycare teacher should not be sticking their noses in other parents affairs. Most of those daycare teachers don’t even have degrees, which I think is wrong, but let alone, they can all be judgmental on how a parent raises their kids. Shouldn’t they worry more on the kids that are being neglected or abused, rather than what they eat. I know many kids are overweight and some are unhealthy, but that’s where parents need to help their kids or get help themselves. I could understand if this child is very unhealthy or overweight, as that could bring along problems for that child later on in life, but…was that all in the lunch box, or is there more to this story that the parent is not stating, or the school is not stating???

  • mapgar1979

    I was just saying that it’s no one’s business what a parent feeds there child. Plus bringing cupcakes and chips for a Valentine’s Day party is a given! It’s not like its fed every day to the children its a party for christ sakes!!
    I also have nothing against breastfeeding but to breastfeed your child and whip out your breast in front a classroom that has 12 children isn’t too smart either.
    The teacher has not vaccinated her child but the rest of the kids in the school are along with the teachers. We have to worry about her chid with the infants though. Infants don’t get there full MMR’s until they’re 6 months old..
    The world today is goi g to crap in a hand basket! Everyone has something to say even our own government and put there nose in where it doesn’t belong!!

  • Me

    The director of Children’s Academy told KUSA that it’s not school policy to tell parents what their children can or can’t eat.

    The teachers should be dismissed immediately. And a nice hefty lawsuit would follow. Talk about damaging a child’s development by not allowing them to eat a lunch. Maybe the school should be providing the lunch at the teachers expense.
    But then one of those dopes would probably poison the food.
    They’re all on dope

    • Uri Xeno

      Fire someone because she didn’t let a kid eat a pack of cookies? That’s extreme. And I’m fairly certain that mother’s doctor didn’t agree with her that Oreo cookies were an ideal part of her child’s lunch. She’s entitled to feed her kid what she wants, but let’s be real about it. The last thing any school needs is a kid jacked up on the sugar from Oreo cookies.

      • julieapascal

        What about being jacked up on bread? All it is is carbohydrates. Plus, don’t forget that potato because you need more carbohydrates. And no peanut butter! You might accidentally get some protein and fat. Fruit… “sugar in a ball.

    • tiredofdysfunction

      Indeed! They pop the blue pill and wash it down with the kool-aid. Hey, I just realized, the BLUE pill vs the RED pill, what else do those colors represent?! lol! As for the thumbs down people on our comments of outrage; stick your thumb where the sun doesn’t shine and spin. That should keep you busy and outta our kids’ lunch.

  • tiredofdysfunction

    This is why more and more parents are choosing home/cyber-school when possible. I am sure that no one in government or the school system ever eats cookies or cupcakes?! These are the same people that have no problem labeling 5 yr olds with mental disorders and want you to cart them off to a psychiatrist for meth/AD cocktails. Now THAT’S healthy! While I agree too much sugar and junk isn’t good for anybody, unless that’s all the child ever brings to school to eat everyday the teacher’s concerns are absurd. Also, I am shocked to hear about the day-care center mentioned below in Marie’s post wherein a teacher didn’t believe in vaccines, so I am assuming her kids weren’t vaccinated and perhaps other students at the daycare weren’t either should they be the kids of friends of this green-o-maniac. That puts all the other children in danger! Perhaps our school systems should pay more attention to the teachers having sex with students all over the place, and deal with the bullying problems and abuse and neglect of some students rather than have their nose in a kid’s lunch box!

  • jason

    The government is all about healthy but you don’t see them making it cheaper to buy healthy food people see cheap unhealthy food that can go in there into there budget I mean yea pack your kid some carrot sticks on top of that but it’s normal for people with less money to buy unhealthy because it’s either spend 50 bucks on a certain kind of bread or just buy the 98 cent white bread that could give you a extrea couple dollors to buy your kid shoes to even go to school..ect

    • Jeffrey V Jacobsen

      I’ve noticed that nearly all processed foods are unhealthy. Half the Fat = Double the sugar. Sugar free = aspartame. The safest way to consume sugar is by eating real fruit. Real fruit has fibers that aid in the proper digestion of their naturally occurring sugars. Fruit juice? You might as well give the kids a glass of flat soda. It’s disgusting. My mom is on her death bed from stage IV metastatic breast cancer. Never smoked cigarettes and abused drugs or alcohol. But she loved to eat. 9 days til mothers day and she weighs less than 140 lbs. Last year before trying to fight with chemo(Rat Poison IMHO) she was 240 lbs. The worst part is the people who will argue and say it’s her fault she did it to herself… NO ONE chooses to be fat. People today are 25% fatter than they were nearly 30 years ago. We can thank Nixon for taking food off the political table and sealing our fate as a species destined for diabetes, cancer, liver disease, kidney stones, obesity, etc. Sugar is a metabolic poison that is more addicting than cocaine in laboratory studies done with rats. There is a safe threshold that our bodies can safely metabolize without health risks… 25 grams per day. One can of soda, and we may as well starve ourselves. Why so much? To hide the nasty taste of the sodium in each ‘soft’ drink. Salt is a diuretic that will make you urinate ‘free water’ and will also make you more thirsty. The soft drink manufacturers are just as bad as big tobacco and they know it. I’m gonna stop ranting now. Sorry.

  • Jeffrey V Jacobsen

    Although I can vouch for the lack of real nutrition in any one the food items listed in the teachers note, She really should just stick to teaching children. She’s not paid to be a diet expert. If people want to send their kids to school with fruit snacks, oh well. Sunkist fruit snacks are over 50% sugar in proportion to grams. 12 grams of sugar / 23 grams total weight per serving = .52. 52*100 and viola 52 %. Try that with things you think are safe for your kids sometime. You will be shocked. If the teacher really wants to change everyone’s eating habits, then she should sue the processed food industry for putting nearly 3 ounces of sugar in one 12 oz bottle of mountain dew. But considering the fact that the food industry will win because they have Uncle Sam wrapped around their finger, what’s the point. Every time the government attempts to put a stop to anything like I’ve mentioned, the lobbyists come marching in with more campaign money for the next election. Taking that out on a kid that just wants to eat the cookies their mom packed is intrusive and borders on mental abuse. I know the teacher is concerned and frustrated. But taking it out on her students is unwarranted.

  • Marie

    I use to work at a preschool and am also a mother of a 9 year old. We had a teacher who was organic, anti vaccine and “GREEN.” She has a 2 year old child that attends the school and resides in the same classroom which results her to breastfeed in front of her class here and there.
    We had a party for Valentine’s Day and she wrote a list of foods that we needed for the party. Some of the parents brought in cupcakes and chips. She was livid that the parents brought in “JUNK” as she stated and never gave the children that specific food. She also has 2 children in her class whose parents pack them snack. She always takes out the sugary and salty snacks and refuses to serve it to them.
    The entire point to my essay, lol! Is, it’s no ones business what a parent packs up for there children. Feed it to them!! These teachers say, I’m not here to raise your child but yet, they’re sticking there nose in the way the parents feed their children. As a parent, i spend my hard working $ on food for my child, and family, whether it’s chips, fruit or cookies, you’re still withholding food from my child..
    Enough said, lol!!

    • GMPlace

      Someone should vaccinate that woman’s kid against her wishes. She is clearly too stupid to teach anyone if she doesn’t understand the concept of herd immunity and puts everyone at risk as a result of her ignorance. Whooping Cough, Mumps and Rubella are much more dangerous than some pretzels. If you don’t want to vaccinate your children that is fine, just keep them away from public schools.

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